Dear Colleagues,
Spring is in sight, and 2021 is proving to be just as unique a time as 2020; telehealth continues to be a focal point of consideration in various aspects of our lives, and data from the past year of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) has started to inform long term programs and policy at both the Federal and State levels. As we all continue to combat COVID-19, there are indications that the next phase of "normal" is in sight, and the NETRC team is here to help you prepare for it!

This edition of Northeast Connections is full to the brim with new materials and updates on all things telehealth; from policy updates, to the release of new NCTRC materials and updated website, and upcoming events you'll want to watch.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with your telehealth questions or success stories, or just to say hello!

On behalf of the entire NETRC Team – Be well,
Reid Plimpton, MPH - Project Manager