Volume 3 Issue 50 December 10, 2020
NCC Office Closing
In compliance with the Greater Sacramento Area Stay-at-Home Order, which begins at 11:59 p.m. today, the NCC headquarters building will be closed until further notice. NCC administrators will continue to monitor this situation and follow the directions coming from federal and state authorities.

NCC staff will work from home during business hours. Email info@nccsda.com, and we will forward your message to the appropriate department. Find a list of departments and staff members on the NCC website. The Adventist Book Center will remain open during its posted hours. 
Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Parent Weekend
Over the weekend of Nov. 20-22, Rio hosted its annual Parent Weekend, only this time it was virtual. The weekend was a celebration of praise and thanksgiving through testimonies, performances, and conversation with students and families. On Sabbath, Rio’s music department and chaplain’s office organized a church service featuring music groups and student leaders.

Junior Cyril Guarin shared his testimony. “During distance learning, I am amazed that the feeling is similar to what it was while we were on campus,” he said. “I thought it would be a lot different, but I realized that God is in control and working through us, whether it’s through the message of an individual or through students happily singing praises to the Lord. Even though we are apart, I see the blessings flow through everyone. We’re there for each other.” 

The weekend ended with parent/teacher conferences over Zoom and a livestreamed variety show with performances by students and staff all over the world. Read a full report by Rika Meyer on Rio's blog.
El Dorado Adventist School Handbell Choirs
In mid-November, two El Dorado Adventist School handbell choirs, under the direction of Debbi Alexander, performed special music at the Placerville church. “Since we’ve not been able to sing songs of praise for many months, the special presentation from the handbell choirs was inspiration and encouragement to us all!” said Daisy Stephens, Home/School & Church co-leader. 

Alexander, who works as Leoni Meadows office manager, travels to the school twice a week to teach handbells to grades 5/6 (pictured) and grades 7/8. A former full-time music teacher, she was excited to introduce handbells to the students, who can’t participate in choir or band during the pandemic. “My favorite part is watching the kids start working together as a team, have a good time, and make some beautiful music,” she said. “We’ve been having a lot of fun.” 
Ethan Conger Engages His Calling to Ministry
“Something clicked. It was seared into my mind – there is a God. I’m not alone. It’s mind-blowing thinking about that moment. It was certainly not me deciding there is a God. It was Him saying, ‘I’m here. I found you. Come to me,’” recalled Ethan Conger in his baptismal sermon.
The story of Ethan Conger begins as a small child at the Alturas church, one of the conference’s northernmost places of worship. As Conger explained, “I never understood what I was told [at church] or what all of it meant. I drifted away and eventually stopped going altogether.” Read the rest of Conger's story.
Neville Price
Redwood Camp Meeting assistant director Neville Price passed away just after Thanksgiving. Price was one of the pioneers and sustainers of Redwood Area Camp, spending countless hours year-round to prepare for 10 days of spiritual refreshment each summer. “Neville had a wonderful heart,” said Assistant to the President Ed Fargusson. “His many years of volunteer service were a ministry – his way of serving God and helping others.” Read more about Price.
Help Your Sabbath School
Here is a great Sabbath School fundraiser! Save your Loma Linda/Worthington canned food labels (eligible UPC/labels begin with 45561) and take them to your church. Each label is worth 25 cents for your local church's Sabbath School investment giving or Sabbath School projects. 

Once a quarter, someone at the church should complete this NEW version of the Labels Make Cents Redemption form and mail it to NCC Sabbath School ministries. In June/July, reimbursement checks will be mailed to participating churches. 

“Even though our churches are not yet meeting in person, let’s think of creative and effective ways to collect and tally,” said Sabbath School ministries administrative assistant Yolanda Frazier.

More information, including deadlines, is provided on the Sabbath School ministries web page. For further questions, please email Yolanda.Frazier@nccsda.com.
Adventist Book Center
Story Catcher by Richard Duerksen is a book of “God stories.” Some will make you jump for joy; others will make you cry. All will make you think about your relationship with God. Find the book for $14.99 at our NCC ABC.

During December, the NCC ABC is making pre-paid drop-offs in various locations throughout the conference. Find out more!
Prayer Call
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#. Executive Secretary Jose Marin will present a short devotional this morning. Next week, Pastor Robert Ross will be the speaker.
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