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What's New?
On the Northern Lights website
  • NEW! Sponsor of online training - especially for staff working in afterschool programs, is Cypherworx.  They offer 36 Out of School Time related workshops HERE.  Don't forget, when you complete an online training from this or the other approved sponsors of online training, send a copy of the certificate you earn to Northern Lights, to enter into your BFIS credential account.
  • NEW! "From CDA to College Credit"  Want to learn how to turn your CDA credential and other learning you have gained over time, into college credit?  Look HERE.  
  • NEW! Tracking sheet to help you figure out how your related college credits can count towards early childhood Career Ladder Certificates: See it HERE . Find it on the Career Ladder page HERE  in the side bar under RESOURCES.  Want to know what is considered a "related credit"?  Find the list of the most common related college courses right next to the tracking sheet.


We will miss you! 
Jan Walker retiring from the Child Development Division
After over 30 years working in the field of early care and education - as a Family Child Care Provider, Infant-Toddler teacher at a Parent Child Center, a licensing specialist and most recently the Director of Quality Enhancement, Workforce and Systems Development, - overseeing the Northern Lights grant among many others, Jan Walker is retiring on Sept. 1, 2016.  She has had a significant impact on programs, individuals and the early childhood and afterschool professional development systems in Vermont. 

Thank  you for your leadership, and support of the early childhood and afterschool workforce, Jan!

Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals Course 
Coming to Vermont this Fall

Look in the BFIS course calendar or call your regional Resource Development Specialist to find the course in the regions listed below.
  • Bennington
  • Brattleboro
  • Burlington Area
  • Middlebury
  • Morrisville
  • Newport
  • Springfield
  • St. Albans
  • Upper Valley
  • St. Johnsbury
"Fundamentals" is a 45 course that helps meet the requirement for an Early Childhood Career Ladder Level I certificate.  The Child Care licensing regulations also recognize this course for  Family Home child care and staff of Licensed Centers who do not yet have credentials or degrees related to working the field. 
What some former Fundamentals students had to say...

"I am very pleased to have had the opportunity for taking this course. I've shared with my colleagues many interesting points I've learned."

"I loved this class. Got so much out of it. I'm sad it's over."
Exciting News!
New Child Care Program Licensing Regulations

The NEW child care program licensing regulations for center based child care and family based child care programs are approved and will go into effect September 1, 2016.  Find them on the Child Development Division webpage: HERE 
A paper version of the regulations will be mailed to each program. 
Don't forget to read the introduction: Section 1 which explains WHEN the regulations go into effect - and the EXCEPTIONS.  Look for workshops, tutorials and guidance, a place to ask your questions - and get answers - coming soon from the Child Development Division.
Some Vermonters went to Baltimore!
We were at the NAEYC Professional Development Institute this June.   Do you know these people?  

Susan Torncello (UVM), Lynne Robbins (Child Development Division), Amelia Struthers and Nancy Sugarman (Northern Lights) were some of the Vermonters at the conference.   
Earn your Program Director Certificate or Credential!
Early Childhood, Afterschool and Program Directors

The NEW child care program licensing regulations recognize Early Childhood and Afterschool Program Director Certificates (Step 1 & 2) and Credential (Step 3).  Learn about them HERE 
The new regulations also recognize the Early Childhood Career Ladder found  HERE and Afterschool  pathways found HERE
Child Care Wellness Consultants Available for your program
A health professional can come to your program to consult

There are 14 Registered Nurses covering Vermont, who can come to your program and provide answers to your questions about health, safety and nutrition in your program.

Now there is a new process to ask for help from a Child Care Wellness Consultant . Call  2-1-1 (that's it!) and talk to a Child Development Specialists at the Vermont Help Me Grow line.  Tell them you want a nurse consultant to visit your program - and why.      

Over 150 professionals earned Vermont Certificates and Credentials between 
April 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016
Congratulations to you and your colleagues all over Vermont 

  • Find those who earned a Program Director Certificate or Credential   HERE
  • Find those who earned Afterschool Certificates and Credentials HERE
  • Find those who joined the Instructor Registry - or renewed  
  • Find those who earned early childhood Career Ladder Certificates  HERE

Get that Bachelor Degree AND your teacher license
While working anywhere in Vermont!

Lyndon State College has a NEW program starting this fall. Do you have an Associate Degree and experience working with young children?   This new program can help you earn your Bachelor Degree with a teacher license + early childhood endorsement, without leaving home (much). The program is 90% online and student teaching may be completed in your program.  Learn all about it HERE     


P.S. Don't forget to look for financial resources to pay for college courses HERE


Fall Courses for Instructors and Program Directors
Enroll now for Fall 2016 courses

Look for the notice for courses this fall:
  • Voices of Learning - adult learning and instructional design: a 4 week online workshop especially for those joining the Instructor Registry. Sign up on the side bar HERE
  • Human Resources  Management college Course - If you have earned a Step 1 Program Director Certificate and are working on Step 2 - you need to take this course - AND Northern Lights offers a scholarship!  Find out more HERE 
  • Culminating Seminar for the Program Director Credential This a 3-credit college course is pending for this fall.  Students are those who have earned Step 1 & 2 Program Director Certificates and are ready to create their portfolio and earn the Credential.
Access the Program Director calendar of all upcoming courses   HERE     Find links to courses for Step 1, Step 2, and for the Culminating Seminar course for Step 3 for the fall 2016 semester.  Links to financial aid are also included!

