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What's New?
On the Northern Lights website
  • NEW guide to putting your IPDP in your BFIS Account

- step by step guide: look on the bottom of the Northern Lights IPDP (Individual Professional Development)  page HERE under "other common IPDP formats".  

- REMEMBER you do not need to put your IPDP in your BFIS credential account - but it helps!

-  Northern Lights will NOT enter your IPDP into your BFIS credential account, but you can!  

- Recent changes in BFIS now allow you to have older and newer versions of your IPDP in your BFIS Credential account at the same time.

  • College credits needed for program Directors: What counts to meet the licensing regulation qualifications for a Program Director? HERE is an easy to read chart with information for center-based programs. 
  • Look for us on Facebook HERE We post news 5 times a week!.  

Calling all Program Directors!
New professional development survey available

Are you a Program Director or Assistant Director of a child care/education program?   Please take this short survey so the Child Development Division and its partners know what you need for professional development.  DEADLINE Feb. 3, 2017.  Five random respondents will be selected to get a present!  Find the survey HERE

We will miss you Jean Gilman!  

Jeanie, who has worked with Northern Lights for 9 years, and worked for CCV for over 3 years before that, will be retiring at the end of January, 2017.  She is the one who creates all of the packets and certificates: early childhood career ladder, instructor registry, program director, and afterschool that are mailed to you. She is also the one who calls to confirm your experience working with Vermont children, helps create the yellow cards with your BFIS credential number - and much more!   Thank you,  Jeanie!  Have a wonderful  next chapter.

Basic Specialized Care
New Curricula now available
NEW Basic Specialized Care 6 hour curricula is posted HERE!  Students  will first need to complete the online Vermont Mandated Reporter training found HERE and then take the updated Basic Specialized Care Training.  Look in the BFIS course calendar for when this will be scheduled in the spring or later.
News from STARS
Updated STARS Application

Tierney O'Meara, one of the STARS coordinators, has taken a position with the Agency of Education as the Pre-K Coordinator. Thank you for your work, Tierney. We will miss you and wish you well!
Meanwhile the STARS office has updated the STARS application to reflect recent changes in the child care licensing regulations. From now until September 1, 2017, both versions of the application can be used when applying to STARS or renewing your STAR level. Starting September 1, 2017, only the new forms will be accepted. Get a copy of the new application, by contacting the STARS office. It will also be posted soon on the STARS page of the CDD website HERE.  Thanks for continuing to contact the STARS office with your questions: PH: (802) 398-2037 or EMAIL:
Transformation of the Professional Development System
Hotline for Early Care and Learning Providers

What is happening to transform the statewide early childhood professional development system? CCV (Community College of Vermont) received a grant from the CDD (Child Development Division) to continue the work of Northern Lights and to define an expanded Northern Lights early childho od professional development system.  The new system will include a director of both Northern Lights and regional professional development supports across Vermont.  Vermont Birth to Five (VB5) received funding from The Child Development Division to be in charge of regional professional development opportunities in 2017.  Vermont Birth to Five will be working with CCV and community partners during this time of change.  VB5 is charged with making sure all child care and early learning providers have the support they need and access to high-quality local trainings in 2017.   As a first step, VB5 has launched a statewide Professional Development Resource phone and email hotline for early care and learning providers.  VB5 Professional Development Resource Hotline phone # 802-540-8168 email

The hotline and email will be staffed Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.   Emails or phone calls will be answered and/or responded to by an experienced early childhood professional within 24 business hours.
Be there or be square!
Action days at the Vermont State House

Afterschool and Summer Learning day at the VT Statehouse is Thursday, Feb. 16.  Register and learn more HERE.  

Early Childhood Day at the Legislature is March 15, 2017.  Register and learn more HERE.

Over 150 professionals earned Vermont Certificates and Credentials between 
Sept. 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016
Congratulations to you and your colleagues all over Vermont 

  • Find those who earned a Program Director Certificate or Credential   HERE
  • Find those who earned Afterschool Certificates and Credentials HERE
  • Find those who joined the Instructor Registry - or renewed  
  • Find those who earned early childhood Career Ladder Certificates  HERE
A Frequently Asked Question - and the answer!
Should I take the Fundamentals?

