Movie Theater to Reopen Under New Ownership

Join us in welcoming a new theater operator to North Richland Hills! B&B Theatres announced this week that they have acquired the former Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and plan to open by the holiday season. B&B Theatres is the 5th largest theater chain in North America. View their press release to learn more about the company and their plans for NRH.
Caution: Emergency Vehicle Ahead
Fire Dept. Improves Road Safety With Digital Alerts

The North Richland Hills Fire Department has implemented new technology to keep first responders and drivers safer on roadways. The new tool by HAAS Alert allows drivers who utilize certain GPS mapping apps, like Waze and Apple Maps, to be alerted when an emergency vehicle is in their vicinity. This provides drivers with time to move over and slow down, keeping first responders and drivers safe. 

"Protecting the citizens and our personnel is always our number one priority," shares Division Chief Christopher Jungst. "Operating on the roadway is one of the most hazardous locations for emergency responders. The HAAS system provides another layer of protection not only for responders working at a scene, but provides that early notification to commuters so they can slow down and move over." 

Newer model fire apparatus will now come with the technology; however, the department found value in ensuring the entire fleet was covered with the devices. A grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments Traffic Incident Management Grant Program allowed the department to equip the existing fleet with this latest safety technology.

On average, there are 24 emergency responders, including tow truck drivers, killed by vehicles while working roadside every year.
Heat Wave Causing More Water Main Breaks

With the soaring temperatures and lack of rain, NRH Public Works is seeing an increase in water main breaks. It’s not uncommon during the dry, hot summer months. As the ground gets parched, it contracts and shifts, which can put pressure on buried pipes causing them to break.

If you lose water pressure or see water coming out of the ground, this could be a sign of a water main break. Water main breaks should be reported to the Public Works Utility Division at 817-427-6440 during business hours or 817-281-1000 after business hours. Don’t assume your neighbor will make the call. We would rather receive multiple reports about a suspected problem than no calls at all.

If water is turned off in your neighborhood for an emergency repair, please be patient and know that our crews are working as quickly as they can to get it back in service. How long it takes to repair a main break can run from a few hours to a day or more. It depends on several factors, such as pipe size, pipe material and pipe depth. A typical repair takes about six hours.

Before beginning repairs, the utility must request the locations of other buried utilities, such as gas, telecommunications and electric. It can take two hours after the request is submitted to get these locations marked. Knowing the location of other buried utilities is essential to avoiding disruptions of other utilities or injuries to workers and others.

Once service is restored, you may notice your water appears cloudy. This is merely due to air being trapped in the water system while repairs were being made. After sitting for a few minutes, the cloudiness will dissipate as the air bubbles break apart.

Thank you to our NRH Public Works staff for your hard work in making these repairs! 
Police Dept. to Host Community Meetings

Your NRH Police Department is excited to offer you an opportunity to come and meet with their team. The informal meetings will be held from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the locations below. To find which district you're in, please visit or call 817-427-7021.

  • Tuesday, July 26 at North Richland Hills Baptist Church, 6955 Boulevard 26, for Districts 1 & 2 which includes all neighborhoods south of Loop 820.
  • Wednesday, July 27 at Center Point Church, 7804 Mid Cities Blvd., for Districts 3 & 4, which includes neighborhoods north of Loop 820 and south of Mid Cities Blvd.
  • Thursday, July 28 at Gateway Church, 7501 Davis Blvd., for Districts 5 & 6, which includes all neighborhoods north of Mid Cities Blvd.
Registration Open for Citizens Police Academy

Want an inside look at your North Richland Hills Police Department? Sign up for the Citizens Police Academy (CPA). The next CPA will be held on Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. to Noon, starting on Aug. 25 and continuing through Nov. 17. The purpose of the Citizen's Police Academy is to acquaint citizens with law enforcement’s role in the criminal justice system and provide an increased understanding of the tasks police officers face in their daily work. Find more information and register online at
Upcoming Events

Summer fun continues at your NRH Library with activities for people of all ages! A few of the upcoming events include:

Stop by the Library at 9015 Grand Ave or check out their website for more information.
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