Volume 3 Issue 26 June 11, 2020
NOTE: Many important events happened in our conference in recent weeks. This edition of “Northern Lights” is longer than usual and contains reports on the Membership Assistance Fund, transformative protests within the conference territory, some NCC graduations, and more.
233 Adventist Families Can Receive Much Needed Assistance  
We would like to recognize and thank 36 dedicated and compassionate donors who have given enough for the NCC to assist 233 Adventist family units in the NCC region. Together, they have raised $11,660, and – as the result of a very committed donor – every dollar has been matched, for a total of $23,320.

“What nonprofits seek is 100 percent personal support from leadership as it demonstrates a commitment to the project. Every NCC executive officer has voluntarily made a personal contribution to the Membership Assistance Fund as of this week,” said Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development. “They are truly compassionate leaders.”

More families need a helping hand as our region transitions back after sheltering in place. Prayerfully consider making a gift to the Membership Assistance Fund , and remember every dollar you give today will be matched 100 percent. 
Last weekend, NCC church members, pastors, and leaders participated in peaceful protests in various communities, including Stockton, Lodi, Pleasanton, and Yuba City.

Three Adventist churches marched together in Stockton: Mayfair, Pittsburg, and Valley Community. “The churches thought it was important that the Adventist Church join the community to express God's demand for justice and His power to heal,” said Gregory Johnson, pastor of the Valley Community church, which spearheaded the event.

“We recognize that silence in the face of injustice is participation in injustice,” said Rudy Peters, Mayfair church pastor. “It was a welcome change to hear our members chanting for justice and peace and affirming the vitality and importance of black lives.”  

Others joined the Stockton march, including African American Ministries Coordinator/Urban Ministries Director Willie Johnson. “We marched sharing Micah 6:8 on our signs: 'Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God,'” he said. “It felt good to protest peacefully and hear all the positive reactions from the people of Stockton as we marched together – Seventh-day Adventists for justice.”  

Lodi English Oaks church Senior Pastor Bob Mason also participated in a protest in his city. “I recognized that so many of my fellow Americans could not help but feel that knee on their own necks as they watched [the video of George Floyd],” he wrote on his Facebook page. “And I realized that loving my neighbor as myself means that I must let myself feel it along with them and say the words: Black Lives Matter.”  

“I’m proud to belong to a Church that stands up to injustice,” said NCC President Marc Woodson. “We urge our church members to engage their community with compassion, while bravely speaking out against racism, injustice, violence, and hatred.”  

Read the recent NCC statement against racism and injustice.
Congratulations Graduates!
We are proud of all the graduates in our NCC schools, public schools, and home schools!
Lodi Academy
On May 23, Lodi Academy held the first NCC graduation this year, and social distancing didn't stop the school from giving its seniors a memorable send-off! Graduation ceremonies took place on the field, with an enormous screen displaying what was happening on stage for family members sitting in their vehicles. 

The baccalaureate service took place on Sabbath morning. That evening, the school held a sunset vespers, followed by the commencement service. The seniors marched down the field and later took turns walking on stage to be congratulated by Principal John Winslow – without shaking hands.

“The day was just an outstanding team effort on the part of a number of parents, class sponsors, class officers, and the staff,” said Winslow. “They created a wonderful spiritual celebration of the seniors' high school accomplishments.”
Hilltop Christian School
Hilltop Christian School in Antioch enthusiastically celebrated its eighth-grade graduates in person and online. Principal Mekey Lepulu, teachers, and staff visited the 10 graduates at their homes, holding a mini-graduation service for each one. In addition to a diploma, each student received a poster to place in the front yard, as well as a cake, sparkling cider, and gift cards. The virtual graduation service on June 3 featured talks from Lepulu and 7-8 homeroom teacher Josh Keresoma, as well as recorded messages from the students.

“We care about the students and miss them,” said Sherry Starr, the school’s administrative assistant. “We wanted them to have a beautiful and meaningful graduation.”  
Hilltop also held a drive-through kindergarten graduation on June 4. “I was just so happy to be able to give my kids a memorable graduation and to be able to see them in person again!” said Liliana Samuel, kindergarten teacher. 
Humboldt Bay Christian School
About 20 people attended Humboldt Bay Christian School’s eighth-grade graduation on June 8. The three graduates gave speeches during the service and enjoyed personalized cakes with their families afterward. When the school received permission from the county to hold the graduation, staff member Debbie Rosenburg worked hard to make it a meaningful event. “We really wanted to honor our graduates during this time of crisis,” said Teaching Principal Ruthanne Altsman.
Perry Rogers
We are very sorry to report that Perry Rogers passed away on June 3. During his long career as an educator, he worked in Idaho, Washington, and California, finishing as principal of Sacramento Adventist Elementary. He then served for a number of years at the Sacramento Adventist Book Center. Please keep his wife, Ginny, in your prayers.
NCC Prayer Line
You’re invited to join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. This morning, Dan Garza, pastor of the Woodland/Vacaville district, will give the devotional. Next week, the message will be presented by Sacramento Woodside church Pastor Vince Saunders. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
Adventist Book Center
Calvin Rock has authored a landmark book on race relations and leadership in the Adventist Church in North America. Rock writes with a pastor's heart and a prophet's passion to remind the Church of where we have been, where we are, and where we must go. Find it at the NCC ABC .

ABC pre-paid deliveries are coming to Pleasant Hill, Antioch, Vallejo, Oakland, and Hayward on Wednesday, June 17. You must order 48 hours in advance. Find more information about  prepaid deliveries and check out the  June food specials .
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