Volume 4 Issue 21 May 27, 2021
Getting Acquainted Through Basketball
Adventist Christian School of Yuba City is using basketball to engage its community with compassion. Because the local area has few indoor sports facilities, the school has made its gym available to the community.

Anything Is Possible, a basketball academy, rents the gym for daily use – Sunday through Friday – for practice, tournaments, and basketball camp. The rent money is helping ACS Yuba City improve its gym facilities and assist the school in other ways.

The school also hosts a gym night every Saturday night, where the community comes together to play basketball. “Involving the community is a high priority at our school for several reasons, including outreach, visibility, and transparency,” said the school’s office manager Peggy Whiteman. “We are glad to get to know our neighbors better!”
Rogelia Gayoba Engages Her Calling to Ministry
Over the course of her life, Rogelia Gayoba has been a passionate worker for God, serving Him in a variety of ways she never anticipated. “My philosophy in life is: ‘Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might,” she said.
Currently, Gayoba serves as assistant head elder at the American Canyon Fil-Am church, and she regularly teaches a Filipino language Sabbath School class (pictured). She’s also involved in many aspects of church outreach and organization. “The pastor calls me the backup speaker,” she said. “I think my assignment is like that of Aaron and Hur, holding up Moses’ arms. I have to be ready to support the work of the Lord.”

Because she is the oldest member of the congregation, she is also called “the GM,” for the “Grand Matriarch.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, Gayoba is a life-long Adventist. Her mother was pregnant with her when she decided to join the Church. “I was first baptized in the womb!” said Gayoba.

When she was a very young girl, her father was killed during World War II. Gayoba had to work to pay for her tuition to Adventist schools – from elementary through college. While in the Philippines, she graduated from Mountain View College with a degree in ministry and from other colleges with degrees in accounting and public health.

Over the decades, Gayoba enthusiastically responded to whatever the Lord called her to do. Although her various jobs are too numerous to list, they included district pastor, secretary to the union president, roles in hospital administration, dean of women, missionary to Pakistan, adoptive single mother, and much more! When she moved to the United States, she held several different positions at Glendale Adventist Hospital and Pacific Union College.

No matter the calling, Gayoba passionately took on the task. “I believe if you really put your heart into the work – just give all you’ve got – the Lord will grow you,” she said. “Mrs. White wrote: ‘All His biddings are enablings.’ Many people forget that because they are afraid. But when you put your feet on the water, the river will dry up like it did for the priests at the River Jordan. I have found this to be true in my life.”
Two NCC Pastors Retire
On May 1, Gale Hendrick retired as lead pastor of the Placerville church. Earlier in his 40-year career, he served as pastor for the Morton, Grays Harbor, and Redmond churches in the Washington Conference, as a pastor and church planter at the Littleton church in the Rocky Mountain Conference, as a Bible teacher and chaplain at Mile High Academy, and as executive pastor of the LifeSource Adventist Fellowship in Denver before coming to Placerville in 2015. He and his wife, Beth, are moving to Colorado for their retirement.
Last Sabbath, Dan Martella preached his final sermon at the Paradise church, where he has served as administrative pastor since 2015. During his 43 years of service, Martella pastored the Merrimack Valley and Billerica churches in the Southern New England Conference, the Provo and Vernal churches in the Nevada/Utah Conference, and many churches in the NCC, including St. Helena, Chico, Cloverdale, Fort Bragg, Healdsburg, and Paradise. For a number of years, Martella was the editor of the North American Division newsletter, “Best Practices for Adventist Ministry.” He and his wife, Linda, are planning to move to Hanford, California, for their retirement.

“When pastors retire, I always think of ‘the butterfly effect,’ which is when a small action can make a major impact over time,” said Ministerial Director Jim Lorenz. “In hundreds of ways – large and small – these men’s ministries have made an impact on their churches and communities that will continue for many, many more years to come.”
Take Note
Ralph Trecartin will be the next president of Pacific Union College. Read the news release.

The Adventist Review recently published an article by Carmichael church member Anne Fargusson.

This Sabbath, May 29, the offering will be for Impact Pacific – used for mission opportunities unique to the Pacific Union.

Redwood Camp Meeting will be held in person and online in two sessions, July 19-24 and July 26-31. Learn more at redwoodareacamp.com.

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Memorial Day Holiday
The NCC headquarters will be closed on Monday, May 31, for the Memorial Day holiday.
Job Opening
The NCC is currently seeking candidates for the position of executive administrative assistant in the treasury department. More information on this job will soon be posted on the NCC website.
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