Northside Elementary
School of the Arts
September  Newsletter

News From Ms. King 

Dear Northside Families,
I hope you have all had a wonderful start to your school year! It has been a fantastic opening for us! It was very exciting to see you all at our Meet and Greet Event! We would like to thank Kevin Porter, one of our parents and our SIC Chair, for volunteering his DJ services. It made the evening magical! 
Be on the look out for the "Love Walls" murals that will be displayed soon! Mrs. Passmore is allowing our staff to participate as artists on these murals. We are looking forward to the finished products that will be displayed on C Hall.
We have a few things going on this month:
Monday, 9/3 - Labor Day - No School!
Tuesday, 9/4 - Night at the Museum - 4:30 - 7:30pm @ the York County Museum
Tuesday, 9/11 - SIC @ 5:30pm & PTA @ 6:00pm
We hope to see you at one of these events! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call 981-1570.
Thank you for your continued support of Northside Elementary School of the Arts!
Gratefully yours,
Lesley King

Kindergarten News  
Our classes have been adjusting to the new world of "big" school and will continue our discussions of rules and behavior expectations during the coming month! We have seen many eager students ready for school and look forward to teaching them all! During September, our focus will be on rules - why we need rules, how we can follow them and what may happen if we don't follow them. Since our main focus is LEARNING, everything we do has that goal in mind. Later we will also talk about our five senses and how they help us discover our world! We will focus on recognizing numbers, counting, sorting, and the five basic shapes in math. In literacy we will discuss features of print, concepts of print, and enjoy many read alouds from big books and great story books. Please pay close attention to the blue communication folder that comes home every Wednesday. There is always important information for parents there. 
We look forward to assisting your children in growing and learning this year! We know we can count on you to work diligently with your child at home, too!

First Grade News
First Grade News You Can Use!

Our first quarter is off to a strong start!
In Math, students will:
*measure objects using different tools
*order 3 lengths of measurement from shortest to longest
*use graphs to organize data
*practice math facts & word problems
In Reading & Writing, students will:
*continue writing & illustrating small moments books
*continue sharing books they are creating
*improve handwriting & writing conventions
*build stamina in independent reading & writing
*participate in Guided Reading groups
In Science, students will:
*continue to learn about sources of light and the effect light has on an object
In Social Studies, students will:
*learn about jobs, school, family, community, transportation, & communication
*learn about respect
*learn about map skills & go on a treasure hunt
*practice eye contact when speaking as well as
becoming an active listener
Be sure to check student folders each week for our First Grade News You Can Use newsletter as well as listening to your child read & practice math facts each night
Thank you for your amazing support & for an amazing beginning to our school year!

Second Grade News  
We have had an exciting start to the year! We are looking forward to getting better aquatinted with the students this month.  At the beginning of the year, we are really focusing on following directions and making strong choices. Please encourage your child to do their best everyday. Please remember to read at home with your child every night. Encourage your child to read with expression and keep track of what's happening in the story. Please be sure to check your child's blue folder for their weekly newsletter that comes home on Mondays.

Third Grade News 
Third grade is off to a fantastic start. So far, we have made lots of new friends, learned all of the school rules, and already learned many new things. For example, in math, we are learning all about graphing, both bar graphs and picture graphs. In ELA we are writing interesting narrative stories, and we are becoming fabulous independent readers as well. In Social Studies, we are finding out all about our great state of South Carolina. We are creating fun maps, songs, and tableaus to help us learn the different regions, cities and rivers. As you can see, our third grade brains are already growing and the year has just begun!

Don't forget, we will be traveling to Charleston, SC on Friday, March 15. Please send in your signed permission slip and payment. If you are paying the full amount at once please go ahead and send in your checks/cash. If you are paying according to the payment plan, forty dollars is due each month per person attending. Also, if you have not already signed up for Canvas and Class Dojo, please contact your scholar's teacher for assistance with this!

Fourth Grade News 
Fourth graders have all had a great start! We are looking forward to swimming next week and continuing working on place value and our animals unit in Science.  Remember to read 10 pages each night and work on the weekly homework.  It's going to be a great year!

