Volume 3 Issue 25 June 4, 2020
The NCC Executive Officers Issued the Following Statement

As leaders of the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, we join our brothers and sisters in Christ by publicly standing against racism and injustice.  Read more.
Conference in Action
NCC Office Prayer
On Monday morning, the NCC headquarters reopened for the first time since the shelter-in-place order went into effect. At noon, office employees gathered outside to pray for healing and peace in our nation and throughout our world.

Membership Assistance Fund
The Membership Assistance Fund commenced on May 22, just a little over a week ago. As of June 1, 26 donors have given $5,460 to assist 54 Adventist families in need throughout the NCC territory. The initial goal of the fund is to help 200 families. 

“God is blessing this effort,” said Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development. “This week an individual donor made a challenge gift to match, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000 for donations given up to the end of July.” 

“This a wonderful opportunity to help more families," she continued. “If God leads a compassionate person to give $100 to support one Adventist family unit, the gift will be doubled to $200. If someone gives $50, the gift is doubled to $100. No matter the amount, dollar for dollar, every gift will be matched until July 31.”

As the public health crisis continues, President Marc Woodson hopes that church members will remember their brothers and sisters in Christ. “With this generous gift, we have the potential to help 400 families in our conference,” he said. “I hope as many as possible will join us as we assist our local church families during this critical time.”

Ministry in Action
Gracepoint Church Adventurer Camp-in
Recently, the Gracepoint church’s Adventurer Club held a “camp-in” instead of the traditional spring campout. Director Janis Koh, leaders, and parents endeavored to make it as much like a real camping trip as possible. Families slept in tents in their backyards and living rooms; they prepared “camp” food, such as s’mores; and they went on nature walks near their homes.

Fifteen families gathered together via Zoom for a Friday evening vespers and a Sabbath afternoon program. Kids and parents enjoyed singing, earning the Nature A to Z Award, going on a nature scavenger hunt, making crafts, and playing online charades. They posted photos of their activities in a Google album and then watched a slideshow together to see all the fun.

Parents appreciated the chance for the Adventurers to be together virtually. “My kids have missed interacting with their friends,” said Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson, mother of two club members. “This weekend allowed the kids to connect with their fellow Adventurers and with the natural world.”  

The event was a fun and reassuring time for the children. “My favorite part of the weekend was the charades,” said Alex Savard, age seven. “What I appreciated the most was that we all got together and shared love.” 

Roseville Church Welcomes New Pastor
Last Sabbath, Roseville church members organized a parade to welcome Pastor David Resendes; his wife, Ana; and their children. Standing in front of the church entrance, the Resendes family greeted the church members as they drove by. People displayed welcome signs, threw confetti, and played music. The parade included special guests, NCC President Marc Woodson and his wife, Marlene.
Education in Action

Rio Senior Class Gift
Instead of a traditional class gift, Rio Lindo Adventist Academy’s Class of 2020 gave the gift of education. The senior class funded three substantial Rio scholarships for next school year to assist students whose families have been financially impacted by the public health crisis.

“I am really proud of our seniors for thinking of the idea and overwhelmingly voting for a class gift that will continue their legacy by helping out their fellow students,” said Denise Tonn, one of the class sponsors.

Next week's “Northern Lights” will feature a number of graduations from around the NCC!

Leoni Meadows
Camps Canceled for Summer 2020
 With great sadness, Executive Director Craig Heinrich announced that Leoni Meadows will not be hosting any camps this summer. Watch a video showing messages from him and other Leoni Meadows staff members at leonimeadows.org .
Gardening for the Community
Leoni Meadows is putting in a garden to beat most gardens! More than 2,600 feet of corn and 1,000 feet of squash and pumpkins have been planted on the same spot the Leoni family had their truck garden – more than 100 years ago.  

The genesis of the project came when COVID-19 began to shut down El Dorado County. Knowing that there are a lot of families in the area that are living a little close to the wire, Leoni staff decided to make a difference, with the help of gardening enthusiasts Doug Helmer and Hillary Hasso.

Come this fall, Leoni Meadows should be able to provide hundreds, if not thousands, of ears of corn and squash to community members in need. “Even if Leoni can’t have guests in the usual way, we can still be a ministry of blessing others,” said Heinrich. 
2020 Lake Tahoe Camp Meeting Canceled
Lake Tahoe Camp Meeting will not take place this summer. Keep up with news about next year's event at www.tahoecampmeeting.com.
NCC Prayer Line
You’re invited to join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. This morning, Sacramento Central church Senior Pastor Chris Buttery will present a short devotional. Next week's message will be presented by Dan Garza, pastor of the Woodland/Vacaville district. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
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