Maria Barnhart, 2nd VP 

Remember the Motto for Girl and Boy Scouts? “Be Prepared”

That is a powerful message for all of us as leaders in GFWC as we develop projects and procedures to help our communities.

GFWC strives to strengthen and enhance our communities through volunteer service. How do we accomplish this? It starts with the vision of the leaders in the organization.

Every two years there is a new administration in Headquarters, GFWC-GA, and each Georgia district. A GFWC-GA Yearbook is updated and adapted from the GFWC Yearbook.

Your state Community Service Program (CSP) chairmen and chairmen of other program areas spend many hours developing these sections of the yearbook. We all express sincere appreciation for their hard work and dedication in developing this guidance. The current GFWC-GA Yearbook is for 2020-2022For the Community Service Programs this is frequently referred to as the “Plan of Work.” Each of the five CSPs has a section in the yearbook and it is filled with helpful information.

This document is an essential guidebook for every chairman. It is a road map filled with the “nuts and bolts” of each program area. It provides guidance, project ideas, special awareness dates that are important for the program. It also includes information on club partnerships and affiliates.

Due to the pandemic we have had fewer opportunities for “in person” meetings to distribute the new yearbook. Thank you to Cimi Douglass, NW District President, for posting the 2020-2022 GFWC-GA Yearbook online. They are password protected for security reasons.

You can find this reference material in two places online:

When you go to Club Resources it will prompt you for a password.
Password: smile

Go to the top right and click Members Only. It will prompt you for a password.
Password: membersonly

If you have not already accessed a copy of the applicable section of the yearbook, take a few minutes and download it today. The table of contents begins on page 7. It will help you “Be Prepared.”

Thank you for your dedication to GFWC, our state, district and your local club. Collectively we are living the volunteer spirit by helping our communities. In our NW District remember that “Love Grows Here” and individually we continue “To Grow.”

Please reach out to me if you have questions.

Maria Barnhart