QUESTION: "I need to meet the staff qualifications in the licensing regulations, this year!  Should I take the Fundamentals course?"

ANSWER: Successfully completing the Fundamentals for early childhood professionals course is one way to meet the staff qualifications of a Teacher Assistant in a Center Based Child Care program ( or a Family Child Care program (7.3.1).   However, there are many other ways to meet this requirement.  You can have successfully completed a college course in child development, including Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, Human Development, or Introduction to Early Childhood Education.  Provide a transcript from the college, showing you have completed the course at any time.  
If you have a current CDA credential, a degree with related credits or a early childhood major you do NOT need to take Fundamentals.  
Earning a Career Ladder certificate is the clearest way to show you have met the regulations. Find information and applications on the Early Childhood Career Ladder page HERE.  Also talk to your licensor and read the child care licensing regulations carefully to know what you need.    
NEW MATCH Training and Resources
"The Art of MATCH" is here

MATCH stands for mentoring, advising, teaching, coaching, consulting, helping.  Northern Lights is now implementing "the Art of MATCH: skillful mentoring and coaching". This series of 11 modules, will be offered starting in February, once per month, in 4 regions of the state - only for current mentors, coaches and consultants working with early childhood or afterschool programs/professionals.  If you are a MATCH professional - find the link to register to participate HERE.  ALSO find a new MATCH Tool Box full of resources for MATCH professionals - on the side bar of the same webpage.  
What you are saying...

"To get the most bang for the buck - I've taken lots of college courses and learned about all the opportunities.  I'm in the instructor registry working under a supporting instructor, I'm a mentor, and I'll finish my Bachelor degree this year.  I'm going to apply for my program director credential next and start work on teacher licensure after that"
~ Program director and mentor.

Medication Administration Training 
Need help with health issues at your program?  Help is here!

Beginning February 1st, anyone who is interested in hosting a medication administration training or setting up a consulting visit with a Child Care Wellness Consultant should call 2-1-1 and talk to a Help Me Grow child development specialist. 

1. Nurses can come to child care programs to provide training and consultation support on a wide variety of health and safety issues including nutrition, physical activity, working with children with special health needs, writing health care policies, preventing communicable illnesses and many more. 

2. These nurses are also approved to teach the Medication Administration training. Follow these steps:
  • Be sure you and your staff take the online modules for medication administration BEFORE the nurse/instructor does the face to face training HERE 
  • Document the Training EITHER by A) Follow the procedures with the instructor,  of a BFIS sponsor (if you have a signed agreement with Northern Lights)   OR B) Tell the instructor that your program is not a BFIS sponsor. When you get the documentation after the training, be sure to send a copy to Northern Lights with your BFIS credential number, so it is entered into your BFIS account.
Advanced Specialized Care (ASC)
What is it?
When Northern Lights gets a  professional development document that is identified as meeting the "advanced specialized care" training requirement , we enter it into your BFIS Quality and Credential account under the "Professional Development " tab and mark it with "ASC" after the title. 
Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals
Where can I find this course?

VT Birth to Five is working with regions to ensure the Fundamentals course is offered this spring - particularly in regions where it has not been offered in the last 6 months. Look in the BFIS course calendar to find Fundamentals courses in Montpelier, Rutland, St. Johnsbury and in Chittenden County this Spring.   
Job Posting
Northern Lights Records Specialist

CCV and Northern Lights are looking to hire a part time record specialist (3 days a week) in Montpelier, to create certificates, provide administrative support and join our team!  The online application is HERE.
College Coursework in BFIS
New symbols in your BFIS Credential account

When you send us your college transcript, Northern Lights scans and enters it in your BFIS Credential account under "Documents".  We also identify which of those college courses are related to the early childhood core knowledge areas, and put them in your BFIS credential account under "Professional development".  We also mark which of these courses meet the program director required courses.  Here is how we identify them:  CD = child development, PM = program management, SS = staff supervision, CU = curriculum, AD = administration, HR = human resources and MA = management course.  See section 7 of the VT Child Care program regulations to learn more.
Agency of Education Transcript Review
Redesign coming soon

The Agency of Education is redesigning their transcript review process.  The process allows licensed educators a way to add another endorsement by submitting evidence of coursework to meet the new endorsement competencies. There will be a temporary shutdown of the process while the redesign takes place. Transcript review should be return by early April 2017.

