"[Color] has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times."

CO L O R S !
Check out how the students of Grassy Pond Elementary School express themselves through c olor, with Northeast Textile's Fabric.

Congratulations David Edge and Ken Dollar! 
David Edge is a long time, well-respected colorist, and digital print technician at Northeast, and throughout the industry. Following Ken Dollar's retirement, David Edge is now named VP of Operations of Northeast Textiles. David has been a very devoted, loyal and knowledgeable employee of Northeast since June of 2005. Join us as we congratulate our new VP of Operations!

What do your Textiles say about you? 

From sheers, drapes, pillows and more, let us find the right style, design, texture and color for your company. 

With our new top-of-the-line digital printer and new high speed Heat Transfer Calendar we can create custom printed fabrics to fit your individual company's needs. 

Sheer Book VIII is here with our most popular designs and patterns. An effortless and seamless way to find the design, texture, and type of sheer that you are looking for. 

Washing and treating your new fabric is simple. Click on the link below and we can guide you through. 

Talking Textiles with Bunnie Walker, 
VP of Sales 
As I think about the past few times I have been in hotel rooms or a recent stay at one of my timeshares, I can't help but think about how little color there is in these rooms now.  I used to love checking in to see if there was "one of our prints" on the bed, on the window, or even on the bedskirt.  Not much color is to be found in the rooms any more, is there??  Now, I have to admit I love the plush white duvets as much as the next person, but shouldn't we be filling our lives with the rich influence of color & prints; especially when we are away from home?!  I wish we could see the return of more than a bed scarf or the occasional side panel of drapery.....maybe soon!  
In the meantime, Northeast Textiles recognizes the need for more sheers and dimmer and/or blackout fabrics.  We have just completed our latest lookbook of sheers, and recently completed another edition of our base cloths.  Our sheer books offer over 50 sku's of beautiful fabrics.  We have also invested in new collections of 72" dyed wovens for Healthcare & Hospitality. While we wait for more colorful prints to return, Northeast will continue to be your source for the needs of the present marketplace.  Give us a call for your samples today!

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