Volume 3 Issue 48 November 19, 2020
Women’s Ministries Conference 
Last Sabbath, women’s ministries shared Cheri Gregory’s “A Quiet Heart” virtual presentations via the NCC website. Before then, 149 women had requested the video links via email, and 33 women requested a free copy of Steps to Christ that was offered as part of the sign-up, some from as far away as New York!

“I loved Cheri’s message! My heart needed it,” said Mary Jo Lauderdale, women’s ministries coordinator. Several Women’s Ministries Advisory Board members invited women to watch parties and enjoyed lively discussions after viewing the presentations. The links to the videos are available for all to view: nccsda.com/turningpoints
Chris Pappas Engages His Calling to Ministry
For the past 11 years, Chris Pappas has served as the forestry supervisor at Leoni Meadows Christian Camp and Retreat Center, responsible for maintaining the camp’s 960-acre property. “My job is to be a steward of our acreage, keeping it as safe and healthy as possible,” he said. “It’s a never-ending job.”  
His team maintains defensible space around buildings, clears firebreaks in strategic areas, takes out hazardous and dead trees, removes brush, and implements controlled burns. They work hard to be prepared for future wildfires. “Leoni Meadows is the safest area that I know of in our immediate area,” he said. “In any scenario – no matter how bad – I’d rather be here.”

Leoni’s forestry program is self-funded. Back in the 1990s, some of the property was selectively logged. “The NCC invested the money, and the interest is what pays for my salary, new equipment, fuel, and all the things we need to make this process work,” he said. “The leaders looked into the future and saw that this was important.”

During the past decade, thousands of people have grown closer to God at summer camps, retreats, and conferences in Leoni’s gorgeous natural setting, thanks to Pappas, who lives with his family at the camp. “If you get to know the property – the springs and creeks, the old growth trees, the Native American grinding rocks,” he said, “you just start to fall in love with it.” 
Parades of Appreciation for Seniors
For the past few months, members of a long-standing small group at the Pleasant Hill church have been organizing surprise Sabbath afternoon parades of appreciation for older members. 

A few days ahead of time, church member Julie Guiao calls a family member of the honored person, asking if she can drop off a treat after church in a socially distanced manner. As seniors wait for her arrival in their front yards, a parade of decorated cars goes by, with people waving and honking. Participants leave balloons, flowers, treats, and other gifts for the seniors. 
The idea came from an Adventist church in Hawaii, where many members have participated in multiple parades. Guiao and her friends hope the idea will spread in the NCC. “My favorite part is the look of delight on the faces of the people,” said Guiao. “The parades are a fun way to let them know that we are thinking of them. We’re getting just as much enjoyment out of it as they are.”
PUC Elementary Worships Outside
The Pacific Union College Elementary School family enjoys meeting together each Friday for worship. Sometimes they have to stay in their classrooms and participate via Zoom, and sometimes – when the weather allows – they gather outside. The lower grades held all their fall Week of Prayer meetings outdoors. The staff have discovered that asking the students to sit inside hula hoops is a useful social distancing strategy!

Now, the kids are joined by K-6 students from Foothills Adventist Elementary School, who are meeting in several classrooms on the PUC Elementary campus. “Everybody is feeling isolated, so it’s really nice to have a time when everyone can be together – either physically or on Zoom – and draw closer spiritually because of shared experiences,” said PUC Elementary administrative assistant Beth Setterlund. 
Adventist Book Center
Are you ready for Thanksgiving? At our Northern California Conference Adventist Book Center, find Worthington Dinner Roast on sale for $11.99 each or $67 for a case of six. Visit the ABC webpage for information about specials and holiday hours.

During December, the NCC ABC is making pre-paid drop-offs throughout the conference. Find out more!
Prayer Call
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#. Willie Johnson, African American ministries coordinator/urban ministries director, will present a short devotional this morning.
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