Building Bright Spaces for Bright Futures
Announces 2017 Grants Available

This fund awards grants for the development, expansion and renovation of child care facilities and youth programs in Vermont.
Grant requests cannot exceed $15,000 or total more than 25% of the full project cost.
For more information or to request a grant application please click HERE or contact Faye Longo, Loan Coordinator, Child Care Programs at 802.224.9141,
The newest
BFIS (Bright Futures Information System) Sponsors
They joined over 130 other organizations and programs

Organizations that regularly offer professional development and are ready to use qualified instructors, may decide to streamline the process for participants. These organizations work with Northern Lights staff to use a streamlined system to enter their trainings into individuals' BFIS Quality and Credential accounts. The following organizations became "BFIS Sponsors" between October 1st and December 31st, 2016.
  • Imagine Afterschool
  • Child Development Division - Health Statewide Systems and Community Collaborations Unit
  • St. Johnsbury School District
  • Kinderstart Preschool
Unexpected delays at Northern Lights

Northern Lights is behind in issuing your Certificates!  Due to vacation and illness, we are catching up now, in reviewing and entering your Career Ladder, Afterschool, Program Director and Instructor Registry certificates. Thank you for your patience!  

Also, we recently received the October 2016 VAEYC conference attendance and are entering it into your BFIS credential accounts now. Thank you for hanging in there with us! 
Voices of Learning Online Course
Adult Learning and Instructional Design

Teaching adults requires a different set of knowledge and skills than teaching children. Learn what they are, practice applying them, and find out how instructors fit into Vermont's Professional Development System.  The Voices of Learning: Adult Learning and Instructional Design workshop is coming in April 2017. It is fully online, over 4 weeks, for 12 total training hours.  It meets a requirement for approval in Vermont's Instructor Registry.  For more information contact Amelia Struthers at  8 02-885-8374 or email 

Learn more about early childhood Career Level Certificates HERE
Level I

Karel Aker - North Chittenden
Joan M. Bates - Essex
Mariah DeRoehn - Hardwick
Wanda Domina - Morrisville
Teaona Dresser - Craftsbury
Autumn Dudley - Windsor
Beverly Kay Hamilton - Jamaica
Meagan Kunkle - Barre
Cassandra LaValley - Hinsdale
Molly Leach - Middlebury
Molly Messier - Randolph
Carly Stevens - Brandon
Elizabeth Traver Adolphus - Bennington
Ashley Westney - Morrisville
Alexandria Whitcomb - Barre

Level II

Barbara Acebo-Constantine - Essex Junction
Jennifer Aube - Sheldon
Danielle Audette - Eden
Kari Austin - Moretown
Jennifer Bassett - Barre
Priscilla Bouffard - Essex Junction
Amie Choiniere - Enosburg Falls
Amy Corey - Swanton
Ivy Crowe - Beebe Plains
Tiffany Lee Elliott - North Adams
Kendra Francis - South Hero
Malissa Newton - North Walpole
Carrie-Lyn Snide - Pownal

Level IIIA

Gabrielle Blanchard - Thetford Center
James Brady - Essex Junction
Holley Cadieux - St. Albans
Laurie Flaherty - Waterbury
Ashley Foster - Hardwick
Alicia Horwedel - Springfield
Nicole McLenithan - Shaftsbury
Katie Oram - Stowe
Marisa Osgood - Vershire
Elizabeth Roberts - Perkinsville
Alisha Sykes - Derby

Level IIIB

Lisa Banks - White River Junction
Jennifer Berquist - Springfield
Debra Blake - Williamstown
Tereka Hand - Rutland
Traci Nicolay - Burlington
Fairth Radicioni - South Royalton
Kaitlyn Ryan - St Albans
Tammy Willis - Barre
Daniel Zaffarano - Hoosick Falls

