Annual Report 2020
The Department released it's 2020 Annual Report this week at the monthly Board of Director's Meeting.

The COVID-19 Pandemic challenged our organization and the people of the organization on professional and personal levels. Changes in how we operate and protect ourselves were thrown at our members daily. Despite all of that, they navigated the changes and worked as a team to continue to provide service that meets the top standards we set as an organization. Personally, the members dealt with the impacts of COVID-19 at home and in their personal lives. The Department made it a priority to work with and support our members in this rapidly changing environment. Many members of the Department stepped up and literally change what they were hired to do when they asked to support the North Shore Health Department for a period of time until the Health Department could bring on their own staff to do their important work. While “normal” probably won’t return for some time, the Department has once again demonstrated its ability to respond to any kind of disaster or emergency and protect the public we serve.

North Shore Fire/Rescue Weekly Update

  • A construction worker was injured and had to be removed from a steep bluff along Lake Michigan in Shorewood on March 9 after being struck by a 2,000 pound boulder rolling down the bluff. The person was working on a construction project on the bluff. Channel 12 News Coverage can be viewed here.

  • Fox Point and River Hills Village Boards approved the Single/Multi-Year Capital Budget for 2021-2025 this week. All seven communities have now approved the Resolution. The Department will begin to finalize the contract for a fire engine with Pierce now that the Resolution has been approved by all seven municipalities.

Calls for Service This Week

Weekly Calls for Service (Thursday - Wednesday)

  • Fire/Rescue Service: 36
  • Average Weekly: 40

  • EMS: 118
  • Average Weekly: 123

Priority 1 & 2 Calls Meeting Response Goal of 7:02 (Goal of 90%): 86%

Average Response Time Priority 1 & 2 Calls (Goal of 6:30): 5:44