Volume 4 Issue 22 June 3, 2021
Lodi Academy Students Engage Their Calling to Ministry
Early this year, Lodi Academy religion teacher and chaplain Janeen Little challenged the junior class (pictured) to write a Bible study for teenagers. She asked if they would be willing to present the lessons to the conference-wide online youth group. “They were thrilled to do it,” she said.

The class brainstormed ideas to come up with their theme, “Like Iron,” referring to Proverbs 27:17, and they divided into pairs to write the lessons. Each one dealt with a practical topic, such as depression, stress, and time management.

The lessons included Scripture, activities, and discussion questions. “The students discovered that it’s different when you study the Bible for yourself and when you study with someone else in mind,” said Little. “The majority felt it was far more meaningful to present the Word to others, hear their reaction, and see them apply ideas to their current situation. It was really invigorating to my students.”

The teens also learned how to adapt quickly when their lesson didn’t work as expected. “It was fun to watch them think on their feet,” she said.

The members of the youth group appreciated hearing from their peers. At the final meeting, one young person said that it seemed like every one of the Bible studies had been planned by God because each lesson addressed what the teen was going through at the time.

Little invites NCC members to help connect teens to the online youth group when it begins again in the fall. “This group meets a need,” she said, “especially for those who have few opportunities to interact with other Adventist youth.”
Paradise Adventist Academy Campus Welcomes Students
Paradise Adventist Academy students and faculty look forward to being back on their own school campus after its extensive renovation. “It’s almost like a brand-new campus,” said Principal Monte Nystrom.

Although the elementary students were able to return to their classrooms this school year, students in grades 9-12 have been meeting on the Chico church campus until their facilities were ready. “We are so grateful to the Chico community for opening their arms wide to receive Paradise Adventist Academy and to do everything needed to provide a comfortable operating space for the high school,” said Nystrom. “They’ve been very, very gracious hosts.”

Last month, students and potential students toured the campus during a welcome event, which was featured on a local television news broadcast (pictured).
Happy 100th Birthday
Frances “Frankie” Caviness Layland (pictured) celebrated her 100th birthday on May 11! On Mother’s Day, dozens of people drove by the Chico church – where she has been a member since 1953 – to wish her well. Layland and her centennial celebration were featured on a local television news broadcast. She has authored an autobiography about her life of adventure and service, titled Frankie’s Story, which was published in 2010.
Graduation Photos Wanted
The NCC Communication and Development Department wants to feature pictures of all NCC school graduations – including preschool, kindergarten, eighth grade, and high school – on the conference website. Please send group photos of the graduates to julie.lorenz@nccsda.com.
Take Note
Redwood Camp Meeting will be held in person and online in two sessions, July 19-24 and July 26-31. Learn more at redwoodareacamp.com.

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