Level IVA

Heather Batchelder - Sheffield
Cindy Boyce - Wells River
Lynn Canales - Pownal
Lindsay Crawford - Graniteville
Kimberly Knight - Pittsford
Maura Leib - Thetford Center
Ellen Leonard - East Montpelier
Amy Lincoln - WestRutland
Brianna McCain - Bennington
Dominique Parisi - Fairfax
Katherine Paskevich - Colchester

Level IVB

Dennielle Brinkman - Vergennes
Lisa Rufa - Chester
Mary Jo Sleeper-Lyman - South Burlington
Tara Stanton - Fairfax
Justine Viets - St. George

Level VA

Theresa Stevens - St. Johnsbury
Melody Sabine - Brattleboro

These professionals earned their Afterschool   Certificate or Credential
 (between October 1st and December 31st, 2016)

Afterschool Foundation Certificate

Barbara Bordeaux - Bristol
Kayla Croft (Peters) - Arlington
Molly Engels - Rutland
Shannon Halnon - Fair Haven
Ashley Haskins - Starksboro
Jennifer Lamos-Brusetti - Barre
Lorien Leyden - South Burlington
Alyssa Machia - Johnson
Tracey Mason - Rutland
Kennedy Mitowski - Rutland
Ran Monger - Burlington
Douglas Orvis - Bristol
Avery Provin - Pittsford
Jenna Schiller - Rutland
Charles Sutphin - Rutland
Dylan Teer - Bristol
Thomas Weatherwax - Fair Haven
Afterschool Essentials Certificate

Jennifer Lamos-Brusetti - Barre
Alyssa Machia - Johnson

Learn more about the Afterschool Certificates and Credentials   HERE

InstructorsThese professionals earned or renewed their Instructor Registry Certificates 
(between October 1st and December 31st, 2016)
Learn more about the Instructor Registry   HERE

Affiliate I Ruth Burack-Lamberson - Hinesburg
Maureen Gillard - Essex Junction
Lorien Leyden - South Burlington
Tierney O'Meara - Vergennes
Sandra Soucy - Fairfield

Affiliate II
Lori Pinsonneault - Bennington
Certified Rebecca Bertrand - Whiting
Martha Kashkin-Grollier - Orwell
Jennifer Turmel - Colchester
Deb Grennon - Franklin
Amanda Harris, Burlington
Shannon Hottinger, Warren
Brenda Schramm - Bennington
Jennifer Taylor - Waterbury

Master Kate Abbott - Bennington
Ann Dillenbeck - Charlotte
Peggy Price - Williston
Lori Meyer - Burlington
Susan Coutermarsh - Springfield

Aricha Drury - Williston
Susan Giggey-Bergeron - Williston
Mary Graham Rasco - W. Rutland
Margaret Poppe - Newbury
Liz Rogers - S. Burlington
Sue Ryan - Burlington
Jennifer Severance - S. Burlington
Specialist I Mary Axworthy - Essex Junction
Specialist II Tanya Crawford-Stempel - Northfield
Lorien Leyden - S. Burlington
Rachel O'Donald - Middlesex
Theresa Shaw - St. Albans

PdirectorThese professionals earned their Program Director       Certificate or Credential for early childhood and afterschool professionals
(Between October 1st and December 31st, 2016)
Step 1

Kayla Croft - W. Arlington
Kelly Hayes - Waitsfield
Jennifer Jones - Barnet
Heather Lewis - Springfield
Jody Lowes - South Strafford
Meghan Meszkat - Londondery
Jaime Milazzo - Poultney
Katie Oram - Stowe
Melissa Pena - Hyde Park
Margaret Rubick - Manchester Center
Erin Ruth - Townshend
Darrah Szoc - Charlestown, NH
Tara Stanton - Belmont
Victoria Ward - Waterbury Center
Kristine Williams - Bellows Falls

Step 2
Susan Lapointe - Richmond
Melinda Pearson - Rutland

Learn more about the Program Director Credential  HERE

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