Volume 4 Issue 10 March 11, 2021
Capitol City Church Provides a Warm Refuge
The Sacramento Capitol City church is serving as a warming center and safe parking lot for unhoused community members. Every night of the week, the church hosts up to 35 people inside (socially distanced) and up to 15 cars in the parking lot.
When the City of Sacramento was looking for a warming center location, the mayor said, “Why don’t you call Carol?” referring to Carol Herbert, the church’s mission council leader (pictured left), who had worked with the city on past projects. That same day, the church board approved the use of the church facilities for the warming center.
Staffing for the center is provided by the nonprofit organization First Step Communities. “Church volunteers make sure the building is opened and closed and that the workers have everything they need,” said Herbert.  Guests and staff members have asked Herbert questions about the church, and she has provided information about their food distribution program, worship services, and Bible studies.
Herbert, Senior Pastor Damian Chandler (pictured center), and Sacramento Councilman Eric Guerra (pictured right) participated in a news conference about the warming center. Four local television stations featured the story, as did a local publication.
Orangevale School Holds Socially Distanced Spelling Bee
Several weeks ago, the Orangevale SDA School held its annual spelling bee. “In a year when we can’t do so many things, this is one event we actually could do,” said Principal Brad Davis. “And it was really fun!”
Each classroom held its own preliminary contest, and one winner from each grade participated in the final event. Beginning with first grade-level words, the spelling bee got progressively more challenging. It took 19 rounds to declare a winner! “They just kept spelling and spelling,” said Davis, who was proud of the sportsmanship the students exhibited.

Sixth grader Liann Wagner (pictured) won by correctly spelling “yeoman.” Her name will be included on a plaque in the school office, which displays all the spelling bee winners since 1994.
Steve Holm Engages His Calling to Ministry
Many years ago Steve Holm’s father-in-law gave him a piece of advice: “You need to stay out of the politics of your religion. It’s going to pollute everything. Just stay in service.”

Holm has followed that counsel ever since, serving the Auburn church and community in a myriad number of ways.

A decade ago, he worked with others to establish the Auburn Renewal Center (ARC), a free medical clinic that is an independent ministry of the Auburn church. Now in its ninth year, the clinic has provided services to more than 20,000 patients, helping them with their medical, dental, vision, women’s health, chiropractic, and mental health needs.

“Our client base consists of those who are non-insured, under-insured, unsheltered, undocumented, or who simply find there is more month than paycheck,” said Holm.

From very basic beginnings – six old donated modular buildings – the clinic has expanded to its current space of 3,500 square feet. Through the years, Holm has established relationships with the city, the county, and other area ministries. “God is in charge of this, and He has been since the very first day,” said Holm.

He is grateful for the many donations that have outfitted the clinic. When he gives tours, he tells visitors: “Pick anything in this room, and I’ll tell you the story about it. Every single piece of equipment – everything – has a story attached to it that is inspiring.”

Currently, about 40 volunteers from the Auburn church and the wider faith community work at the clinic, which is open two days a week. “The ARC is not an Auburn church ministry alone,” said Holm. “It has become a community ministry supported by a vast variety of like-minded lovers of Christ.”

Holm’s dream is for the clinic to be open five days a week and offer more services, but more volunteers are needed, especially retired and still practicing professionals. Learn more here.
$77,000 Needed to Support New Students in Kindergarten
In previous issues of Northern Lights, Katie’s mother has described how Adventist education has played a role in shaping her daughter’s young life.

Four-year-old Katie is learning to read and write letters and numbers, and she is also learning about Jesus through songs and stories. She carries home the lessons she absorbs at preschool. “God is like the wind,” she tells her mother. “You cannot see, but you know He is there because you feel Him.”

In preschool, Katie (pictured with her two good friends, Blaise and Roselyn) is also learning the importance of friendship. “Mommy, you have to forgive when they dump sand over your head,” she explains.

There is no limit to the unique potential of kids when their abilities and self-esteem are developed at home and school. By nurturing the harmonious development of the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and social powers, kids will become caring, capable, successful, and responsible adults.

“We believe that Adventist education is all about transformational redemption,” said President Marc Woodson. “The New Beginners fund is just one of the ways to support our schools.”

With your support, the New Beginners Educational Fundin partnership with the Pacific Union Conference will be able to provide a month’s free tuition for up to 280 new kindergarten students who enroll in NCC schools for the 2021-22 school year!

Support a new student in kindergarten with a $270 gift today!
Upcoming Events
You are invited to a special women’s ministries vespers this Friday, March 12.

Pastors and laypeople, do not miss the online SEEDS Conference on March 20. The speakers will focus on our conference’s church planting vision while also equipping individuals with a process and roadmap.

NCC Prison Ministries will host a rally and training day on April 24. You can attend the event, titled Don't Forget Me, at the West Sacramento church or watch it online.
Prayer Ministries
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#. This morning Pastor Jëan Ross, Amazing Facts vice president of evangelism, will give a short devotional. Next week Derrick Hall, hospice chaplain, will be the speaker.
In his new book, Risen: Finding Hope in the Empty Tomb, Clifford Goldstein examines the overwhelming historical evidence in support of the resurrection of Jesus. Find it at our NCC ABC for $24.99.

Check out the March food specials at our NCC ABC!

The ABC will be making prepaid drop-off deliveries throughout the conference during March. Find out more.
NCC Headquarters Closed 
Because of the pandemic, the NCC headquarters building is closed until further notice. Staff are working from home during business hours. Email info@nccsda.com, and we will forward your message to the appropriate department. Find a list of departments and staff members on the NCC website. The Adventist Book Center remains open during its posted hours. 
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