NSFR Members Begin To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
EMS providers with the Department began receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine this week through a local medical clinic and Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management. Additional members will receive the vaccine through the North Shore Health Department beginning next week.

Thank You!
On behalf of the entire Department, I would like to thank HEO Steve Tippel for his service and leadership as President of the North Shore Professional Firefighters Association.

Steve recently completed his term as President. He served as the President of the Association for twenty-one years. Steve is a Heavy Equipment Operator with the Department.

Congratulations to the following members who were formally promoted this week by Fire Commission Chair Nick Padway:

  • Firefighter/Paramedic Cal Chapman to the rank of Fire Lieutenant
  • Firefighter Eero Wasserman to the rank of Heavy Equipment Operator

Both Cal and Eero started their relationship with the Department as High School Interns and were hired by the Department as full-time firefighters in 2007.
Calls for Service This Week

Weekly Calls for Service (Thursday - Wednesday)
  • Fire/Rescue Service: 36
  • Average Weekly: 34

  • EMS: 135
  • Average Weekly: 127

Priority 1 & 2 Calls Meeting Response Goal of 7:02 (Goal of 90%): 87%

Average Response Time Priority 1 & 2 Calls (Goal of 6:30): 5:36