A Message from the Department's Peer Support Team

This year has been extremely stressful and exhausting with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The other day I heard the term, "Pandemic Fatigue." It resonated with me and I think that many people can relate. We're more than ready for things to get back to some sense of normalcy. As we approach the end of the year, we tend to reflect on how difficult it has been at times. On top of our normal job stressors, personal stressors, we've had to deal with stressors that come with this virus. It can and has consumed our every day lives, affecting many of the decisions we make. This can be difficult to cope with on a daily basis. The holidays are upon us and can also contribute to the three major stressors: Friends, Family and Finances. We cannot be ignorant when it comes to Mental Health, it's absolutely common to be struggling with knowing how to react in this difficult time. According to the United States Fire Admin., there have been 76 Line of Duty Deaths this year. Another 45 plus from complications from the Coronavirus and this doesn't include those that have succumb to suicide. Nationally and locally we have seen first responders take their lives this year. ONE IS TOO MANY! We want you to know that we have the ability to help.  Please, if you are struggling, reach out to our Peer Support Team. It's totally confidential and if not directly, reach out through a confidant and we can refer you to our Employee Assistance Program. Below is information from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

  • Peer Support Team members
  • BC Brennan
  • LT Cofta
  • FF/PM Chapman
  • FF/PM Leverenz
  • EAP: 1-800-236-3231
  • Milwaukee County Psychiatric Crisis Center: 414-257-7222
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • On-line AA Meetings:

For more information and resources, employees should see an email send to all members from FF/PM Chapman on November 19.