Weekly Update
Weekly Summary

  • Approximately 10% of the Department's responses over the past week were related to frozen pipes bursting. A majority of these incidents resulted from fire sprinkler pipes freezing due to a combination of the excessive cold, buildings not being properly heated and the systems not being maintained appropriately. 
  • A man walking on I-43 near Hampton Ave was killed after he was struck by several vehicles on February 2 at approximately 11 PM. It is not known why the man was walking on the freeway.
  • A public bid opening for the remodel of Whitefish Bay Fire Station 84 was held on January 31. The lowest qualified bidder was Corporate Construction Inc. The Board of Directors will review bids at its February 12, 2019 Meeting.
  • The Fire Commission will interview firefighter candidates on February 9 and establish an eligibility list for the position.
  • The Board of Directors will meet on February 12, 2019 at Brown Deer Village Hall.
Calls for Service This Week
Incident Type
Incident Count
Weekly Average (2018)
Emergency Medical
Weekly Average (2018)
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
Meeting Response Goal of 7:02
(goal of 90%)
Average Response Time
Priority 1 & 2 Calls
5 minutes 29 seconds
(goal of 6 minutes)

*Priority 1 & 2 calls are calls for service which the Department sends an initial responding unit to a scene with lights and sirens operating. Priority 3 calls are responses that are considered non-emergent.

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