Volume 3 Issue 41 September 24, 2020
Novato Spanish Missional Group Grows
Earlier this month, 12 people were baptized during a special outdoor service. Ten of the candidates came from the San Anselmo Spanish church, and two came from the Novato Spanish missional group. “Most of the new converts are young people – rewards of the hard work the youth are doing to share the gospel,” said Ezequiel Osorio, pastor of the Anselmo Spanish/Santa Rosa Spanish/Ukiah Spanish district.  

Bible worker Edwin Latouche, an ordained minister (pictured above), is planting the new Novato congregation with Osorio and members of the San Anselmo Spanish church. “In spite of the pandemic, they are still moving on with their mission and reaching people for Christ,” said Executive Secretary Jose Marin.
Thank You
Thank you to all the NCC church members who have returned their tithe during this unique time in our history. Because of your faithful giving, we can continue doing what matters for the Kingdom. “We are so thankful for God’s blessing and for the faithfulness of our members in their support of His work in our territory,” said Treasurer John Rasmussen.
NCC COVID-19 Task Force
The NCC has established a COVID-19 task force to make recommendations to conference leaders regarding safety standards in our churches, schools, headquarters, and other entities. Chaired by Assistant to the President Ed Fargusson, the task force is made up of representatives from the human resources, risk management, ministerial, and education departments. It also includes a doctor and a business professional from area churches.

“We look at guidance and regulations from the Centers for Disease Control, the state, counties in the NCC territory, as well as common sense,” said Fargusson. “Administrators combine our recommendations with those from other sources as they make decisions for the conference.” 
“All God’s People” Features the NCC
Last week, the Pacific Union Conference highlighted the Northern California Conference in its weekly broadcast “All God’s People.” The episode featured NCC history and several recent news stories. Watch it here.
Harry Salvini Has Engaged His Calling to Ministry
You may see Grass Valley church member Harry Salvini for only 10 days each summer at camp meeting, but he serves hundreds of hours throughout the year in his volunteer position as Redwood Area Camp director.  
As part of his responsibilities, Salvini works with camp caretaker Monty Parks to keep up with maintenance on the campground – both natural (fallen trees) and man-made (plumbing). This week, he planned to head up to the camp with former director Dudley Willard to do electrical work at Sequoia Grove because animals have eaten the wire insulation.

He also attends numerous meetings and makes decisions to ensure that all aspects of camp meeting run smoothly, including volunteers, registration, and security. Other recent efforts included producing this summer’s Virtual Redwood Camp Meeting and making plans for the campground to be a fire evacuation shelter.

Salvini (pictured in the Adult II tent with his wife, Kathy) has served as director for the past four years because he believes that Redwood makes a huge difference in people's spiritual lives. “Camp meeting is a mountain-top experience – a time when we are really close to the Lord,” he said. “I take that with me through the rest of the year. I want to do what I can to facilitate that mountain-top experience for others.”
Prayer Call
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. This morning, retired NCC Pastor Larre Kostenko will be the speaker. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.
Adventist Book Center
How do I get volunteers? How can I encourage and make volunteers feel satisfied and appreciated? What do I do if I have more volunteers than I need? Find the answers to these and other questions in the short book Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them! by Anne Fargusson, Carmichael church member. She also offers many practical tips for children’s ministry volunteers. Find this book for $6.99 at our NCC ABC.

The ABC will be making prepaid deliveries throughout the conference in October. Check out the prepaid drop-off schedule.
NCC Office
NCC office employees are now working in the headquarters building. However, due to precautions, no one else is currently allowed in the building, except for the Adventist Book Center. Meetings continue to be held online. Find contact information here.
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