Volume 4 Issue 17 April 29, 2021
Prison Ministries Rally and Training Day
Last Sabbath, the NCC Prison Ministries Rally and Training Day took place at the West Sacramento church. The theme of the day was “Don’t Forget Me!”

More than 70 people attended the event in person, following NCC COVID guidelines, while more watched online to receive inspiration and training from a variety of speakers.

This past year has been difficult and lonely for people in prison. “I am grateful that our incarcerated brothers and sisters have not been forgotten during the pandemic,” said Willie Johnson, NCC prison ministries coordinator (pictured). “Letter writing has increased, giving them hope. Bibles and other Adventist books and literature continue to flow into the prisons.”

One of the day’s attendees was Victor Beale, head elder at the West Sacramento church, who has been involved in prison ministry for 33 years. He encourages others to get involved with this important outreach. “Prison ministry is what Jesus called us to do,” he said. “I believe that every call He makes, He equips us for. If we don’t fulfill the calling that He gave us, we won’t be satisfied. The longing of our hearts is to please God.”

Watch the meetings on the West Sacramento SDA Church YouTube channel.
Hispanic Women’s Retreat
“Give Everything to Jesus: He Is Able!” was the theme of the annual Hispanic Women’s Retreat, held online last weekend.

Psychologist Yaqueline Tello and nutritionist María José Hummel provided hope and encouragement during their presentations. Musicians included Addi Yin and Sandra de Hernández.

Watch the programs on Facebook and the NCC Hispanic Ministries YouTube channel. So far, the recordings have received more than 2,000 views.

“We received a blessing from the speakers, musicians, and the opportunity to be together, even though we were meeting online,” said Teresa Leal, Hispanic women’s ministries leader. “We look forward to being together in person next year at Leoni Meadows.”
Doug and Judy Withrow Engage Their Calling to Ministry
Doug and Judy Withrow have a 24/7 ministry! They serve as administrators of the Napa Valley Adventist Retirement Estates (NVARE), an 82-unit independent living retirement center in Yountville, owned and operated by the NCC.
Each day as they supervise staff, schedule activities, plan meals, work on the grounds, and perform a hundred different tasks, the Withrows endeavor to follow the fifth commandment. “The Bible says to honor your father and mother, taking care of them when they are old,” said Judy, associate administrator.

“We try to make the residents feel that they are home,” said Doug, who has served as administrator since 2012. “We do what we can to help them stay here as long as we can.”

This help includes assisting those in challenging financial circumstances. “We look at people’s income and accept a reduced amount from those who can’t afford to pay the full amount,” said Judy. “To us, that’s doing God’s work.”

For years, the Withrows have successfully combined careers and marriage. They recognized their compatibility right away! Decades ago, the young couple met on a Friday, got engaged the following Tuesday, and married six weeks later. They now have three children and four grandchildren – and they will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary in June!

Doug and Judy ask for prayers for the NVARE ministry, and they invite potential residents to contact them about current vacancies. Learn more about life at NVARE by visiting its Facebook page.
At Rest
We are very sad to report that Sandra Pride, longtime girls’ dean at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, passed away last week.

Rio’s Facebook page featured a tribute: “She served as girls’ dean at Rio from 1981-2001 and has volunteered on campus delivering love, support, and many cookies to the students in the dorm since then. ‘Mama Pride,’ as she was known, was a beloved member of the staff and loved her girls and all the Rio community fiercely. As a lifelong dean at Oak Park Academy (Iowa), Laurelwood Academy (Oregon), and at Rio, Mom Pride poured out her heart to her girls and maintained contact with many of them after they graduated. ...”

Read more about Pride (pictured several years ago with Rio students) on the school’s Facebook page. Please remember her family and the Rio community in your prayers.
News & Upcoming Events
Register for 2021 Redwood Camp Meeting! Keep up with the latest camp meeting updates by visiting redwoodareacamp.com.

The Christian Men’s Retreat will be live-streamed on April 30 and May 1 on the NCCSDA YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Join the NCC prayer call every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Find out how.
Adventist Book Center
New Logo
The NCC Adventist Book Center has a new logo! It will be featured on a variety of items, including business cards, letterhead, and delivery vehicles.

“The new logo is much more than an image,” said Sal Alvarado, ABC manager. “It’s a point of recognition for our clients and potential clients. We want customers to see the logo and remember their positive experience with the NCC ABC, finding us to be trustworthy, professional, and caring as we provide quality products to help people experience a more abundant life.”
For Sale
We tend to project our culture, our pre-established beliefs, and our language into a story. In doing so, we may miss the point of the original words. Through the Eyes of the Ancients by R. Dean Dennis is a clarifying study into the books of Moses. Find it for $19.99 at our NCC ABC.

The ABC will be making prepaid drop-off deliveries throughout the conference during May.
NCC Headquarters Closed
The NCC headquarters building remains closed, and staff are working from home. You can still reach them.
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