BayJax Innovation Corridor Begins to Take Shape
The North Florida Smart Region Master Plan contains over 30 projects to create a safer, more efficient and more reliable transportation system to improve the region’s economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life. The BayJax Innovation Corridor will serve as a test bed for some of those projects.

Check out the video overview and visit www.thebayjax.com to learn more about the projects. 
Distribution Center Traffic Study Considers Online Shopping Expectations
The TPO is wrapping up the first phase of a research study to evaluate the fast changing dynamics of new emerging land uses related to merchandise distribution centers. Jacksonville is an attractive location for these centers because of our interstate access, robust rail system and exceptional port. Companies can deliver to 60 million people within an eight-hour drive of Jacksonville.

Amazon has two fulfillment centers, a sorting center and a delivery station in Jacksonville. Wayfair recently announced the development of a distribution facility at Cecil Commerce Center. Now that consumers expect online vendors to provide next-day or even same-day delivery, we must ensure that transportation planning takes these cultural shifts into account. The next study phase will develop trip generation rates specific to these unique centers based on data collection and operations.
Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment
Evaluates Storm Damage Potential 
Hurricanes Irma and Matthew showed us how devastating severe storms can be to our region’s infrastructure. The North Florida TPO is studying how different types of storm events can impact our region’s infrastructure resiliency and vulnerability. 

Different levels of storms produce various levels of impact. The study evaluates tools that can be used to improve our region’s resiliency and includes measures, objectives and recommendations that will be included in the Path Forward 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan update currently underway.
We’re analyzing the 3,000+ comments submitted in the Path Forward 2045 LRTP Survey. 

When asked what it would take to help you walk and bike more, respondents cited the need for better conditions, including more sidewalks and bike lanes. To increase transit ridership, respondents requested more frequent and convenient connections and rail-based transit options. Frustration with congestion encompasses not only major interstates during peak hours, but also major shopping and tourist destinations. Overall, concerns reflected the desire for a greater sense of safety, accessibility and connectivity. 

We hear you! Sign up for our contact list at www.pathforward2045.com to receive updates as we use your input to shape the list of future projects. 
Upcoming Meetings

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