March 7, 2022
Northland's annual P.E. Show was a true spectacle!
Since 1995, Coach Jeff Martin has instilled his creativity and physical education talents into the greatly-anticipated annual P.E. Show. Coach Martin has recreated circus environments, taken us out to the Wild West, and even had us travel into outer space, all while encompassing the students' physical skills and talents that he has taught thousands of NCS students over the years.
For many years, Coach Patti Abt has helped Coach Martin create the ultimate P.E. show by adding her athleticism and organizational skills to the fantastic program. The elementary staff and parent volunteers are always willing to help make Coach Martin's vivid dream come alive each year.
The 2022 P.E. show centered around the Olympics, with "best-effort" expected of each elementary Olympian. The Northland Olympic Games began with the torch's arrival, which traveled through the hands of some notable members of the NCS family. Mrs. Deanna Graves and Mrs. Jan Kraner helped the torch arrive at the stadium. Mrs. Carolyn Lemm, and Mrs. Donell Manitz received the torch and safely delivered it to Mrs. Monica Lewis to light the stadium fire.

There were three competition areas with events going on simultaneously to showcase the talents of each student-athlete. The students competed as teams and showed their determination to be the best teammates they could be. Some of the events included Sack Racing, the Texas Shoot-Out, the Titan Tumble Relays, the Buddy Walker Relay, the Three-Legged Race, and of course, the favorite Hula Hoop War.
Mrs. Monica Lewis successfully lit the stadium fire for the games to begin.
Pictured above from left, Mrs. Jan Kraner, Coach Martin, and Mrs. DeAnna Graves.
Please click on the P.E. Program photo album button to enjoy photos taken during the evening. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this such a wonderful event. A special thank you to David Banos for taking photos at the P.E. Show. Mr. Banos has 2 students at Northland - Adela (3rd grade) and Isaac (7th grade).