Volume 3 Issue 32 July 23, 2020
Adventist Education Benefits Kids for Eternity
Where can our children learn about Jesus and be supported in their journey of committing their lives to God? The answer is in the home, in the church, and in an Adventist school. It is especially important now at this chaotic time in earth’s history that our children find the peace that passes all understanding and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Read statements of dedication by NCC students – in their own words:

“Before I came to [school] I was going to a public school and had very little knowledge about God … I believe that God called me to get baptized and to study to become a pastor, so I started taking bible studies with Pastor [name] and I got baptized.”

“I have been a student at our school for about 5 years, I get to daily experience love, caring, and kindness … The people who work at this school are very friendly and quick to forgive, making it a comfortable and safe environment for my education.”

“[A] few years ago, I was having a hard time with a lot of things in my life and during one week, we were having a week of prayer at my school and on the last day, it finally came through that God wanted me, he loved me, and I realized that I never wanted to let that feeling go. So, about a year later, I got baptized.”

NCC scholarships help families to send their kids to Adventist schools. “For the 2020-21 school year, the conference will have awarded 188 elementary scholarships, 22 secondary scholarships, and potentially 51 higher education scholarships,” said Lynal Ingham, associate superintendent of education.

Because of increased need, the NCC hopes to fund an additional 18 elementary awards ($400 each), three secondary awards ($800 each), and 16 elementary “stand in the gap” awards for a total of $16,000. If you are interested in helping these 37 children attend an Adventist school, please contact laurie.trujillo@nccsda.com .
Adventists for Peace and Justice
Last Sabbath, six churches held a peaceful march for justice in Oakland. Nearly 200 people from the Elmhurst, Grand Advent, Immanuel Temple, Market Street, Oakland Spanish, and San Leandro Spanish churches – as well as community members – marched from the Grand Advent church to the Lake Merritt Amphitheater for a rally.

The idea for the event was sparked by Moises Ramirez, a Grand Advent church local-hire pastor. “I am not an activist; I am a follower of Christ,” he said. “However, to be a follower of Christ means to call out hypocrisy, injustices, oppression and to stand up for and with our brothers and sisters who are hurting. We are God’s vessels, and when He calls us to stand up, we must stand.”

The previous week, church members distributed 600 fliers in the area, inviting community members to participate. The police department provided support, blocking off intersections for the marchers.

The majority of those involved were young people. “We are continuing the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and those who have gone before us, giving hope to the younger generation,” said African American Ministries Coordinator/Urban Ministries Director Willie Johnson. “It was almost like a passing of the baton, a moment of empowerment. It meant a lot to the young adults for the conference administrators and pastors to come alongside them.”

During the program in the amphitheater, Johnson introduced guest speaker Wanda Johnson, founder and CEO of the Oscar Grant Foundation, whose son was killed more than a decade ago. Others in the program included President Marc Woodson, Executive Secretary Jose Marin, Veg Hub Ministry Director G. W. Chew, as well as pastors and church members.

During his remarks, Woodson described how Adventists have been involved in social justice from the church’s earliest days, including the first General Conference president, who operated a station on the Underground Railroad.

Woodson appreciates the unity and faithfulness of the Oakland and San Leandro churches as they work in their neighborhoods. “When we talk about engaging our community with compassion, we often think of relief efforts or evangelism,” he said. “But the Bible tells us that we must act justly as well as love mercy. Speaking against injustice is also an act of compassion for our community.”
Membership Assistance Fund
Established in May by the NCC executive officers, the Membership Assistance Fund continues to help families. To date, 59 compassionate givers have given $18,985 toward the $20,000 goal, helping 220 families in 27 churches. Because of a matching gift of up to $20,000, the total raised is $37,970. “God truly poured out His Spirit and prompted many to help their brothers and sisters who are having a difficult time,” said President Marc Woodson.

When the MAF campaign finishes at the end of July, the NCC will continue to help families during this tough economic time. “Once we reach the $20,000 goal or the July 31 deadline, we hope to refocus our efforts on raising money for families who wish to send their kids to Adventist schools but do not have the funds available," said Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development. Give now , or contact laurie.trujillo@nccsda.com .
Virtual Redwood Camp Meeting Begins Today!
Don't miss online Redwood Camp Meeting, today through Sabbath, July 23-25! Find programs for people of all ages, from Division One to Pepperwood. Check out the new Redwood website at redwoodareacamp.com , where you can find the meeting schedule and connect to the camp meeting YouTube channel.
NCC Prayer Retreat
The Prayer Retreat, scheduled for Aug. 28-30 at Leoni Meadows, will take place online instead. You will still be able to hear scheduled speaker Randy Maxwell, author and pastor of the Renton church in Washington, and you will still be able to receive a blessing as you pray with people from throughout the conference! Watch for more details in upcoming issues of Northern Lights .
Summer on the Run
Watch fun and thought-provoking videos for kids, written and produced by the youth department's Summer on the Run team! Three episodes are posted each week. Watch them on Facebook or on the YouTube channel .
Get Involved!
How can you engage your community with compassion during this difficult time? Here are some ideas.
  • Participate in your community's Nextdoor social networking service or a similar mutual aid network.
  • Connect with your county or city to see what volunteer projects are available, such as disinfecting the neighborhood playgrounds. 
  • Register to vote. 
  • Participate in the 2020 census. 
  • Join or establish a neighborhood watch. (One idea: Each house gets green and red flags. If neighbors see a red flag outside, they know to check in.) 
Adventist Book Center
Living for God: Reclaiming the Joy of Christian Virtue explores the beauty of gratitude, courage, patience, humility, contentment, and more. Author Frank M. Hasel shares true stories and practical tips to help you apply these virtues to your life. Find this book at our NCC ABC, which is still open during its regularly scheduled hours . Also, check out the
Prayer Line
You’re invited to join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
Office Closed
Due to recent state and county guidance, the Northern California Conference office is closed until further notice. NCC employees will continue working from home. Find contact info at nccsda.com/contact-us .
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