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November 2015
Chesapeake Basin-Wide BMP Verification Framework Team Earns Award
PHILADELPHIA--U.S. Forest Service Coordinator at the Chesapeake Bay Program, Sally Claggett, was one of seven people who received a Bronze Medal from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The award recognized contributions to the devel­opment of the Chesapeake Bay Basin-wide Best Management Practices (BMP) Verification Frame­work, which brings transparency and increased public confidence to quantifying pollutant reduction progress. Claggett was commended for her leadership with the partnership's Forestry Workgroup and development of the forestry BMP verification guidance. The rationale for the award read: "Unprecedented in its scope, the framework was adopted by the State cabinet secretaries and their Federal counterparts and is driving development of verification programs by all six watershed states and the District."
Northeastern Area Employee Is Keynoter at Disability Forum
The passenger door of a pickup truck is open_ showing a smiling female university student sitting in the rotated driver_s seat and holding a control in her hand_ a smiling Devin Wanner stands with crutches alongside the truck.
A Concord University student tries out the automated truck seat. (Photo: Courtesy of James Hoyle, The Concordian Newspaper)
ATHENS, W.Va.--Public Affairs Specialist Devin Wanner and a Concord University student demonstrated the automated driver seat, wheelchair lift, and assistive technology that enable him to drive his pickup truck, at the 2015 Disability Celebration and Awareness Forum sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, Concord University, and Mercer County Public Schools. He also presented on Federal hiring authorities for veterans and other people with disabilities. Read more at
"Agroforestry Connection"--A New Email Update From USDA
Man wearing baseball cap_ tee shirt_ and jeans stands with left arm stretched out towards an elderberry patch that surrounds him.
Terry Durham shares information about his elderberry system during an agroforestry workshop. (Photo: Richard Straight)
LINCOLN, Neb.--The USDA National Agroforestry Center  (NAC), a partnership of U.S. Forest Service State and Private Forestry, U.S. Forest Service Research and Development, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, has a new email update you can subscribe to called Agroforestry Connection. Agroforestry Connection shares agroforestry-related publications, events, and other items of interest. It is published about six times per year. The most recent edition of Agroforestry Connection includes information on NAC's new Working Trees for Pollinators publication, a forest-grown mushroom workshop at the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference, and Pennsylvania's  new report on its agroforestry accomplishments. To subscribe, visit or the NAC home page at
New URL for i-Tree
A large tree with benches around its trunk grows in a park-like setting bordered by intersecting small roads_ on the other side of the roads are residential buildings.
(Photo: George Hodan,
WASHINGTON--The Forest Service and partners' i-Tree basic tree benefits calculator has this new URL:  Please update any education references to this new URL. A team is working on further developing i-tree for education usefulness and accessibility, and this friendly URL was the first step. Watch for a new i-Tree learn home page for educators and students next year.
Scholastic Materials for Every Kid in a Park Initiative
A circular Every- Kid-in-a-Park logo encloses graphic silhouettes of three children frolicking in grass with two trees on their left and three birds flying overhead_ below the circle are the words _Free passes for 4th graders _ their families__

Scholastic has created materials for teachers, students, and families, to complement the Every Kid in a Park initiative. Access the materials at the Exploring Federal Lands and Waters page at
Workshops on Forest Adaptation to Changing Climate
Tall trees in autumn.
(Photo: Juliette Watts) 

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.--The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science and its partners will host several upcoming workshops and online training designed to help natural resource managers, conservation organizations, woodland owners, and others enhance the ability of forests to adapt to changing conditions.
Jet Fuel From Wood
Photo of jet plane flying overhead_ framed by pine trees.
(Photo: Peter Griffin,
WASHINGTON--Turning wood waste into jet fuel was the lead story in the USDA Week in Review, October 23. Watch it on YouTube. Learn more in the USDA Blog: Fueling Our Future, From Wood to Wing.
Soil and the Atmosphere
_ Logo of the 2015 International Year of Soils_ consisting of a graphic of an upturned hand on the bottom_ holding a triangular mound of different-colored layers of soil_ with three green leaves growing out of the top of the soil.
Where is the most carbon found-green plants, the atmosphere, or soil? The answer may surprise you. Watch a 2-minute video by the Natural Resources Conservation Service on YouTube.

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