Data, Relationships Lead COVID-19 Support
A collaborative, data-driven approach by Northfield Promise and the Northfield school district to support students during COVID-19 was featured in a recent national article by Tableau Software .

Mapping technology helped HCI and school staff reach out to Latinx families and families experiencing poverty to ensure that they were receiving meals and that they had the internet access and support they needed to engage in distance learning. Read the article here .
Local Young Adults Play Critical Role During Pandemic
In her rare moments of free time, Odalis Ascencio plugs in her headphones and laces up her shoes. Propelled by determination and the rhythms of reggaeton – her hype music – her feet pound the trails of the St. Olaf College Natural Lands , or the track at Carleton College . Each step brings her closer to achieving her short-term goal: completing a four-mile run.

Odalis took up running in early June as a way to relieve stress. Since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Minnesota, the 19-year-old has worked about 45 hours a week at Three Links Care Center and 20 hours a week at Laura Baker Services Association , while also taking two online classes through Riverland Community College , supported by the Northfield Community College Collaborative (NCCC) .

Click here to be inspired by Odalis and Northfield young adults who are working on the front lines during this pandemic.
By the Numbers – more students participate in preschool experiences outside the home
Children attending out-of-home preschool experiences for 21 or more hours increased from 2017 to 2019
Shining the light on great work underway around the Northfield Promise benchmarks!
Early Learning Specialists provide resources for families through ParentChild+

Thiago’s eyes are wide and bright. He sits on the living room floor with his mother, Elizabeth Flores, on a gray March day and examines the colorful blocks and plastic miniature zoo animals spread out in front of him. But the 20-month-old boy doesn’t sit still for long. As his older siblings work on homework nearby in the kitchen, he walks over to a stack of children’s books and selects one, then returns to his mother’s lap and turns the pages. They examine the book together, keeping up a conversation in Spanish. Elizabeth reinforces the names of colors and animals that appear on the pages. Thiago repeats the words and makes the animal sounds with enthusiasm, before returning to the stack for a new book.

Click here to read more about how Elizabeth and her son have benefited from the ParentChild+ home visiting program+, a flagship Northfield Promise initiative.
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