Volume 4 Issue 32 August 12, 2021
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NCC Educators Prepare to Go Back to School
On Monday, about 200 NCC principals and teachers met at the Gracepoint church in Rocklin for meetings that offered encouragement, inspiration, and professional growth.

All NCC schools will begin the 2021-22 school year during the next two weeks. “We wanted to gather everyone together before we start our 180 days of evangelism,” said Superintendent of Schools Albert Miller.

President Marc Woodson spoke to the group about the conference’s core values – showing contagious kindness, having a servant’s heart, and being a passionate, hard worker. The educators were able to choose among a variety of breakout sessions, including training for software programs and collaborating with other teachers in specific content areas. The NCC Principals’ Council also held a meeting.

“We haven’t been together for a year and a half,” said Barry van Iderstein, assistant to the superintendent. “This was a chance to restart, refresh, and remember why we offer Adventist education.”
Sacramento Slavic Church Hosts VBS in June
In mid-June, the Sacramento Slavic church held a Vacation Bible School in Russian. More than 70 children attended each day, including 20 kids from families who are not members of the congregation.

The children enjoyed visiting a variety of stations to learn Bible stories, play games, pray, watch science experiments, and more! Translation was provided for those who did not speak Russian.

VBS organizers advertised the event on social media, and church families gave invitations to their friends. “My goal in life is evangelism,” said VBS Director Liliya Ryzak. “VBS is a way to involve kids in the Bible and get them excited about the Bible.”

Nearly 50 volunteers made the event a success. “We’re really thankful for the whole team that participated,” she said.

The children were enthusiastic about everything from the songs to the Bible stories. One day, a group at the Bible station heard a story about the imprisoned apostle Peter. “All the kids were so worried about him,” said Sofiya Ryzak, who served as the VBS videographer. “When the person dressed as Peter came out of prison, they all ran up to him and hugged him because they were so excited.”

Watch a short video of the VBS on the church’s Facebook page.
Leoni Meadows Changes Lives
Although summer camp season at Leoni Meadows ended this past weekend, its impact will be felt for years to come in the lives of the kids and families that attended.

Due to the pandemic, each camp had a shortened weekly schedule, but that didn’t stop the fun! Every kids’ camp and two of the three family camps were completely full. “I am grateful to the great people of the NCC and their love for Leoni,” said Executive Director Craig Heinrich.

Each week a different camp pastor presented worship talks on the summer’s theme, “All Things Beautiful,” based on Ecclesiastes 3:11. Kids gave their hearts to Jesus, including four who chose to be baptized during Teen Extreme camp by Heinrich and Glenn Gibson, Palo Cedro church senior pastor.

“This summer was fantastic,” said Heinrich, “I’d like to do it all over again!”
Upcoming Events
Next Sunday and Monday, delegates from throughout the Pacific Union will gather in Tucson, Arizona, to elect a new president and other officials. Read the nominating committee report.

You are welcome to join the NCC prayer call every Thursday morning.
Adventist Book Center
During 100 days in 1994, Hutu extremists killed nearly 70 percent of the Tutsi population in Rwanda. In the face of such evil carnage, a young Adventist Tutsi refused to break God’s commandments. God repeatedly intervened, not only to save his life, but also to give him opportunity to witness in the process. Find this powerful story in the book Preaching from the Grave, available for $15.99 at our NCC ABC.

The NCC ABC will be making prepaid drop-off deliveries in Northern California and Nevada during the month of August.
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