North Shore Fire/Rescue Weekly Update

  • The Fire Commission met on March 18 and approved the successful completion of Probationary Periods for Firefighters Robert Bell, Jeffrey Neilson, Kaylah Wickey, Tyler Kruse, Ryan Spradlin and Brian Wyrowski. Congratulations to all six!
  • The Fire Commission approved the promotion of Intern Firefighters Eoghan Farber and Zachary Brandmeier to Probationary Firefighter effective April 5, 2021.
  • Frank Lowry, Randall McMahon and Ian McGregor were approved by the Commission for hire by the Department has Firefighters effective April 5, 2021.

Anyone look familiar?

2005 Recruit Academy

Calls for Service This Week

Weekly Calls for Service (Thursday - Wednesday)

  • Fire/Rescue Service: 37
  • Average Weekly: 40

  • EMS: 112
  • Average Weekly: 123

Priority 1 & 2 Calls Meeting Response Goal of 7:02 (Goal of 90%): 87%

Average Response Time Priority 1 & 2 Calls (Goal of 6:30): 5:05