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November 2016

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What's New?
On the Northern Lights website
  • Updated Program Director Applications are now available on the Northern Lights Website. You can find the new applications and information about the Program Director Credential HERE
  • The Early Childhood Career Ladder page has been updated!   Changes include new rows showing how career ladder certificates align with the current licensing regulations, STARS and more.  Also the answers to the many frequently asked questions about the career ladder have been updated and reordered to make it easier for you.  They are just a click away on its own page HERE
  • Look for us on Facebook HERE We post news 5 times a week!.  
2016 Early Childhood Educator of the Year Award
Kathi Apgar and Jacquelyn Reno

The Permanent Fund for Vermont Children awarded its second annual Early Educator of the Year award to two early childhood educators working in licensed child care centers. The 2016 awards were announced at the VT Association for the Education of Young Children (VAEYC) conference in Burlington, in October. 

The award winner, Jackie Reno, Burlington resident and educator at the Janet S. Munt Family Room, was named 2016's Early Educator of the Year. New Haven resident Kathi Apgar of the YMCA at University of Vermont Medical Center Early Childhood Program was the award finalist. 

The Permanent Fund created the Early Educator of the Year Award to recognize and celebrate excellence in the teaching of Vermont's young children to bring attention to the importance of high-quality care and early education.  Next year the award will be given to exemplary family child care providers.

Program Director Credential Courses 
Where to find the courses you need

There are three steps to the Program Director credential; each step requires successful completion of specific college courses.   Complete information about the Program Director Credential can be found on the Northern Lights website HERE. This page includes a table with the required courses for Steps One, Two and Three, when and where the courses are offered, and financial assistance information. An updated version of this table will be available in December:

Printable Alignment Chart Now Available
Understanding alignment is easier than ever
Find a printable Alignment Chart on how STARS, the CDD Recognition Bonus, and current child care licensing regulations all align with the Early Childhood Career ladder, on the side bar of the Early Childhood Career Ladder page HERE
VCCICC Annual Meeting
Becca Webb conducts training at the annual meeting for VCCICC members.

VT Child Care Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) annual meeting of members on Oct. 22, 2016, recognized the most current completed Child Care Apprentices, and VCCICC board members. Before the meeting Becca Webb led the participants in a training.  Were you there?

Look for this!
Basic Specialized Care Training Updated

The Basic Specialized Care 6 hour training has been updated and there are 25 instructors who want to teach it around the state.  Starting in January, 2017, students will need to complete the online mandated reporter training before attending the Basic Specialized Care training. Find the free "Vermont Mandated Reporter on-line training"  in the list of approved online training sponsors  HERE .   

Find Basic Specialized Care Training and other training on the BFIS Course Calendar. 
A Big Bump!
Certificates on the rise

The number of Afterschool Foundation certificates issued jumped up from 10 total between 2013-2015 to 31 in the first 3 months of this fiscal year!  Program Director Step 1 certificates also saw a bump. There were 16 approved in the first three months of this fiscal year, compared to 10 at the same time last year.  No doubt these changes are due to the new child care program licensing regulation requirements. 


What You're Saying
Quotes from people like you!


"I want my kids to say 'My mom actually did what she said she'd do' " by opening a new Afterschool  program."  Well done!

It's Here!
Thre e- credit course for Afterschool professionals

Registration is now open for the three-credit college course: Afterschool Education and  Development of the School Age Child.  This fully online course (EDU 2065) is contracted through CCV and offered by VT Afterschool at no charge, from January 23 - May, 2017. There are limited slots and the course fills quickly!  


Registration is through VT Afterschool (not  CCV). Download the Final In

tent to Register form and return it to Karen Scott, Project Manager for Quality Initiatives, at  This course meets a requirement for the Afterschool Professional Credential

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)
Does your IPDP need to be in your BFIS account?

The new Licensing Regulations do NOT require you to have your Individual Professional Development Plan in your BFIS Credential  account, but it helps!
When your IPDP is in your BFIS account, lots of people can see it at once, including staff of Northern Lights, STARS,  the Child Development Division- Licensing specialists and others at CDD.  Also,   you can easily update it.  Remember you can also view and print your BFIS - IPDP under "View Plan" in your BFIS Credential Account.

