City Announces Budget Cuts, 3 Days Closure
This week, North Richland Hills City Manager Mark Hindman announced budget cuts due to economic losses from coronavirus. The city is anticipating a significant shortfall in sales tax and other revenues due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Budget cuts are being made in all operations, including across the board pay cuts for all full-time employees and closing city operations for 3 days in May to save money. The closure of all non-emergency city operations will take place on Fridays, May 1, May 8 and May 15.

“Just like so many families and businesses across the community, we must make difficult decisions and adjust our spending,” said City Manager Mark Hindman. “This is not where any of us expected to be when we developed our 2020 budget plans, but we are facing a challenge unlike any other we have experienced. We must react in a way that continues critical services and does not place additional burden on the taxpayers.”

Read the full budget announcement here.
Mayors Discuss Coronavirus Response
Mayor Oscar Trevino recently discussed local response to the coronavirus and other issues with Kennedale Mayor Brian Johnson, Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter and others. You can view the discussion here .
"Retail-To-Go" Begins Today
Starting today, retail outlets previously deemed “non-essential” and closed are allowed to reopen under a temporary “Retail-To-Go” model. Customers may purchase items for curbside pickup or delivery, but may not enter the store premises. Guidelines regarding "Retail-To-Go" procedures for employers, employees and customers can be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services website. In-person services such as hair salons, barbers, fitness studios and gyms remain closed at this time under the governor’s statewide order.

While Tarrant County and NRH have mostly been allowing curbside pickup and delivery for non-essential retail in recent weeks, the governor's order provides consistency across the state and is likely to prompt retailers who had previously closed to reopen. We expect the next round of state orders to be announced Monday, April 27.
Keep Safety in Mind while Enjoying NRH Trails
While the coronavirus pandemic has brought many difficult challenges to our lives, we have seen our community embrace their trails with a significant increase in use throughout NRH. Our hope is that you will continue to utilize trails for enjoyment and exercise even beyond our current circumstances .

With the increased use, we ask all drivers, walkers and bicyclists to be mindful and educated on responsibilities of sharing the trails and roads safely, especially at roadway crossings. Safety on and near the roads is more than following the speed limit and looking both ways before crossing a street. While these are two of the most important things to do, there’s more to understanding how people biking, walking and driving should interact together.

Help your friends and family be familiar with safety, signage and other markers throughout the trails and roads. With many of our younger community using the trails, some for the first time, it is a great opportunity to educate on safety for all. Please visit the Lookout Texans Safety Campaign for comprehensive and helpful tools to educate yourself and others. View a map of the NRH Trail System . See you on the trails! 
Backyard Checklist to Prevent Mosquitoes
Controlling mosquito populations and reducing the risk for  West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses  must be done on several fronts and requires action from all citizens in order to be successful. During mosquito season, the city strongly recommends that all residents take the preventative measures. You can h elp us defend against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry by using our backyard checklist to eliminate breeding sites on your property. Remember to also protect yourself by wearing mosquito repellent whenever you spend time outdoors, day or night. Find more information on our website at .
Be A Good Neighbor By Keeping Noise Down
We all want to live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Please be a good neighbor and keep noise levels down, especially after 10 p.m. When working outside or enjoying your patio or yard, keep your neighbors in mind. If a neighbor has notified you there is a noise problem coming from your residence, work with them on a solution that you can both live with.

City ordinance prohibits any unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise which exceeds specified decibel levels. You can find the specified levels on our website at Unreasonably loud noise can be reported to the Police Department non-emergency number at 817-281-1000.
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