Frequently asked question - and answer!

QUESTION: My BFIS Credential account says I got a Level Certificate - YEAH!  But it also says "No Bonus".  Why not?

ANSWER: "No Bonus" is a default setting in BFIS.  When Northern Lights enters that you earned a Career Ladder Certificate, it triggers this default: "no".  Remember, after you earn a Level Certificate, Northern Lights sends it to the Child Development Division who determines if you are eligible for the Recognition bonus.  If you are eligible for the bonus, they will  change your Bonus status in your BFIS Credential to YES.   It takes 6-8 weeks for them to issue the bonus. Please read BOTH pages of the letter that comes with your certificate, to learn more.

You Can Do It! 
Get your stuff into your BFIS Credential Account!

Send your transcripts issued by the college registrar, trainings you took online, and your resume to Northern Lights to verify and enter into your BFIS credential account.  

1- Look HERE to see the cover sheet.  It tells you what to send so it can be verified, where to send it and where to find it once we put it in your BFIS credential account. 

2- Read the cover sheet, complete it and send it to Northern Lights, with the documents you want entered into your account. 


Hey, don't forget to look and see: is  the document your sending verifiable?  Is your document already in your BFIS credential account?  30% of what Northern Lights receives cannot be entered for one of those reasons!

Register now for the Vermont Afterschool Conference
Online registration is now open for the conference on October 28, 2016

Find the conference registration page HERE Vermont Afterschool, Inc. is also  offering a YPQI pre-conference on Thursday, October 27th for anyone interested in learning how to use the YPQA tool to support continuous quality improvement in their program.  It's only $20 when registering in combination with the conference.

We Heard You!
Financial Resources easier to find

You said you couldn't find the link on our webpage to Financial Resources to pay for college courses.  So.... we put that information under RESOURCES and also under FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.  Find it HERE

  Individual Professional Development Plan
Have you updated yours recently?

The new child care regulations say that Family Child Care providers - and everyone! - will now need an Individual Professional Development Plan completed annually.  To achieve a Career ladder certificate, you need to have updated or written your IPDP in the past three months.  Find examples, fillable formats, and guidance on the Northern Lights website page HERE 
P.S.  Northern Lights cannot enter your IPDP in your BFIS credential account, only you can do that.
The newest 
BFIS (Bright Futures Information System)  Sponsors
They joined over 130 other organizations and programs

Organizations that regularly offer professional development, may decide to streamline the documentation process for participants.  These organizations work with Northern Lights staff to ensure their trainings can quickly be verified and entered into individuals' BFIS Quality and Credential accounts.  The following organizations became "BFIS Sponsors" between April 1st and June 30th, 2016.
  • Puffer Child Care Center - Morrisville
  • Leap Frog Nursery School - Poultney
  • Essex Junction Recreation and Parks - Essex
  • Capstone - Head Start in Central Vermont
What you're telling us...
Quote from a Technical Center Director of Human Services Program in Hartford

"I am on the board of my child's child care center and I noticed how hard it was to find qualified staff who have Career Ladder certificates. Then I realized the tech center could use the Fundamentals curricula for our students in preparation for the junior year students before they start working in child care programs in the region - we are doing so much of it already.  It's a perfect fit. I thought, let's make this happen!  And I called Northern Lights."

Learn more about early childhood Career Level Certificates HERE
Level I

Tearsa Brannock - Castleton
Crystal Bunnell - St. Johnsbury
John Colvin - Proctor
Mary Cushing - St. Albans
Abigail Cuyette - Salem, NY
Woods Debra - Castleton
Sarah Delage - Burlington
Cassandra Desjardins - Waterbury
Diana Duke - Barre
Sierra Gardner - Essex Junction
Rhonda Hannon - Barnet
Regina Houle - Leicester
Kristin Lavallee - Essex Junction
Nancy Lavigne - St. Albans
Lindsey Letourneau - Swanton
Shaina Levesque - Milton
Mohamed Muslimo - Burlington
Kaitlin Ovitt - Essex Junction
Michaela Remillard - Essex Junction
Amanda Russell - Orwell
Kaitlyn Ryan - St. Albans
Tammie Senesac - Colchester
Alexis Spaulding - Eden
Michelle Traverse - Castleton
Silvia Wakim - Essex Junction
Tanya Weinert - Winooski
Danae White - Sutton
Nga Willey - Danville

