We've arrived at Holy Week!

There's no other week in the life of faith that encapsulates the range of the human experience like Holy Week does. We begin with palm branches and "Hosannas" only to turn our shouts to "Crucify Him!" In the journey through Holy Week, we can see ourselves and our experiences in the stories of our spiritual ancestors. In the week to come, just like our ancestors, we will celebrate and grieve, we will laugh and weep, we will be horrified and we will rejoice. If we pay attention, we can see the breadth of the human experience compressed into this weeklong journey.

Writer Ann Weems sums it up this way in her poem, "The Way to Jerusalem is Cluttered":
The way to Jerusalem
is cluttered
with bits and pieces of our lives
that fly up and cry out,
wounding us as we try
to keep upon this path
that leads to Life.

Why didn't somebody tell us
that it would be so hard?

So I invite you to dust off your sandals and journey with me in the week ahead, knowing that we don't get to fast forward from Palm Sunday straight to Easter. We have to endure the whole week, the whole experience, the whole range of emotions--all of it--trusting that the joy of Easter morning is only more meaningful because of the pain endured to get there. You'll receive devotionals each morning of Holy Week meant to spark reflection. And, below you can see opportunities to worship throughout the week.

With anticipation,
Holy Week Opportunities at NPC
Palm Sunday - worship online or outdoors at 10 AM. Outdoor worship will include a palm processional for children *See note below about Easter lilies

Maundy Thursday Communion - outdoors at 7:30 PM

Good Friday Meditation - A meditation will be emailed out on Friday morning for you to view at your convenience

Easter Sunday - outdoor worship at 7 & 10 AM; online worship at 10 AM

Registration, masks, and social distancing required for all in-person events. Registration for Palm Sunday is linked below.

This Sunday's sermon is titled,
That's What He Said: The First Shall Be Last

You're invited to read Matthew 20:1-16 in preparation for Sunday.

Sunday Worship Thru Lent (Feb. 21-March 28)

Each Sunday at 10 AM during the Season of Lent we will offer an in-person outdoor worship service, including special activities for children. This is the same time as our livestreamed virtual service from the sanctuary, which we will continue to offer. You can register for this Sunday, March 21, using the link below.

Registration is necessary for all Sunday morning, in-person worship opportunities.
Masks and social distancing required.
Northridge Kids at Outdoor Worship - A Pray-ground

The kids of Northridge are in for a treat, throughout Lent there will be a developmentally appropriate, fun, and meaningful area to quietly play outside while simultaneously experiencing the worship service. In some faith formation circles, this is called a "pray-ground". This will consist of coloring stations, playdoh, sand, puzzles and more that will help keep little hands busy while they listen and learn about our rituals and worship. Parents are encouraged to sit near the Northridge Kids area to keep an eye on their child and to allow for a natural flow in the worship service. Our childcare staff will be busy keeping things sanitized between kid usage to help prevent the spread of COVID, and are asked to keep a distance of six feet from the children to protect themselves and others. We are so excited to see and worship alongside our beloved and delightful Northridge Kids!
Story Walk

Our Story Walk series will begin the first Sunday of Lent as well. Each week, instead of our curriculum packets, we’ll feature a book related to Lent, laminated into cards and spread out along the grounds of the church. We’ll pair these with a prayer or activity station.
The Story Walk will be set up every day of the week, but the prayer/activity stations will only be up on Sundays. Please get with your Faith Family Friend to start planning your visit to the story walk – and when you do, begin your story on the playground. 

Palm Sunday Processional

Parents and children: plan to meet Emily at the back of the lower parking lot at 9:50AM on March 28 to receive palms and get set for the processional.

Youth Group Bring a Friend Night - March 28th

The Youth Group will be hosting a "bring-a-friend" night, Sunday evening March 28th from 5:30-7:00 p.m. There will be partner games, prizes, tacos, and fun!

Masks and distancing will be required.
Register for our
Family Easter Egg Hunt!

