‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE CRAFTING - Calling all North West District crafters/artisans and members!

Our State is volunteering with the Festival of Trees event which will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center - November 30 thru December 4. This event centers around a holiday display of more than 300 custom Christmas trees and features a silent auction, live music, kids’ activities, gift shops from local artisans which will benefit Wellspring Living.

I am listing a few ideas below, please let me know if you'd like to lead a craft team or pitch an idea of your own. Contact me via email or by phone if you are interested and I'll schedule a zoom meeting to discuss ideas, etc. Thank you -cimi.douglass@gmail.com.

We need your help!

  • We need IDEAS: We would like members to present us with sellable craft ideas and together we can all pitch in to make them - please send your ideas to Tina Daniel (tinadaniel1224@gmail.com))or Kim Sekulow (kbsekulow@gmail.com ) - items must be approved by the committee. 

  • We need CRAFT TEAMS: If you don't have ideas, we need you to join a craft team or sponsor a craft or item - see below for ideas. For more details please click Georgia Craft Teams.

  • We need clubs to SPONSOR AN ITEM: If you're not crafty that's okay we have opportunities for you too - see below.

  • We need you to SPREAD THE WORD: If you know of anyone that is willing to donate items – please let us know.

  • And last, we NEED VOLUNTEERS: During the festival we will need volunteers to help setup, stock the retail section, assist customers, and cashiers. This event could potentially be a great public relations event for us as they expect a high attendance.

If you would like to donate financially, please donate to Festival of Trees - please write in the memo line, GFWC Georgia and your club name. If you enclose a letter with your check please ask them to earmark your donation for GFWC Georgia Retail Store. Also make sure you include your club/district name. Send to Angie Ulibarri 795 Hammond Drive #811, Atlanta, GA 30328. Festival of Trees is a 501(c)(3). Tax ID#84-4350411.

Item 1: Inkind or Donate to purchase Bobo Balloons. Each Balloon costs $2.00 or less. We can sell these for $10.00 to $12.00 - that's a $8-10 profit per balloon! Contact Cimi about purchase. We would like to purchase at least 600-800 of these. If we sold 800 we could make $8k-$9,600! Assembly is required so craft teams will have to assemble to make these. I have a air compressor which makes it easier. FYI if Clubs are participating in Christmas events in your own community this is a great fundraiser, think about renting a table and sell these items to benefit your club.

50 balloons at $2.00= $100
Profit is $500-$600! Wow!!

300 balloons at $2.00=$600
Profit $3,000-$3,600
Item 2: Inkind or Donate Christmas Light necklaces at $1.00 each - can sell for $5-6 each. That's a $4-5 profit

50 lights at $1.00 = $50
Profit $250-300 - Contact Cimi about purchasing.

It would be nice to have 250-300 pieces.
Item 3: Inkind or Donate to purchase Keychain Bottle Opener/ Screwdriver/ Portable Outdoor Travel Camping Multi Function Pocket MultiTool Gadgets for Men

Each tool costs $1.50 ea. We can sell these for $5-6 - that's a $3.5-$4.50 profit! Contact Cimi about purchase.

50 snowflakes at $1.50 = $75
Profit is $300!
Item 4: Santa's Magic Key
Cost: $24.56 for 60 (.41ea)

Template for 2 designs here - Santa and Happy Holidays. Read the poem on the back of tag. Contact Cimi if interested creating a CRAFT Team for this craft. Clubs will purchase inkind items, form a craft team and get busy making these - we would like 200 of these. 100 each design.
Item 5: Angel's Feather
Cost: .40 or less to make

Poem on back of tag: "A feather from an Angel is one we hardly see But this one is quite different and as special as can be.
This feather is a reminder of a special person's love
Who is now your guardian angel watching and protecting from above."

I have 100 ornaments, you will need to purchase buffalo snow, ribbon and feather. We need a craft team to make this item.
Item 5: Inkind or donate to purchase ornament hangers for special ornaments.

Cost: $1.60 ea - can sell for $4 = profit 2.40. We would like 75
Item 6: Tina made these with Dollar Store whisks to be decorated and can be filled with Hershey Kisses. "We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!"

Cost to make $1.30 or less, can sell for $3.00 - We need a craft team for this item to make at least 50 of these
Item 7: Reindeer Food
Cost: $16.15 for 30 test tubes plus cardstock, ribbon and oats and sprinkles - .55 ea to make. Contact Cimi if interested with inkind supplies/craft team to create these - we would like 200 of these.
Item 8: Here's a cute idea that Kim made for the kids elf emporium. We could like a craft team to make at least 100. Kim has the pattern.
Item 9: Here's another Beachy Keen idea from Tina. She has plastic ornaments, if you need some let us know. Need 50 of these
Item 10: Search pinterest, you can fill plastic ornaments with anything cute - college themed ornaments with college themed ribbon would be great. Need 50 of these
If you have any other ideas, please let us know.
GFWC Georgia - North West District