Level II

Pamela Agate - Bennington
Kimberly Catella - Essex Junction
Susan Cavacas - Castleton
Tessa Cole - Colchester
Theresa Conway - Brattleboro
Jared Danyow - Bristol
Rebecca Kerr - Shoreham
Katie Oram - Stowe
Raven Pfaff - Hyde Park
Heather Pruss - St. Albans
Margaret Rubick - Manchester Center
Naomi Snelling - Essex Junction
Alexis Spaulding - Eden
Brannock Tearsa - Castleton
Brittany Ann Thayer - Walden
Kelly Thompson - Fiarfax
Melissa Trzesiara - White River Junction
Samantha Young - Concord

Level IIIA

Jennife Leigh Carlson - West Addison
Theresa Conway - Brattleboro
Jean Cota - Barton
Sara Dube - White River Junction
Maureen Isaac - St. Albans
Joy Solomon - Winooski
Level IIIA - Apprenticeship

Kristi Bedard - Bristol
Jacquelyn Deering - West Addison

Level IIIB

Patricia Blood - Shelburne
Georgina Haase - Montpelier
Rachel Tidwell - Bennington
Michelle Traverse - Castleton
Tonya Williams - Lunenburg

Level IVA

Susan Ann Ashley - Essex
Pamela Call - Charlestown, NH
Angela Hayes - North Bennington
Sarah Norton - Colchester
Kathy Remacle - Corinth
Amy Whaley - Putney

Level IVB

Rebecca Lynne Cook - Hinesburg
Kayla DeLancey - Castleton
Tracy Patnoe - Morrisville
Vanessa Perry - Springfield
Ylan Roy - Williston
Lisa Rufa - Chester
Katie Swick - Montpelier

Level VA

Bonnie McBride - Dorset

Level VB

Joanne Beloin - Westfield
Rebecca Lynne Cook - Hinesburg
Susan Coutermarsh - Springfield
These professionals earned their Afterschool   Certificate or Credential
 (between April 1st and June 30th, 2016)

Afterschool Foundation Certificate

Kelly Broker-Campbell - Perkinsville
Hannah Coe - Essex Junction
Christopher Cowey - South Burlington
Ryan Doughty - Burlington
Julia Goldman - Colchester
Elizabeth Khosravi - South Burlington
Jessica Lamberton-Brown - Hardwick
Taylor Lio - West Rutland
Karen Mendes - Essex Junction
Kylie Moore - West Rutland
Christina Paquette - South Burlington
Autumn Rakowitz - South Burlington
Benjamin Rees - South Burlington
Daniel Staples - South Burlington
Joseph Staples - South Burlington
Darlene Stratton - Bennington
Madeline Weaver-Nolting - South Burlington
Brooke Willey - Springfield
Afterschool Essentials Certificate

Kelly Broker-Campbell - Perkinsville 
Jessica Lamberton-Brown - Hardwick
Afterschool Professional Credential

Aurina Hartz - East Montpelier

Learn more about the Afterschool Certificates and Credentials   HERE

InstructorsThese professionals earned or renewed their Instructor Registry Certificates 
(between April 1st and June 30th, 2016)
Learn more about the Instructor Registry   HERE

Affiliate I Caroline Christie - White River Junction Karen Gray - Essex
Affiliate II Rachel Warden - South Burlington Michelle Scott - White River Junction
Certified Brenda Metzler - Bridgewater Phyllis Cavanagh - Granville, NY
Alissa Faber - Burlington
Jill Koppers - Fairlee
Rebecca Raymond - Montpelier
Ylan Roy - Williston
Michelle Trayah - St. Albans
Master Evelyn Efinger - Bennington
Tonya Kangas - Brattleboro
Susan MacDonald - Waltham, MA
Frank Scala - North Maimi Beach, FL
Heidi Smith - South Burlington

Linda January - Middlebury
Claire Kendall - Montpelier
Susan Weber - Keene, NH
Maureen Young - Westminster
April Zajko - St. Johnsbury
Specialist II Jennifer Horwitz - Burlington
Sarah Kenney - Burlington
Elizabeth Nuckols - Burlington
Emily Pals - Putney
Vicky Senni - Brattleboro

PdirectorThese professionals earned their Program Director       Certificate or Credential for early childhood and afterschool professionals
(Between April 1st and June 30th, 2016)
Step 1

Tina Bills - Brookline
Pamela Call - Charlestown, NH
Angelia King - Manchester Center
Lisa Kuehn - Essex Junction
Susan LaPointe - Richmond
Shelly Schaffer - Morrisville
Sally Small - Morrisville
Joanna VonCulin - Morrisville
Kellie White - Poultney
Danielle Wilder - Danby
Patrice Williams - Shelburne

Step 2
Allison Colburn - Norwich
Christina Maddocks - Manchester Center

Learn more about the Program Director Credential  HERE