March 23, 2016

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Spring is almost here!  We look forward to seeing what your design teams have under way to celebrate the change of seasons.  Send us pics of your upcoming projects to, and let us know how we can help make them happen.


Take a look at the fabulous new colors of our pattern Dynasty Cube.  In which projects of yours would these work perfectly?






Talking Textiles with Bunnie Walker, VP of Sales

It has been a busy but exciting month as I began my new career as Vice President of Sales for Northeast Textiles. While a supplier for Northeast for almost 15 years, I became entrenched in their product lines and shared in many of their design, color and product selections. It has been a natural transition from business partner to enthusiastic employee of a firm I respect and now represent. If I haven't talked with you yet, I will as soon as possible, not only to thank you for your business, but to explore how we can grow your business!  

I anticipate growth through our new Healthcare Solutions and fresh new color palette for our Quality Cube fabric, in-stock sheers, and custom print projects. Northeast Textiles is also looking forward to sharing some of our new possibilities for the Silverado base cloth fabric.  Our design team is developing innovative "seasonal" printing for banners, point of purchase displays, and special events (see examples below).  That, and more, to come in the months ahead...the possibilities are limitless!  Innovative fabrics, creative design, and an excellent sales and support team are available for your next project. We all look forward to working with you soon!

Don't forget to peruse our new, improved website: Northeast Textiles.

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(Holiday Prints on Silverado Base Cloth)      
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