Fifth Grade News 
th graders have had an AWESOME start to the year with our new HOUSE system! Students have also learned a lot in the few short weeks that school has been in session. In the upcoming weeks, students will be busy learning...
In Reading, students will be learning about using text evidence to respond to texts. Students will also be learning about theme and making inferences.
In writing, student will continue learning about personal narratives.
In SS, students are traveling to the west while learning about the hardships that pioneers faced.
In science, students will be learning about Mixtures & Solutions.

Arts In Action

Some New Faces on the Arts Team!

We are pleased to welcome 2 new faces to Northside's Arts Team this school year. Mrs. Brenda Hochreiter, a retired drama teacher from the RHSD, is completing Mrs. Haynes' maternity leave. Brenda has worked with us before, and we are lucky to have her this month. Mrs. Haynes will return in late September.
We are also delighted to have Ms. Janie Davis join us as our new Drama Teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Presbyterian College and a Masters of Arts in Teaching Theatre from the University of South Carolina. She has a little girl, Emme, and will be getting married to Russell Ambrose in October. Janie is happy to be at Northside and looking forward to a great year! 

Grant News:
Northside is once again recipient of the ABC (Arts in the Basic Curriculum) and DAP (Distinguished Arts Program) grants, which assist us in funding several yearly arts endeavors. Such grant activities this year will include funds for student productions/showcases, resident artists, field studies, and various arts supplies. More specifics to come soon!

Thank you from Mrs. Passmore:

Thank you to all of the families who stopped by at "Meet the Teacher Night" to say hello and spray paint a heart on Northside's LOVE WALL inspired by muralist, James Goldcrown. This is near completion and will soon be on permanent display near the restrooms on C-Hall (close to the library). If you're wondering where the idea came from, here's a blurb from Goldcrown's website.

" How did you (James Goldcrown) come up with the 'bleeding hearts' concept?
'Bleeding hearts' kind of started as a mistake. I was aware I was doing it, but at the same time, I wasn't doing it for anyone. I was actually testing the pressure of spray cans because I mixed spray paint with my multimedia and fashion photography work. To get the right pressure from the cans, I sprayed hearts on this door in my studio. Eventually, the door was full of hearts. When a client came in to pick up a piece I made for him, he ended up buying the door as well-he loved the hearts." The rest is history....



 PE News 

Just a reminder, students should wear tennis shoes to school on the day that their class is scheduled to have P.E. Please do not wear slip-on sandals, open toe shoes, heels or boots. This will help to ensure your child's safety in P.E. class. Thank you for your support in helping to make the coming year a positive experience for your student.

Math Memo   

Math is underway in all classrooms! Your child needs your support daily to grow as a strong mathematician. Below are very simple things you can do each day that take just a few minutes, but show your child you value their learning:
  • Kindergarten - counting to 100, counting objects, talking with your child about the day.
  • 1 st Grade - Counting from 100 to 500, starting at any number, practicing subtraction from 5, allowing your child to help with tasks, board games.
  • 2 nd Grade - Reading numbers in the hundreds, practice addition and subtraction facts within 10, asking your child questions, board games.
  • 3 rd Grade - Practice addition and subtraction facts and adding and subtracting numbers to 99, involve your child with time, money, measuring in the kitchen and around the house, board games.
  • 4 th and 5 th Grade - Practice basic multiplication and division facts, practice addition and subtraction of large numbers, conversations and questions, chores and non-technology games!

We have parent toolboxes available for checkout.

If you have any math related questions/needs, please email Thank you for partnering with us to help your child be a successful lifelong mathematician!


Media Center

Everything is off to a great start in the media center!  This month, students will begin to check out books and learn about our media center.  There are many fun things planned this year to keep our students excited about reading!  Our first book fair will be in October.  Information about this will be sent home when it is close to the time of the fair.  
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Title One News 
As a Title 1 school, it is important that we use every avenue possible to ensure success for our students. While we have the resources to fund extra staff, that is not enough. Parent involvement is key in promoting success for our students. The home/school connection is vital. A great opportunity for that connection will be on September 4 th  at "A Night at the Museum." Please come and enjoy a free night of family fun and learning. Also, don't forget "Coffee with King and Roast with Ramey" on October 10 th . These are two great opportunities to bridge family and school.