Volume 3 Issue 4 January 23, 2020
Bible Verse to Light Your Day
“They will come home and sing songs of joy on the heights of Jerusalem. They will be radiant because of the Lord’s good gifts—the abundant crops of grain, new wine, and olive oil, and the healthy flocks and herds. Their life will be like a watered garden, and all their sorrows will be gone” (Jeremiah 31:12, New Living Translation ).
ABC in Roseville
During the Grand Opening, visit the Adventist Book Center at its new location in the NCC office. For the time being, the ABC on Madison Avenue in Sacramento will stay open with a limited inventory. More details next week!
Granite Bay Church Hosts Evangelistic Series
Last Friday evening, the Granite Bay church began its three-week evangelistic series with speaker Carlos Munoz, director of Amazing Facts College of Evangelism. The meetings are taking place at Journey Church of Folsom. During the first three nights, attendance numbered between 180 and 200 people, including 60 community guests. 

“We are absolutely thrilled with the amazing turnout,” said Senior Pastor Doug Batchelor. “Please pray for these ongoing meetingsthat many lives will be transformed for the better forever.” 
Coordinators Make Plans
Our NCC Adventurer and Pathfinder coordinators spent last weekend at Albion Field Station planning events for our conference clubs. Janeen Little, chaplain and Bible teacher at Lodi Academy, led worships for the group. In addition to their planning meetings, the coordinators enjoyed the beauty of Albion and did some outdoor clean-up work.

“Adventurer and Pathfinder coordinators volunteer their time and energy because they love the children and youth of the NCC,” said Alice Merrill, Adventurer director.
Woodside Church Hosts GriefShare
Recently the Sacramento Woodside church hosted GriefShare, a 13-week support group for those who have lost a family member or friend. The 12 participants watched video seminars, took part in small group discussions, and completed workbook exercises. 

During discussions, the support group’s leaders, Alan and Janine Harrington, had the opportunity to share their beliefs about death and heaven with the community participants.

“This program is biblically based and provides many strategies and tools to help people work through various aspects of grief,” said Janine Harrington. “GriefShare will benefit anyone who has experienced a loss of a loved one, no matter when that loss occurred.”

A new session will start in February. Find out more
Antioch Church Gives Kids a Happy Christmas
Last month, the Antioch church held an Angel Tree gift drive. “We helped children whose parents attend Opportunity Junction,which is a job training nonprofit in Antioch, as well as parents who phoned the church needing Christmas gifts for their children,” said Julie Hubbard, the church’s community services director.  

The church also hosted a party, where the kids received their presents, as well as new coats. The children had the chance to make cards and pick out small gifts for their parents. Students from a local high school helped with the festivities.
Maranatha Mission Stories Features Paradise Shed Project
Watch this Maranatha Mission Stories episode about the Paradise Shed Project. This 25-minute video tells the story of the Camp Fire, how the Paradise church responded, and how Maranatha got involved. 
Spotlight on the Family
For the next few months, we will focus on some practical ways for families to live more healthfully in 2020.
With your whole family, train for a 5K run/walk. Do some research on the wide variety of options available. You can find one that fits your level of training, your family dynamics, and a location you want to visit—nearby or far away!
Upcoming Events
Adventist Book Center
Do you want to engage your community with compassion? Get inspired by Burst the Bubble: Finding Your Passion for Community Outreach, written by Sung K. Kwon, executive director of North American Division community services. Find it for $15.99 at our Sacramento ABC.
Religious Liberty Sabbath
This Sabbath, Jan. 25, is Religious Liberty Sabbath. The world church will be praying for the millions of people who suffer harassment, discrimination, imprisonment, and physical harm because they choose faithfulness to God. Find resources .
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