Thursday, May 12, 2022

This coming weekend will be a busy and exciting one as we welcome our prospective pastor and her husband, and she leads in worship on Sunday. There will also be several opportunities available for Northminster members and friends to meet and greet them. All such opportunities will take place in the church building, and light refreshments will be served at each thanks to the Hospitality Commission.

Here is the schedule:

Friday, May 13—5 until 7 pm
Saturday, May 14—10 am until noon
Saturday, May 14—5 until 7 pm

Please come when you can during one of these times and spend some time visiting with our prospective pastor and her husband. Members of the Pastor Search Committee will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Because of the need to give adequate notice to the congregation she is now serving, it is anticipated that our prospective pastor’s first Sunday with us will be July 31. Of course, this date could change slightly depending upon various factors including the availability of a moving van for that preceding week. Her beginning date should give us plenty of time to prepare for the beginning of fall.

On Sunday immediately following the worship service the church will be called into a special business meeting to vote upon the recommendation of the Pastor Search Committee that we call our prospective pastor as our Senior Pastor. Please plan to be in worship on Sunday for this important time in the life of our church and our future. And then plan to be at the potluck dinner at 6 pm and the church’s bi-monthly regular business meeting at 7 pm. A busy and exciting weekend indeed!
Join us for Worship
Sunday, May 15, 2022
Recommended Candidate from Pastor Search Committee
preaches sermon

"Meeting an Unknown God"

Click the photo to view our Sunday service
Our Worship in Song
SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2022

Opening Hymn: Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise  Walter C. Smith, minister of the Free Church of Scotland and later moderator of the
Assembly, wrote poetry as a retreat from work and to say what could not fully could be expressed in
the pulpit. The text is set to the hymn tune, ST. DENIO, adapted from a Welsh ballad in John
Roberts’ – Caniadaeth y Cysegr, 1839.

Gospel Acclamation: This Is Good News  We are reminded of the good news as we listen when God speaks to us in this Gospel reading from St. John.

Anthem:  A Jubilant Song  American composer, Allen Pote, wrote this anthem in 1984. It was commissioned by the First Parish Church Congregation, Dover, New Hampshire for the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of its founding. The text is taken from Psalm 90 and 96.

Hymn: My Song Is Love Unknown  First published in 1664 by Samuel Crossman, one of the first writers of English hymns, this hymn of praise for Christ’s love was not appreciated until 200 years later. The tune, RHOSYMEDRE, was named for the parish in northeastern Wales where the composer, John D. Edwards(1840), served as vicar.

Communion Anthem: Here, O My Lord, I See You Face to Face The text was written in the mid 1800’s by Horatius Bonar. Warren Swenson wrote the tune, NYACK, and in 1970 Kevin Robison arranged this anthem for the Choir of Trinity Episcopal Church, Florence, Alabama.

Closing Hymn:  Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing his Ascension text, one of the festival hymns by Charles Wesley, was published originally in John Wesley’s Moral and Sacred Poems (1744). Somewhat altered, it appeared in this familiar version in Charles’ 1746 collection, Hymns for Our Lord’s Resurrection. Set to the tune DARWALL’S 148th by John Darwall, 1770.

I look forward to worshipping with you all this Sunday,
Reflecting on Worship
Shepherds to Each Other

I know that all of you who worshipped with us this past Sunday either in person or on our stream will agree that the service centered around the Good Shepherd was profoundly moving. Scott’s sermon presented a fresh insight into the definition of a shepherd as David saw his God of care, love, and compassion. We are on the cusp of a new era at Northminster with a new person in the role of Senior Shepherd. (After all, the word “pastor” means “shepherd.”) This is exciting! It is good news that gives us new hope of doing new things toward the work of love, justice, and peace in the world. As we have been shown in past years, the role of Senior Shepherd is so vital to the life of a church.

You may have noticed a byline that occasionally appears in our order of service that says, “At Northminster, we are ministers to each other.” This dictum is taken from a Carlyle Marney book title, Priests to Each Other. In this volume, he examined the role all Christians have in being shepherds to each other. We are not to rely on our beloved clergy to do all this work. As Scott pointed out a shepherd is a waiter, a cleaning person, a bank teller, a trash pickup team. In the realm of pastoral ministry, we all share in this responsibility. Our Family Ministries Commission has done much work and spent many hours organizing this work and discerning how to best make it work. Family ministries is all of us, not just the care group leaders.

