Volume 4 • Issue 40 • October 7, 2021
Adelaida Yanez Engages Her Calling to Ministry

Fortuna church member Adelaida (Adela) Yanez has been named a 2021 Healthcare Hero by the California Association of Health Facilities. Yanez is a nurse and acute/emergency department manager at Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville

News articles applaud Yanez for keeping patients safe during the pandemic, helping evacuate the hospital due to wildfire, and leading the fight against COVID. But they don’t tell her entire amazing story!
When she was four months pregnant with her oldest daughter, Yanez was diagnosed with cancer. During her difficult ordeal, she nearly lost her life four times. Impressed by the vital role that nurses played in her recovery, she prayed: “Lord if you help me, someday I will be a nurse.”

He answered her prayer. Yanez lived to raise three daughters and now has a granddaughter. She and her husband, Pedro, have served as long-time leaders of the Fortuna Spanish group. “God has granted me all these years,” she said. “The Lord has been so good to me.”

Yanez fulfilled her promise and became a registered nurse. “God used so many people in our church to help us while I was in school,” she said. “One person—I never found out who it was—sent us money every month. It was such a blessing!”

Now the Lord is using Yanez to bless others. “I love being able to help people and be there for them,” she said. “What a difference you can make to people by showing them compassion and being somebody they can trust!”
Religious Liberty Discussion

On Sabbath afternoon, the NCC sponsored an online panel discussion, “Finding a Way Forward: Vaccine Mandates and Religious Liberty.” Attorney Steve Allred, NCC religious liberty liaison, served as the moderator of a panel that included three physicians, two attorneys, and NCC President Marc Woodson.

They discussed questions such as “How should Christians know when to go along with what is best for society and when to go against the flow?” and “Does claiming a religious exemption from the vaccine undermine other requests for religious accommodation?”

The panelists encouraged church members to be kind and respectful even when they disagree with each other. “[Satan] is brilliant at dividing God’s people so that we are so enmeshed in argument that we cannot finish this work and go home,” said physician Eric Walsh. “We have got to enter into this discourse with love and understanding, hear each other out, and be convinced that at the end of the day, we need to have the character of Christ.”

In his closing thoughts, Woodson challenged people not to forget the Church’s primary calling: sharing Jesus with those who do not know Him. “We must be the body of Christ, and we must work together in unity,” he said. “Let us focus in on what our mission is.”

So far, the discussion has garnered about 4,000 views on YouTube and Facebook. (Go to hour 2, minute 17 to watch the wrap-up.) The North American Division is sponsoring a similar panel discussion this Sabbath.
Pathfinder Camporee

More than 150 Pathfinders and leaders attended the annual NCC Camporee at Redwood Area Camp, last Thursday to Sunday. Preston Willis, youth pastor at the Oakland Market Street church, served as the event's speaker.

Although fewer in number than typical years, the Pathfinders enthusiastically learned new camping skills, played games, and earned honors, including the hiking, chocolate, and coquí (frog) honors.

Congratulations to Marsha Irwin, a leader from the Lodi Pathfinders, who was invested as a Master Guide during Camporee!
Grace Lane Craft Market
By Anna McMillen

The Gracepoint church in Rocklin held its fourth annual Grace Lane Craft Market last month. This community event included 32 local artisans selling a variety of unique, handmade items and food. The church had a booth staffed by pastors and members, who gave away books and had several engaging conversations with guests.
Tell Your Pastor Thank You

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. “Take a moment to thank your pastor in person and to pray for him or her,” said Ministerial Director Jim Lorenz. “Our pastors are leading churches during a challenging, stressful time, and they need our support more than ever!”

The General Conference has designated this coming Sabbath, Oct. 9, as Pastor Appreciation Day. Elder’s Digest offers a number of great ways that congregations can express thankfulness to their pastors this week or any time!
Upcoming Events

Tomorrow, Oct. 8 - Roseville Business Leadership Training is for Placer County business and community leaders who want to create the best work environments possible. The free workshop will be presented at the NCC office by The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company. Space is limited, so register now!

This weekend, Oct. 8-9 - The NCC African American Ministries virtual convocation, Engaging the Vision, Living the Dream, will be a time of inspiration and encouragement. Wesley Knight, pastor of the Revision church in Atlanta, will be the guest speaker.

Oct. 22-24 - Juniors and seniors in academy, high school, and home school are invited to attend Surge, this year’s Jr/Sr Retreat.

Oct. 23 - The NCC Prison Ministries Rally & Training Day will be held at the Sacramento Central church.

Every Thursday - The NCC Prayer Team invites you to join the weekly conference-wide prayer call.

Learn about other events throughout the conference.
The ABC wants to thank NCC pastors during Pastor Appreciation Month by offering them discounts on food, books, and gifts. Learn more!

In the coming weeks, the NCC ABC will be making prepaid drop-off deliveries throughout the conference and in Nevada.
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