Winter Weather / Extended Power Outage Update
NRH residents who are without power, please make plans now to stay the next couple of nights with family, friends or someone else you know who does have power. Due to the continued power crisis across our state, it is likely your power will not return until Thursday at the earliest. With another wave of winter precipitation on its way, roads may be impassable tonight and tomorrow. Don’t be left unprepared! We have warming stations operational for NRH residents who have nowhere else to go. To find the nearest one, contact our Warming Station Hotline: 817-427-6001 or 817-281-1000.

If you do have power, please open your homes to people you know who need a place to stay and conserve as much as possible. It is important for those who do have power continue to continue conserving until the electrical supply stabilizes and power is restored to all.

Please continue to conserve water by not using your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, etc. Limit water consumption to what you need for drinking and sanitation and dripping inside faucets to keep water pipes from freezing. Some area cities have put out a boil water notice, due to a water treatment plant being without power. NRH water comes from a different treatment plant that is not affected. NRH customers do NOT need to boil water. 

Public Works continues to sand bridges and major intersections to keep main corridors and emergency routes as passable as possible. With another round of winter sleet / snow / ice expected tonight through Wednesday, road conditions are likely to deteriorate. So if you need to travel to get some place warm, you should do it today before the next weather system arrives. Things should begin to warm up and get above freezing by the end of the week.

The City does not control the power grid; however, through the media we have been informed that the system is experiencing a record high demand that is far outpacing its output capabilities. In addition due to the extreme weather, several power companies that supply electricity to the power grid have had failures taking them off line. The two issues combined have resulted in unprecedented power outages across the state. The power companies have been unable to provide us with a time as to when our residents can expect power again. We also do not have information as to how many residents have been completely without power for more than 24 hours or for extended periods of time; however, we estimate that there are several thousand in our City.

North Richland Hills’ non-emergency city facilities will remain closed on Wednesday. Employees will be contacted by their supervisor regarding their work schedule and assisting with emergency operations.  

Watch for updates throughout the rest of the week:

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