Volume 3 Issue 37 August 27, 2020

We continue to pray for those who have lost their homes and businesses, those who are still evacuated, and everyone affected by the California fires.
Science teacher Denise Tonn took this photo last week at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, which was not harmed by the fire.
Everyone Is Pulling Together
Please continue to pray for those in our NCC family who have lost homes and businesses to fire. Many others have not been able to return to their homes in the evacuation zones. Some have parked their RVs in church and school parking lots; others have traveled a great distance to stay with family members; some are in hotels. Many members are helping each other by providing shelter, food, and support.

“We’re all just working together—the people in the community, the mayor, restaurants, and schools,” said Robert Kurtz, pastor of the St. Helena church, which hosted a food distribution event this week. The church has been working to help evacuated Pacific Union College students, Adventist Health employees, and others in the community.

“In our area, there is no competition among Adventist churches or between Adventist churches and other churches,” said Kurtz. “Everyone is just pulling together and asking: how can we meet your needs?”
Redwood Area Camp Prepares to Host Evacuees
This week the Humboldt County Department of Emergency Services and the American Red Cross gave Redwood Area Camp permission to host up to 50 fire evacuees. Although the camp is not currently sheltering anyone, preparations are being made by caretakers Monty and Terri Parks, Fortuna Adventist Community Services, and volunteers from the Eureka church.

“Unfortunately, we’re just at the beginning of fire season,” said Harry Salvini, Redwood Area Camp director. “We want people to know that the grounds are available for the next several months.”

Guests will need to bring their own RVs and tents, and they must comply with social distancing requirements. Each campsite will have a porta potty, sanitation station, and trash can. Some have access to electricity. Shower facilities will be available at scheduled times to comply with health requirements. During their stay at Redwood, people may not leave the campground.

The Fortuna ACS will provide two meals a day. ACS volunteers will get shopping lists from the evacuees, purchase the items (using grant money), prepare the food if necessary, and deliver it to the campground. The Red Cross has also offered its services for people who may need clothing, cots, or access to medicine.

“We are glad that our beautiful campground can be a blessing to people during a difficult time,” said Salvini. For more information, please call (707) 682-9082.
Find Out More About the Fires
Learn the latest information from Cal Fire: www.fire.ca.gov/incidents
Find out about disaster assistance: www.disasterassistance.gov

Thank you to the pastors, educators, and church members who have helped provide information about the effects of the fires on local communities. Please keep the NCC communication department informed by emailing media@nccsda.com.
Haroldo Poiret Engages His Calling to Ministry
Antioch church member Haroldo Poiret (pictured below in his trademark hat) is an inspiring example of someone who has engaged his calling to ministry in his area of expertise!

Known for his work as a professional videographer, photographer, graphic designer, and producer, Poiret volunteers as the head of the Antioch church’s audiovisual department.
During the pandemic, Poiret improved the church’s AV system, making it more effective for both livestreaming and future in-person worship services. He also recruited and continues to mentor a group of 10—many of them young people. “For the last six months, his team has been at the church every single weekend, social distancing,” said Antioch church Pastor Gabriel Gutierrez. “They love working with him. He has a great way of getting people involved in ministry.”

Poiret has also generously donated his limited time to other projects. A few weeks ago, his work enabled Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy to livestream its graduation service in a memorable way. “We appreciate his expertise, which is very relevant during this time,” said Pleasant Hill church Associate Pastor Miguel Verazas. “He really has a servant’s heart!” 
Lemuel Garcia, currently a student at the SDA Theological Seminary, married Jessica Morales in Oregon on August. 3. Before beginning his Master of Divinity studies, Garcia served as the pastor of the Vallejo Central church and as a local-hire pastor at the Grand Advent church. Congratulations to the happy couple! We look forward to the day they come back to the NCC.
Prayer Call
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. This morning, Dan Ekens will present a short devotional, and Marilee Dalton will be speaking next Thursday. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
Adventist Book Center
In The Heavenly Trio, author Ty Gibson explores the views of Ellen White and the early Adventist pioneers regarding the Trinity. This book is a follow-up to Gibson’s book, The Sonship of Christ. Find it at our NCC ABC.

Check out the vegetarian food and book sales at the NCC ABC, which will continue until the end of the month. The ABC will be making deliveries at many locations in September. View the schedule.
Office Closed
Due to state and county guidance, the Northern California Conference office is closed until further notice. NCC employees continue working from home. Find contact info at nccsda.com/contact-us.
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