July 15, 2021

"Whose Church Is It?"
Thanks so much for responding to my request that you think about and then share your thoughts about "what kind of church" Northminster is. I appreciate several of you taking time to share your responses with me. It is very rewarding to know that so many of us see the same characteristics of our church's profile.
As promised, this coming Sunday I will give my answer to another question about Northminster--"Whose Church is It?"--hoping that once again our answers closely converge. If that is not the case, we will have learned that we need to engage in some important conversations about our differing answers.
Practically and importantly speaking, how members of the church answer my question--"Whose Church is It"--will significantly impact the outcome of the church business meeting on Sunday evening when members of the congregation select the individuals who will serve on the Pastoral Search Committee.
Join me in worship at Northminster Church.

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
Pastor Emeritus
The Prayers of the People
An opportunity to celebrate and pray alongside siblings in our community.
We pray alongside...

Our Brothers and Sisters in Cuba experiencing severe economic hardships, food shortages, and lack of medical equipment to administer Covid-19 vaccines.

David Culp and his family in the loss of his sister.

Renee Decker (and Marilyn Decker), as Renee recovers from recent heart bypass surgery.

Mike Cappel as he recovers from a shunt placement procedure. He is experiencing some complications. Also, please lift up Paulette as she navigates his recovery.

Janet Dawson recovering at home after being in the hospital with leg pain.

Morgan Meyer's mother recovering from injuries after a fall.

We celebrate alongside...

Anita Breen (18th), Craig Henry(20th), Conn McCandlish (20th) as they celebrate their birthdays.
If you have concerns or celebrations you would like us to add to the newsletter, please call the church office or email office@northmin.org.
Important Information

As of Wednesday, July 7 our Administrative Assistant will be out of the office for the next several weeks following heart bypass surgery. Phone messages and emails will be checked frequently during the day while Renee is absent. If you are need immediate assistance, please contact Peggy Burns, Chair of the Coordinating Council at 318-366-4431 or any other member of the staff.

The Work of the People
How we are responding to the Spirit of Love

Please remember that our church guidelines for Covid-19 safety are still in effect and we ask that you respect each persons choice, as many continue to feel cautious and very vulnerable. People are becoming more lax and forgetting that we still have a pandemic raging in our country and the world. Louisiana vaccination rate is one of the lowest in the nation and currently the number of Covid-19 cases are on the rise due to new variants. We ask that you wear a mask at all times when walking about in the church. The pulpit side of the sanctuary is still for social distancing and masking at all times. On the lectern side masks may be removed when seated.


Last Sunday the Coordinating Council met and selected a slate of 10 members to be nominees for our Pastor Search Committee, from a list of 34 persons submitted by members of the congregation. This is a critical time in the life of our church and a critical step in the pastor search process. At the Business Meeting this Sunday we will elect 5 members to serve on the Pastor Search Committee, along with the chair of the Coordinating Council and one additional elected Council member, Pattie Pate. Please come and cast your vote from the slate of 10 persons that was sent out earlier this week. Northminster Church needs your commitment and unwavering support as we go forward.
July Mission's Trunk:
 School Supplies
Needs:  #2 pencils, blue pens, loose leaf paper, black 3" binders, backpacks, speckled notebooks, 24 pk. crayons, washable markers, scissors, plastic sheet protectors, colored pencils
Volunteers Needed to Help Immigrants in Detention
Volunteers are needed to sign up to answer phone calls for certain time slots, and convey needs to those responsible for specific functions (arranging penpals, transportation, and food delivery). If you are interested please contact the office and we'll forward your information on to the team.
Our Worship for Sunday, July 18

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Opening Hymn :  "God Is Here! As We Your People Meet"
   Though he retired in 1969, this distinguished British poet has continued to write hymns. In addition to administering several circuits and local congregations, Fred Pratt Green published plays, translations, and poems. Emory University in Atlanta awarded him an honorary doctorate. Sung to the tune ABBOT'S LEIGH, written in 1941 by Cyril Taylor.  
Closing Hymn:   "The Church of Christ, in Every Age"
    This hymn is also by Fred Pratt Green who makes his home in Norwich, England. The tune is WAREHAM by William Knapp, written in 1738.
Anthems: "All are Gathered in This Place" by Marty Haugen and arranged for choir by DH Clark. The anthem text for "Come, Share All are Welcome Here", was written by David Mears. The tune is by Dvorak and set for choir by Don Schlosser, Minister of Music at Glendale Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. 
Come and enjoy being together and sharing worship as one people of God. There will be an insert in the Order of Worship with more in-depth discussion of the hymns for the day.

Click here for a link to the live stream on YouTube which will begin around 10:45 AM on Sunday morning.

Around Town
Fun in Northeast Louisiana
Upcoming from
CA Studio for Kids

Midsummer "Mardi" Gras will run two Monday sessions, July 19 and 26 from 1-4 pm for children ages 5-7 Cost is $35 per child per session. Register at NELCM.org or call 318-361-9611
Floral Offering
To the Glory of God

The July 11 floral offering was given to the Glory of God and was arranged by Peggy Caskey.

If you wish to give flowers in honor or in memory of someone, please contact the church office. Approximate cost is $100.
Giving to Northminster
Support Northminster's Work
If you have found a space of community, or healing, or hope at Northminster and believe in the work we are doing, please consider supporting us financially so that we will be able to continue creating spaces like this in all the days to come.

To support Northminster financially, you can click here, or scan the QR code with the camera on your phone.
Over the Coming Weeks
Worship This Week, July 18

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy will preach this week's sermon, and a stream will be available using the link below.
Upcoming Events

Sunday 7/25
10am - Sunday School
10:45am - Preludes
11am - Sunday Morning Liturgy

Wednesday 7/28
Choir practice at 6:30 pm
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