Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
(Hebrews 12:1)
On June 26th, 2019 at 10AM China Standard Time, police raided
Beihai, Guangxi's Morning Star unregistered church, detaining many leaders.
July 2, 2019
From the Foleys

North Korea Persecution Update: Romans 8:28 still works in NK

Have the North Korea/South Korea/US “Peace Talks” changed anything for Christians in North Korea?

The general consensus: Not for the better. They’ve actually been used by the North Korean government as an occasion for accelerating the reputation building of Kim Jung Un domestically. The youngest Kim, whose published exploits are beginning to rival those of his father and grandfather in North Korea’s divine pantheon even though he is still alive and considerably younger, is now described in state media as a “gift from heaven” who is “perfect and entrancing.”

Meanwhile, South Korea’s President Moon is faring nowhere near as well in North Korean state propaganda as he was last summer when peace was purported to be so close. This year he is back to being described as “the lapdog of the US.”

While political goodwill is fleeting, the Lord continues to shine upon and through his underground ambassadors to North Korea: the North Korean church. It is the glory of the Cross that is reflected there, in the lives of her 100,000 Christians, including the 30,000 in concentration camps. There, Christians are tortured, starved, and isolated from other prisoners in the hope of getting them to recant their faith, though even then release is impossible.

What is the glory of the Lord that shines in all this? It is ...

To read the rest of Pastor Foley's update on our blog, click here.
Sign and share today to stand with Chinese pastors
We are calling on Christian leaders worldwide to add their names to a declaration of religious freedom written by the former law professor and recently imprisoned Chinese pastor of the Chengdu Early Rain Church, Wang Yi.
Global Links
Azerbaijani Christians like Pastor Hamid Shabanov face fines and penalties from the government despite having sought to register their churches legally for many years.
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Doers of the Word
In the fifth episode of VOMK's sermon series on the Apostles' Creed, Pastor and Dr. Foley speak on why it matters that Jesus is both fully God and fully human.

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Pastor Tim's Prayer Points
  • Praise – We praise the Lord for the recent renovation of the Kim Gyo Shin home (our volunteer center)!

  • Please pray for VOMK field partners in China. For the past several years, Pastor K has been suffering from hepatitis B. From time to time he will have unexpected black-outs as a result of the disease. He is in his mid-thirties and is married with children. Through him, many NK women and their Chinese husbands have come to the Lord. He always says, “I want to become a true shepherd like Jesus who laid down his life for the sheep.” Like him, many field workers are currently suffering from various illnesses. However, they continue to remain faithful and do the work for the underground Chinese Christians and NK defectors in China. As one body, let us remember them in our prayers.

  • Please pray for Mrs. L, an NK defector who lives in China. Mrs. L had been struggling in her faith, but she received some timely encouragement from Mrs. Hong (another NK defector) right before Mrs. Hong died. Mrs. Hong said, “Believe in Jesus well, attend church, and listen to your pastor.” Through the power of the Holy Spirit, these words were enough to change Mrs. L’s heart. After Mrs. Hong passed away, Mrs. L began to read the Bible whenever she had time. She also sang hymns and glorified God in her life in many different ways. Everyone was amazed by her transformation. She is indeed the fruit of Mrs. Hong and the VOMK partner at our base. Please, pray that Mrs. L would continue to grow in her faith.
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