NCCC Expansion Supports Big Dreams
A $20,000 grant from Women in Northfield Giving Support (WINGS), coupled with a matching grant from a national funder, has given Northfield community college students a new place to pursue their educational dreams.

The Northfield Community College Collaborative (NCCC) moved at the end of the summer into vacated space on the second floor of the Northfield Community Resource Center. The spacious classroom and study areas, previously used by Adult Basic Education and for meetings, were outfitted with new tables and chairs, projectors, white boards, and other furniture to meet the needs of a growing population of students.

“The funding allowed us to create college classrooms and study spaces that have an actual college feeling,” said NCCC Director Katie Theis.

Click here to read more about the expansion of the NCCC, a Northfield Promise initiative.
By the Numbers
Recognizing the likely movement between in-person and distance learning throughout the school year, Northfield Promise partners pledged last summer to work to ensure that all Rice County youth have internet access for the 2020-21 school year. Through the "100% Connected" initiative, families without internet access have been provided hotspots or Charter internet connection. This includes those in grades K-12, early childhood programs, and Adult Basic Education classes, as well as local high school graduates now studying virtually. In addition, bilingual staff are helping families become familiar with how to navigate online portals and other systems.

For more information on the 100% Connected effort, visit:
Northfield Promise: In the News
Northfield Promise’s partnership with Northfield Public Schools in connecting low-income students to the internet during the pandemic was highlighted in this op-ed in the Hechinger Report by StriveTogether President and CEO Jennifer Blatz.

Northfield Promise was also mentioned in this Politico sponsored interview with Blatz about Cradle to Career successes (and the child pictured is a Northfield youth playing at the new KABOOM! playground).
Reading Action Team Profile – Emily Lloyd
Emily Lloyd was an early reader, one of those kids who always had her head in a book. When she grew up and became a librarian, she thought she could get every child to love reading like she did. But when she became a parent herself — to two active daughters who preferred sports to books — she realized this was unrealistic.

“I have a lot of parents come in and say, ‘I want my child to love reading, and for a long time in my career I thought that was the goal,” said Lloyd, the children’s librarian at the Northfield Public Library. “I’ve learned through my kids that you might not be able to create a kid who loves reading, but you can create a kid who is not intimidated by reading.”

Getting children to feel confident about reading is part of her job as a children’s librarian. It’s also part of her work as a member of the Northfield Promise Reading Action Team, which she joined soon after starting her job at the Northfield library three years ago.

Read more about Emily’s work on the Reading Action Team here.
We are extremely grateful for the heroic efforts of our partners to assist youth and families in our community this past year, during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s to better times ahead in 2021!
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