Volume 4 Issue 6 February 11, 2021
EAS Students Get Excited About Helping Others
After hearing how they could help their fellow students at Holbrook Indian School and Chinle SDA School, the El Dorado Adventist School kids in K-4th grade (above) and 5th-8th grades (below) responded enthusiastically. Read more about the project below.
Placerville Women Engage Their Calling to Ministryand Invite Others to Join them
Several months ago, the Placerville church women’s ministry group invited students from El Dorado Adventist School (EAS) and the Camino church women’s ministry group to partner together on a service project. The response was overwhelming!

Together, they collected more than 1,500 items – including toiletries and clothing staples – for the students at Holbrook Indian School (HIS) and Chinle SDA School, both located in Arizona. The items filled 11 large shipping boxes. “I was in shock!” said Daisy Stephens, Placerville women’s ministry leader.
Months earlier, Teresa Contreras (pictured), a retired social worker on the Placerville women’s ministry council, had grown increasingly concerned as she read about the terrible impact of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation. Previously, she had lived and worked with Native Americans, and she wanted the women’s ministry to reach out to them. “Knowing the Holbrook Indian School serves a large number of Navajo children off the reservation and on the reservation via their elementary school in Chinle, I thought we should look into helping via HIS,” she said.  

Contreras contacted HIS to find out what they needed. Her commitment and passion inspired the Placerville women. “She gave all of us the fire to follow her lead!” said Stephens.  

To introduce the project to the students, Contreras – who tutors at EAS – gave several chapel presentations at the school. She told the children about Adrian, a boy who had been reluctant to attend HIS. However, the school changed his life. She invited the EAS kids to help empower their fellow students in Arizona by donating supplies for their daily lives. They were eager to get involved. Read comments from seven EAS students who participated.

The Placerville women also purchased 79 blankets for the Native American students. “We never asked one person for a dime,” said Stephens. “They just came to us and said, ‘We want to do something for Holbrook.’” 

At the beginning of the school year, the women’s ministry donated 340 hand-sewn masks to the students at HIS and Chinle. Throughout the pandemic, the group has made and given away 5,000 masks! “Our women’s ministry council is always looking for ministry projects to get involved with,” said Stephens.
The New Beginners Educational Fund
Katie (pictured) is four years old. She wants to be a zoologist, a bubble blower, and a cat – as she explains, “when I get taller.” In her preschool, she is learning her letters and numbers, and she can tell all the Bible stories and sing all the Bible songs. Her favorite is “Only a Boy Named David.”

Like a passport opens the door to world exploration, Katie’s first years at school are her passport to success in life as an adult – and in an Adventist school, they are a way to enrich her relationship with Jesus.

To support new students, like Katie, as they begin their educational journey in kindergarten at one of our schools, the NCC recently established the New Beginners Educational Fund.

With a goal of $47,000, the New Beginners Educational Fund will cover half a month of tuition for 172 new students in kindergarten for the 21-22 school year. When the goal is met, and with funds from the Pacific Union Conference, these new kindergarteners will receive a full month of tuition. 

So that our kindergarten classes can be at full capacity with 280 new students, there is a miracle goal to raise an additional $30,000.

Your support is not a scholarship. There is no application. Your support will go directly to the school to cover tuition for every new student who enrolls in kindergarten!

After prayerful consideration and under God’s guidance, consider making a $270 gift to the New Beginners Educational Fund to cover half a month of tuition for new kindergartners like Katie. Click here to give.
Religious Liberty & Christian Witness in a Time of Turmoil
Do not miss this timely panel discussion, coming on Sabbath at 3 p.m.! It will livestream on our NCC Facebook page and YouTube channel.
New Scholarship Application Process
Scholarship season has begun for the 21-22 school year. All applications for NCC and Pacific Union scholarships – both K-12 and college – must be submitted via the union’s scholarship portal. (You can apply in English or Spanish.)

Wayne Gungl, NCC associate superintendent of schools, has created a video tutorial to help parents, caregivers, and students navigate the new scholarship application process.

The NCC education department will start reviewing scholarship applications beginning March 1. Submit your application as soon as possible!
Virtual Academy Days at Rio
You are invited to visit Rio Lindo Adventist Academy for Virtual Academy Days, Feb. 27-28 – an online, interactive, and fun event. All 7-10th graders are invited to visit virtual classes, meet teachers, play games, and win prizes! All attendees will receive a free t-shirt, and those who enroll will receive a new laptop for fall. Register at www.RioLindo.org.
Prayer Ministries
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#. This morning, Pastor Rod Thompson from Amazing Facts will speak.
In celebration of Black History Month, all books and music by African American authors and musical artists are 20 percent off at our NCC ABC during the month of February.
NCC Headquarters Closed 
The virtual NCC office will be closed on Monday, Feb. 15, due to the Presidents’ Day holiday.

Because of the pandemic, the NCC headquarters building is closed until further notice. Staff are working from home during business hours. Email info@nccsda.com, and we will forward your message to the appropriate department. Find a list of departments and staff members on the NCC website. The Adventist Book Center remains open during its posted hours. 
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