Sunday 15th March 2020

As a result of the concerns about the current Coronavirus outbreak we have been receiving enquiries asking if the North East Guitar Show will be going ahead.

We had been waiting for advice from the government following the latest COBRA meeting to make a final decision but after hearing the Prime Minister and his scientific and medical advisers at the press conference on 12th March, there is no suggestion that events of any size need to be cancelled.

Accordingly,  the North East Guitar Show will go ahead on Sunday 15th March, as planned and advertised.

In line with official advice, we would respectfully ask anybody with cold or 'flu symptoms, a new and persistent cough and/or a high temperature to stay away. 

Please do not attend if you have been in contact with anybody with those symptoms or if you have recently returned from a country where there is a high incidence of the disease.

Venue information

The venue management have told us that they have more than adequate supplies of hand wash, soap and paper towels and that all hand washing facilities will be in use. However, they have been unable to obtain bulk supplies of sanitizing hand-gel or dispensers. We would suggest that you might want to bring your own pocket size gel if you have been able to get hold of it.

The venue at Rainton is not what we would describe as a confined space. It is a large arena in excess of 1000 square metres floor area and it is lofty - some 12/15 metres high. The gangways in between the exhibitor stands are approximately 3 metres or more wide. The total attendance for an average guitar show here is 1000 or so but because people typically come for a few hours at various times throughout the day we estimate there would be about 500 people there at any one time.

Attendance is at your own discretion and risk. Despite the serious nature of this message, we hope you will be able to attend.

Generally speaking, visitors and exhibitors are looking forward to the day and there is a great buzz about it. We think we need some guitar therapy to lift our mood in the present climate!!

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