January 2020

Independent we stand!
You might have heard about wholesalers in Florida being purchased by Wall Street investment groups.    
We're not one of them!   
For over 40 years, we've been a family-owned and managed company proudly serving other independent businesses in our market area.  We know that local businesses return their success back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases.   We are focused on serving you, not bankers or investors.
Your company should not be just another account number traded on Wall Street.  We want to be part of YOUR success story by providing competitive prices, education, services, advice and support that benefit YOU.  
As we start another year, we are committed to prospering as an independent family-owned supplier.  We sincerely appreciate your support of our company and our team!  

The Team at North South Supply

What Trends Will Drive Your Business in the Next Decade?  
A Strong Market . Growth in the home-construction and remodeling sectors is expected to remain strong in 2020. Don't forget remodeling. As Baby Boomers age out of traditional housing (millions of houses to come on the market in the next 10 years), these older properties will need re-landscaping and efficient irrigation. There's money to be made in existing neighborhoods!
Technology Waits for No One . A lot of contracting businesses are stuck in the 1950s: waiting for the phone to ring, using paper-based work orders, selling the same menu of services year-after-year. Yet new products and labor-saving technologies continue to leap forward. One example: direct-to-consumer sales of Wi-Fi irrigation controls are surging. Keep up and adapt to new customer demands. Get your team trained on how to implement them.
Standing Out .  There are plenty of average contractors. There's plenty of work. The top contractors are implementing strategies to make their companies leaders for years to come. Surveys show customers want and will pay for a better service experience. Provide more value AND raise your prices.
The Power of Time .  Everyone seems to want a piece of your time.  Don't squander it on the unimportant.  Decide what needs to be done, and set time-based deadlines. Avoid procrastination by getting started on bite-sized pieces.  The most successful contractors set goals: 30 days, 6 months and 3 years.  
Get started now on the future you've always imagined; it will be here before you know it.
Take Advantage of Our Money-Saving Offers
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Take Advantage of Our Delivery Service! 
North South Supply always delivers great value to our customers. 

We offer job site delivery to help you be more efficient.  Simply call, email or fax into your store so we can get a delivery scheduled for you - and remember, it always helps to plan ahead.   
We believe that there is no reason a project should be delayed because of missing parts.  With one phone call, we can get you what you need, promptly.
Why use our delivery?
  • Reduce crew downtime.  Stay productive.
  • Reduce your costs.  No waiting in traffic.
  • Stay focused on your job and your customer.
Use our delivery to get what you need when you need it.   Our service is not only a convenience, it saves your company Time and Money!
Hardscape Lighting:  Not as Hard as It Looks! 
Have you ever gazed at photos of illuminated hardscapes and wondered if you were capable of taking on such jobs - routing wires through retaining walls and under decks?
You are not alone. There is often an intimidation factor with hardscape lighting, but there is really no reason for it. If you can handle running underground lines for accent lights in the yard, you can handle hardscape applications too. Hardscape lighting can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results. Also, it is especially important for safety reasons because people are moving around these areas at night.

1. STEPS  Lighting up steps accentuates the beauty of this feature and provides a safe, visible pathway at night. A simple LED brick light can be integrated in the riser of each step, or another way is to insert a hardscape light under the cap of each step.  Recommended: 12V LED Brick Light or Hardscape Light 
2. RAILINGS AND POSTS   Deck posts can be illuminated with a variety of deck post lights (e.g., half-moon lights), available in cast aluminum and cast brass. Another option is to highlight deck railings using hardscape lights hidden under the lip of the railing.  Recommended: 12V LED Deck and Patio Lights or LED Hardscape 
3. SITTING WALLS  A 12V hardscape light can be integrated into wall during construction. Hardscape lights are usually installed just underneath the top cap of a sitting wall or retaining wall, and are typically installed before the top cap is placed on the wall. You may need to ask the hardscape contractor to create a channel for your fixture wire run.  Kichler® hardscape lights are available to match the size of your wall, with lengths from 3" to 18".  Recommended: 12V Integrated LED Hardscape, with bracket.  
BASIC TIPS  Plan ahead: It's much easier to design and install hardscapes and lighting at the same time, as opposed to doing hardscapes first and lighting later, with no coordination. If you are working with a hardscape contractor, let them know where the lights need to go, and work together to determine the wire routing.  Leave a little extra: When you're installing a hardscape fixture, leave yourself a little extra wire if possible. If you should ever have to service the light, you will be able to unscrew it from the plate and pull it out. After servicing, you can feed the wire back into the wall.

ENVISION THE POSSIBILITIES  In some ways, hardscape lighting is more intricate than other forms of landscape lighting because it has to be coordinated with the hardscape installation. But in many other regards, it requires the same skills. If you make the investment in learning hardscape lighting, you will be creating many more opportunities for your business in the future. 
Beat the Rain Bird Price Increase on February 3rd
After years of price stability, manufacturers have been raising prices aggressively.  These changes are impacting nearly every category of landscape and irrigation supplies.     
Rain Bird's next price increase will be in February 2020.  Please plan ahead! 
Collaborate with your North South representative to obtain updated quotes prior to bid. Include material cost increase clauses in your bid documents.
While material cost increases may seem to be bad, discover how they can help you.   They are an opportunity for you to raise your pricing to achieve a higher profit level. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Tired of seeing 'Made in China' on every product you pick up? You're not alone. According to Consumer Reports, 80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States. More than 60% say they'd even be willing to pay 10% more for an American-made product. How do you reach that market?
Flint & Walling has been manufacturing in the USA since 1866 (yes, 1866 - shortly after the end of the American Civil War). Submersible Pumps, Jet Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Booster Pumps, even Submersible and Jet Pump Motors - all manufactured in Kendallville, Indiana. Offer your customers an American made option for their residential water supply and irrigation needs, offer them a Flint & Walling pump.
To learn more and view our 150th anniversary video, visit www.FlintandWalling.com  
Silver-Line:  Industry Leader in Plastic Pipe

Since 1962, Silver-Line has led the plastic pipe industry in Quality, Service & Innovation!  
In that time, Silver-Line has become a Green/Irrigation industry leader and pioneer.
Silver-Line was first to offer fully computerized blending of PVC compound, which ensures a better, more consistent finished pipe product.
Silver-Line is the only pipe manufacturer who produces an Impact Class-2 rated Well Casing product.
Silver-Line became an Irrigation industry leader by producing a longer bell on all of our pressure pipe products, ensuring a better, more consistent fit, and greater ease/confidence in installation for irrigation-oriented jobs.
As an industry leader for over 50-years, Silver-Line is uniquely equipped to handle the needs of its irrigation wholesalers and contractors from our state-of-the-art production facilities in NC, OK & FL. 

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