September 24, 2015
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We are pleased to introduce you to Preston and Roo, the greyhounds you may occasionally hear in the background when you call in to Northeast Textiles.  They are both racetrack rescue animals.  Preston is 4 years old, and Roo is 2.  They make our days more interesting and keep us on our toes.  They are extremely loving and playful, and we are happy to have them here.




Do you also have pets in your office?  Please send us pics to  We would love to see them.


We continue to make huge strides in completing our website.  The launch is right around the corner, and we cannot wait to debut it for you!





Product Spotlight:  Banners

Did you know Northeast Textiles makes banners and signs for events such as sports games, celebrations, and civic events?  We can reproduce your image or design from your ideas, making them into stunning banners to let everyone know what is important to you.


This is a photo of a banner we made taken at a recent UNC Tar Heels game:




Get to Know:  Ken Dollar




Ken Dollar is our VP of Operations.  He has worked at Northeast Textiles for 8 years and keeps our processes running smoothly.  Ken has a son and a daughter, Ben and Sadie.  Ben manages The Bay Street Biergarten in Charleston, SC, and Sadie is a senior at Clemson majoring in Dietetics.  He also has Preston and Roo, his greyhounds, and Jeter, his dachsund.  In his free time, Ken likes to spend time on home improvement, taking walks with his dogs, and going to our local river areas to hike.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and working with you to complete your projects.  Call us today for quotes, our newest price list, a custom printing brochure, or product information.  1-800-214-9932


The Northeast Textiles Team
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