Volume 4 Issue 11 March 18, 2021
Bible Donors Engage Their Calling to Ministry
When last fall’s Glass Fire burned the main building at Foothills Adventist Elementary School, the students in grades 5-8 (pictured) lost their personal Bibles, which they used each day in class.
When told of their need, a compassionate donor made it possible for each of the 22 students to receive a new Bible of their choice. The children excitedly chose their Bibles online from the Adventist Book Center. Another donor gave funds for each Bible to be personalized with its owner’s name engraved on the cover.

The students were extremely grateful for the donors. “I can’t wait for my new Bible to come,” said Savanna.

“Thank you to the people who are paying for this!” Kolten agreed. “I cannot wait to read my new Bible. Thank you!” he said.

“Do you know Bible plus Heart equals Life?” wrote Fatimah. “Thank you for this gift.”
Capitol City Church Hosts Baby Shower for 100 Families
Last month, the Sacramento Capitol City church partnered with the Meadowview Birth & Beyond Family Resource Center to host a drive-through baby shower for 100 community families. Some church members purchased baby clothes, shoes, books, and learning toys, while others donated money to buy presents. The center’s staff brought diapers, baby wipes, and other gifts.

The congregation was excited to support new mothers in the community. “The church is supposed to be the light in the city,” said Carol Herbert, the church’s mission council leader. “We should find all the ways we can to reach people.”
Support the New Beginners Educational Fund
Because there is no limit to the unique potential of children when their abilities and self-esteem are developed at home and school, kids are the best investment!

Four-year-old Katie now wants to be a firefighter because “I want to help others, Mommy!” At her Adventist preschools, Discoveryland and Kingdom Kids, she and her friends are learning to read and write. The other day she came home excitedly explaining to her mom that “Today, I read all the letters in the alphabet.”

She is discovering Jesus through songs and stories and often is found singing to herself at home.

Katie (pictured with her two good friends, Blaise and Roselyn) is also beginning to understand the importance of friendship. “Mommy, you have to forgive when they dump sand over your head,” she explains.
“With your gift of $270 or more, in partnership with the Pacific Union Conference, our goal is to cover one month of tuition for every new kindergartener like Katie, Blaise, and Roselyn,” said Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development. “I would love to see our classrooms full to capacity. Just imagine how the Holy Spirit would use this opportunity to transform lives in our conference!

Donate now to the New Beginners Educational Fund and provide tuition dollars for new students in NCC kindergarten classes next school year.
Disaster Response Team
In response to the Northern California fires of recent years, the NCC administrative team established the Disaster Response Team (DRT) last fall.

Tasked with creating a disaster response plan for the conference, the DRT met for the first time on Feb. 22. The team has a combined 20 years of emergency management knowledge and eight years of experience in disaster response in a professional capacity. Five of the members have personally been affected by recent wildfires.

“This team will be able to design and support the implementation of a plan that will help our members and those associated with our churches when they need it most,” said President Marc Woodson. “The task is enormous, but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and blessing, I know they will succeed.”
Seeds Vision: Church Planting Training
Don’t miss Seeds Vision, church planting training for pastors and laypeople, this coming Sabbath afternoon, March 20.

The speakers will focus on equipping individuals to begin planting a multiplying missional church. “Our goals are to create awareness among our laypeople about the NCC’s church planting initiative and to identify healthy planters that will respond to God’s call to plant the next 12 missional and multiplying churches,” said Executive Secretary Jose Marin.

Find out more information about Seeds Vision. Click here to preregister and receive a Zoom link.
We Want to Hear from You!
Steve Allred, NCC religious liberty liaison, is seeking input on topics of interest to cover in upcoming religious liberty webinars and events. Please take a few minutes to complete the NCC Religious Liberty Webinar Survey.
New Arrival
Congratulations to Antioch church Pastor Gabriel Gutierrez and Rachel Hyman Gutierrez on the new addition to their family! Daughter Noa Jane Beatriz was born on March 11, joining big brother Avi. We pray for God’s richest blessings on the family.
Upcoming Events
NCC Prayer Line - Come for prayer and a short devotional every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Find out more.

Pastors - Are you up to speed on your HR benefits? Attend Connections with a Purpose on March 23.

Prison Ministries - All are invited to attend Don't Forget Me, a prison ministries rally and training day on April 24.
As a young nursing graduate, Victoria Duarte accepted a call to the Bongo Adventist Mission, landing her in the middle of the Angolan civil war. Read her story in the new book Kidnapped in Angola, available for $19.99 at our NCC ABC.

Check out the March food specials at our NCC ABC!

The ABC is making prepaid drop-off deliveries on March 23 and March 30. Find out more.
NCC Headquarters Closed 
Because of the pandemic, the NCC headquarters building is closed, and staff are working from home. You can still reach them.
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