Image: An estimated 20,000 Eritrean refugees forced from two camps in the Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia are now missing.
As heavy fighting in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray continues into its ninth month, VOM Korea is calling attention to signs of new life: Ten new churches have formed as Eritrean Christian refugees begin the work of putting their lives back together outside the camps.

We typically think of church planting as something that occurs under optimal social conditions. But the New Testament consistently shows that churches are formed like stars: Under immense pressure in clouds of swirling chaos.
That’s certainly what’s happening in the case of these new refugee churches in Ethiopia.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

Most of our Underground University (UU) students came in contact with members of the Underground Church while living in North Korea.

One student remembers Christians being beaten, but no matter how hard the guards beat them, they did not recant and were still praying to God.

Many of us trust in the Lord for spiritual things, but trust in ourselves for physical things.

Persecuted Christians have long understood that God truly provides everything we need - both physical and spiritual.

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Pray for upcoming mission trips across South Korea:
Until now, we have gone on domestic mission trips to Jeju, Daejeon and Busan. We are currently making preparations to travel to remote areas in South Korea where NK defectors are not being evangelized or discipled. Please pray for God to prepare our UU students for the harvest. 
Pray for NK defector inmates in South Korea:
Unable to acclimate to South Korean society, some NK defectors end up committing crimes in SK and are imprisoned. VOMK’s UU NK defector discipleship school students visit them and write letters to them for the sake of evangelizing and discipling them. Please pray for the inmates to hear the gospel, believe, and keep the faith after they are released.