Volume 3 Issue 22 May 21, 2020
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A Devotional Thought
I recently came across a quote from Sharad Vivek Sagar, a young man who came from a small village in India. At the age of 16, he founded an organization called Dexterity Global, whose goal is “a platform for every child.” Sagar is heading a movement powering the next generation of leaders for India and the world. Here’s his quote: “For too long, information, opportunities, and resources have been constraints; they need to be bridges.” 

While I was reading Sagar’s words, three verses found in Matthew 14:15-17 came to my mind. “When it was evening, His disciples came to Him, saying, ‘This is a deserted place [kind of like our communities during the pandemic], and the hour is already late. Send the multitudes away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves food.’ [Yes, there was some social distancing even then.] But Jesus said to them, ‘They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.’ And they said to Him, ‘We have here only five loaves and two fish.’ [Remember, little becomes much in the hands of God.]”

What Jesus said to His disciples then is not much different from what young Sagar is saying to the world today, especially during this pandemic. We have the necessary information: “people need help.” COVID-19 has given you and me the opportunity to help those around us who are in need with the resources God has given and will continue to provide.

Young Mr. Sagar is right, my friends! Information, opportunities, and resources are not constraints, but bridges that will lead many in our communities to Jesus. I know in my heart that Jesus would say, “Don’t send them away. Feed them!” 
- Willie Johnson Jr.
Urban Ministries Director
African American Ministries/Men's Ministries/Prison Ministries Coordinator
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Conference in Action
Memorial Day
This Sabbath, congregations throughout Northern California will be remembering those who paid the ultimate price for their country. We will never forget their sacrifice!
Ministry in Action
This past Mother’s Day, members of the Oakland Market Street church urban ministry remembered the mothers that people often forget.

They prepared 30 gift baskets for homeless mothers. Each basket – containing lotion, slippers, nail clippers, a hair brush, snacks, and other useful items – was attractively wrapped and came with an encouraging hand-made card.

The members also gave $35 Walmart gift cards to mothers who have been victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence. In addition, they purchased a number of baby items for one expectant mother.

“During a time when people are running away from homeless people, somebody has to run to them,” said Beverly Thompson, Market Street elder and urban ministry leader. “We want to let them know that God still cares for them despite what is going on around them.”
Educators in Action
Several weeks ago, PUC Elementary School Principal James Dick warned his school families of a new and contagious sickness in his area: spring fever. “The greatest risks from contracting spring fever are a decline in interest in school-related activities and increased challenge to maintain focused periods of learning,” he wrote in the school newsletter. He then shared a few secret teacher tricks for dealing with it. 
  • Take frequent, quick, outdoor breaks with vigorous movement.
  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Structure the learning to include active bodily movement in combination with mental gymnastics.
  • Engage your child in setting achievable goals and planning enjoyable activities as a reward for accomplishing learning tasks. 
  • Rehydrate regularly.
  • Don't forget to get outside and move.
  • If it sounds like these are repeating, it is because they are. 
NCC Prayer Line
You’re invited to join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. This week, Granite Bay church Senior Pastor Doug Batchelor will present a short message. Next Thursday, Sacramento Central church Associate Pastor Fred Dana will give the devotional. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
Adventist Book Center
The ABC will be closed on Monday, May 25, for the Memorial Day holiday. Pre-paid deliveries will be made on Tuesday, May 26, to Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, Santa Rosa, and Novato for those who have ordered 48 hours in advance. Find more information about prepaid deliveries and check out the May food specials .
Virtual NCC Office Closed for Memorial Day
The NCC office building remains closed until further notice, and office employees continue to work remotely, but they will not be working on the Memorial Day holiday, May 25.

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