March 28th from 11am to 11:30am
on the field & playground

Come join the fun!

Masks, distancing,
and registration required.

Adult Education
The Wired Word: Wednesdays at 7 PM - Click on the link below.

Current Events & Christianity - this week's topic is:
Jesuits Pledge Resources to Descendants of Former Slaves

Meeting ID: 837 1620 1906
Passcode: 681172
Bible Study: Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Studying the Scripture for each coming Sunday. Join us!
Meeting ID: 954 9571 6184
Passcode: 027540
You can still order Easter lilies! Each lily is $10 and congregants can pick them up after the Easter Sunday Service. This Sunday, you can order a lily at the table at the top of the hill. You will be able to pay for your lily, and since the dedication time is passed, when you purchase a lily you will be able to make a tag with a dedication on it. We will attach the tag to the lilies when they arrive next week. 

(featuring the 4 P’s: Presbytery, Preacher, Picnic, Pickleball)

A socially distant picnic on the church grounds to celebrate Betsy’s installation by Presbytery co-hosted by the Engagement & Connection and Pastor Nominating Committees.

RSVP TO reserve box lunches. CLICK HERE TO RSVP. Reservations not required for those bringing their own picnic baskets.  All church members and visitors are welcome.

Be on the lookout for more information in the coming days.
Northridge now has three Pickleball courts in the lower parking lot. Come join your NPC friends on Sunday afternoon at 3PM for some friendly competition. Haven't played Pickleball before? No problem. Monty Watson will be offering lessons at 2:30 PM on Sunday for anyone who wants to learn. Don't want to play? Come anyways and socialize on the sidelines.
for the Literacy Achieves Spring Easter Basket Collection

Thank you all for your generous contributions to the Literacy Achieves Spring Easter baskets! (These are just some of the items collected.) Families from Northridge Child Development Center also donated to the drive. I know the children and families involved with Literacy Achieves Early Childhood development program will be thrilled.
Sunday, March 28, at 11:00 AM

Be sure to join the Fellowship Committee for a Zoom Coffee Hour, on Sunday after worship, from 11:00 to 11:45. This will be a good chance to visit with your Northridge friends and catch up on what is happening. So grab a cup of cocoa or coffee and visit with us for awhile. This week, those who want to fellowship will stay on this Zoom after the congregational meeting.
Meeting ID: 822 2442 4192
Passcode: 377319
Northridge Meal Train Volunteers
Do you like to cook? Or maybe you have been the recipient of a Northridge Meal Train in the past and want to pay it forward. To participate in providing meals to Northridge members through the Northridge Meal Train, contact Laura Olivo. Do you or your family need meal services? When you or your family member has a need for meals due to illness, the birth of a child, the death of a family member or other time of need, contact Laura Olivo.

A Reminder:  The recent weather events may have delivered some extra challenges to your normal home and yard maintenance. The NPC Deacons help Northridge members that are in need of simple home repairs and/or small yard work projects.  Please call Allan Tepera or Tony Cummins if you need assistance.

Registration now open! Click here to register.
All Northridge families will be eligible to register one day early. 

Exciting news for our church! We are hosting Camp Northridge, summer day camp for church members and neighborhood children ages 4-10. Camp will be held July 5-23. This will be an awesome opportunity for our church to welcome young children and families. Please help spread the word to young families. Click here for a list of weekly camp offerings.

Follow us @CampNorthridge on Facebook and Instagram. If you have questions you can email us at:  CampNorthridge@gmail.com.

Laurie Bret, Director of Camp Northridge
The newly formed Engagement and Connection (E&C) committee is currently coordinating the formation of small groups (no more than 10 people) for outdoor gatherings - socially distanced, of course!

This can be a great way to ENGAGE in great conversation, CONNECT with friends (old and new), support one another, and just have FUN!

If you’re interested in being a part of a small group or if you have other ideas for small groups (in person or online), please email Kim Shuler.