June 10, 2021 | Fourth Sunday of Pentecost
Happy Pride
Northminster Family,

As many of you know we have just passed into one of the most exciting sub-seasons of Pentecost: Pride Month!

Too often, the conversation in churches is centered around "inclusion," as though there were something inherently "other" about LGBTQ+ folks, and "we" need to decide if "they" can enter the club. At Northminster, we want to transcend the conversation of "inclusion." We want to have a conversation of "celebration."

No "us" and no "them." Only "us."

There is a piece of the Image of God inherent in every human being - a Spirit that makes us inherently worthy of love and understanding. The more of us around the table, the fuller the picture of the Image of God. So let's set aside language of "inclusion" or "welcoming," based on some arbitrary standards of what is "normal," and let's start celebrating. Forget including and let's celebrate our diverse sexuality and gender experiences, because they are what give us a unique glimpse into the Face of God!

Happy Pride, friends.

Zach and Claire
The Prayers of the People
An opportunity to celebrate and pray alongside siblings in our community.
We pray alongside...

Bill Krutzer as he continues to recover from his discectomy last week.

Mary Sandow, as she continues in recovery from her recent health concerns.

Renee Decker, whose heart by-pass surgery has been scheduled for July 8 in Shreveport.

We celebrate alongside...

Dan Sumner (11th) and JoJo Clark (12th),as they celebrate their birthday.
If you have concerns or celebrations you would like us to add to the newsletter, please call the church office or email office@northmin.org.
The Work of the People
How we are responding to the Spirit of Love
May-June Mission's Trunk: MedCamps
The May missions trunk emphasis will be MedCamps of Louisiana, and will continue into June so that we'll have time to bring donations.

MedCamps’ Mission is to improve the health and wellness of people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities through unique recreational and educational camping experiences.  They believe that all people, regardless of medical or special needs, deserve to experience life to the fullest and that camping is an American tradition which epitomizes normalcy and provides participants with a sense of well-being, belonging, accomplishment and self-worth.  MedCamps has never charged a fee to attend camp.  They have an Amazon Wishlist located at https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/FX22QLB21E96

MedCamps is currently operating three different programs at once due to COVID restrictions - family camps in person for 56 families, "Camp 2 You" in 7 different group homes and hospitals, and Camp-in-a-Box shipped to over 70 families so far!

Please see the wish list at the link above or in the graphic below and place all donations in the missions trunk in the Narthex!
Volunteers Needed to Help Immigrants in Detention
Volunteers are needed to sign up to answer phone calls for certain time slots, and convey needs to those responsible for specific functions (arranging penpals, transportation, and food delivery). If you are interested please contact the office and we'll forward your information on to the team.
Around Town
Fun in Northeast Louisiana
Annual Cood Down Ouachita Fan Drive

Once again the Ouachita Council on Aging in conjunction with C.A.B.L.E. and KNOW-TV is asking the community to support the "FAN DRIVE" by donating 20" Box Fans or by making a monetary donation so that we may purchase these fans to be distributed to eligible seniors (age 60+) within Ouachita Parish.

Fans may be dropped off at Ouachita Council on Aging, 2407 Ferrand St., Monroe between the hours of 9am - 1pm, Monday - Thursday. If you prefer to mail a check to support this project, make payable to Ouachita Council on Aging and mail it to the same address.

Thank you for you continued support!
Info: 318-387-0535
Giving to Northminster
Support Northminster's Work
If you have found a space of community, or healing, or hope at Northminster and believe in the work we are doing, please consider supporting us financially so that we will be able to continue creating spaces like this in all the days to come.

To support Northminster financially, you can click here, or scan the QR code with the camera on your phone.
Over the Coming Week
Sunday 6/13
10am - Sunday School
10:45am - Preludes
11am - Sunday Morning Liturgy
After the Service - Fifth Sunday Lunch

Wednesday 6/16
Choir practice at 6:30 pm
Worship This Week

Claire Helton will preach this week's sermon, and a stream will be available using the link below.
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