So as our Senior Shepherd joins our flock, let’s shepherd each other. Let’s make sure no one lacks for anything.

Peace and Excitement!

The Prayers of the People
We pray alongside.....

The oppression and suffering of the innocents in war torn countries.

Those with unspoken prayer requests.

D.H. and Craig as they travel to visit our partner church in Cuba next week.

Dibble Pate, recovering from hip surgery. Family is requesting no visitors or calls at this time, but cards are welcome and can be dropped off or mailed to Dibble's home or the church office at 2701 Lamy Lane, Monroe, LA 71201. Family members will pick up the cards and deliver them.

Gail Blackman recovering from surgery due to a serious elbow fracture.

Deborah Chandler dealing with medical issues.

Larry Prather recovering from a hand injury.

Tracy Sandow, dealing with serious medical condition.

Sister of Tim Jaquess (Sammye) recovering from brain surgery, now in rehab.

Carol Evers in hospice, cousin of Cathy Webb

Judy Eddington, dealing with a serious medical condition.

The Celebrations of the People
On Sunday, May 8th we welcomed Ann and Jay Aro of West Monroe. Jay is an ER physician at Ochsner LSU in Monroe and the couple have two sons, Maxwell (5...6 in June!) and Henry (3).
On Sunday, May 1st we welcomed Kim Norman and her twin daughters, Scout and Charlie!
Mission Opportunities
May Mission Trunk Emphasis:
MedCamps of Louisiana
Our May Mission is MedCamps of Louisiana. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities through unique recreational and educational camping experiences.  They believe that all people, regardless of medical or special needs, deserve to experience life to the fullest and that camping is an American tradition which epitomizes normalcy and provides participants with a sense of well-being, belonging, accomplishment and self-worth.  MedCamps has never charged a fee to attend camp. 
NEEDS: Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Academy), Sharpie Markers, Batteries (A, AA, AAA), Lysol, Lysol cleaning wipes, Baby Wipes, Air Fresheners
Cleaning supplies: Simple Green Cleaner, Duct tape, Paper towels, Toilet paper, , First aid kits, Light bulbs, Mosquito spray, Wasp and hornet spray, 55-gallon trash bags, Latex Free Gloves, Towels, Pillows, All laundry detergent: sensitive free, Hand sanitize.
Other: Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, Foam Brushes, Board Games/Card Games, Paintballs, Friendship Bracelet Kits, Costumes (for skits and other stuff)

In addition, they have an Amazon Wishlist located at
The Work of the People
Sunday May 15 at 6pm: Potluck, followed by Business Meeting

Be sure and join us this Sunday at 6pm for great food and fellowship. Following that at 7pm, the church will hold its bi-monthly business meeting.
Northminster COVID Information

Northminster follows state and CDC guidelines and accordingly recommends that if you are at high risk for severe illness - talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions; stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines; and get tested if you have symptoms. Immune compromised and unvaccinated individuals, and anyone experiencing cold or other illness symptoms continue to wear masks during our services.
Northminster Book Club TONIGHT
Tonight at 6pm at the home of Debi Chandler, 2005 Stuart Ave., Monroe for potluck and discussion. If you would like to join the Book Club, contact Debi at
The Floral Offering
Given to the Glory of God

The floral offerings Sunday were given to the Glory of God and arranged by Robert Crawford.

If you would like to give flowers in memory or in honor of someone, please contact the church office. Approximate cost is $100. 
Over the Coming Week
Upcoming Events

This Sunday
 9:00 am - Choir Practice
10:00 am - Sunday School for Children (K-5),
Youth, and Adults
10:45 am - Preludes
11:00 am - Sunday Morning Liturgy
5:00 pm - Youth
6:30 pm - Choir practice
Sunday May 15 - 6pm Potluck followed by 7pm Business Meeting

Pulpit Supply Schedule

22 - Rev. Mark Windham
29 - Dr. Darrell Cluck

5 - Dr. Darrell Cluck
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