The current Child Care program regulations require you to update your IPDP every 365 days (once a year).  W hen applying for grants or certificates,  Northern Lights and the Child Development Division require you your  IPDP to have been written or updated within the past 3 months. Find out more about IPDP's on the Northern Lights website HERE.  
Guide to entering your IPDP into your BFIS credential account

Find it on the bottom of the IPDP page of our website: HERE under "Other Formats".  Don't forget, Northern Lights does not enter your IPDP into your BFIS credential account - but you can!

MATCH Continues to Move Ahead!  
New initiatives in 2017

MATCH is Vermont's term for mentoring, coaching and consulting early childhood and afterschool professionals and programs.  MATCH includes

  •  defined knowledge and competencies just for mentors, coaches and consultants;
  •  an online registry listing those who currently do this work; and 
  • 11 regional  training modules designed just for them.  In addition a 2.5 hour training, "The Wonderful World of MATCH" has been designed for anyone interested in knowing more about MATCH roles and opportunities.  

These three initiatives are planned to launch in 2017.  Updates will be posted on the MATCH page of the Northern Lights website HERE , in the newsletter and on the our Facebook page.

A Frequently Asked Question - and the answer!
Clock Hours vs. College Credit

QUESTION: "The professional development tab in by BFIS credential account says the college course I took was 3 hours - but we met for 45 hours!"  Why does it say that?  

ANSWER:  Look under "Hours type".  If it is listed as "college credit" we list the number of credits.  If it is listed as "clock hours" then the training was not for college credit and we list the actual hours.
What you're telling us...
About your Professional Development

"The 2-page IPDP format is so easy to use.  And it is a great help too."


2017 Peer Review Project for Early Childhood Education (ECE) Licensure
Cohort begins February 2017; Applications due Dec. 16, 2016

The Child Development Division in collaboration with Northern Lights and Mary Johnson Children's Center will offer a Peer Review Project (PRP) beginning February 2017. The project is designed to assist experienced child care professionals to achieve Agency of Education teacher licensure with early childhood education endorsement through the peer review process.
The 10 month program includes a hybrid course combining on-line learning with 4 or 5 face to face meetings. Each program participant is assigned a mentor/adviser for individual support. Minimum requirements to apply are at least 3 years of experience working with young children and a Bachelor Degree.
Find the application on the Northern Lights website HERE.   Completed applications are due December 16, 2016. Space is limited. 
Pre-Register now for this college course 
Legal and Financial Issues course meets a requirements for Step 2 Program Director Certificate

Legal and Financial Issues in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs is a 3-credit college course with credit through Union Institute and University.  It will be offered January 30 - April 24, 2017, fully online. Successful completion of the course meets one requirement for a Program Director Step Two certificate, which is also recognized in the Child Care Program Licensing regulations for directors.  The  Legal and Financial Issues Flyer 2017 has  more information and directions for registering.

To be accepted into the course students should meet these requirements: have a Step One Program Director certificate; a working computer and high speed internet; currently work in a regulated child care program; and are able to pay for the course and complete it successfully.   As space is available, other early childhood and afterschool professionals may be accepted into the course. There is a limit of 18 students.
Vermont Afterschool Conference 2016
Gayle Danley was the dynamic presenter at the VT Afterschool Conference 
  • Gayle is a former national and international poetry slam champion. Recently she joined the Kennedy Center's roster of master teaching artists providing high level arts integration workshops for language arts educators.  In addition to exciting the crowd with her keynote address- and poetry - she led workshop for out-of-school time educators resulting in their writing and reading their own astounding  poetry.
The VT Afterschool conference was at Stoweflake on October 28, 2016.  This year had record attendance!

Do you want to teach adults?
Voices of Learning Class available January 2017

Teaching adults requires a different set of knowledge and skills than teaching children. Learn what they are, practice applying them, and find out how instructors fit into Vermont's Professional Development System through the online class, "Voices of Learning: Adult Learning and Instructional Design."  Completing a survey is the first step to receive more information and to register for the class.  Find the survey HERE.

This class meets a requirement for the Instructor Registry. Priority to join the class are those in the Instructor Registry or those who have applied.  Learn more about the Instructor Registry HERE.

Check out this resource!
Community College of Vermont Career Spot

CCV has some great tools for those looking to find work and employers looking to hire CCV students and graduates.  You can get help to polish your resume, or list your job openings.  Check out the Career Spot on the CCV website.