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Northstar Frit, now on sale!

Powder and Large Frits are going on sale! All stock must go! Get yours while supplies last! No Backorders, stock on hand ONLY! You won't find this powder anywhere else!

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Why are we doing this?
To make room for our new Northstar FINE frits! You've asked, and we deliver! Get the frit you want in the color of your choice NOW!
As of last the 20th of July, we can no longer get more NS-137
Ill-umanati. We have it in frit and rod form, so get it before it's out for good!

7 Day Sale!
Ends 8/3/2018
Double V Necking Tool
Normally $22.00
Litton Planetary Lathe Chucks
Normally $90.00
Standard 9 Inch Hemostat
Normally $11.00
Angled Swivel ΒΌ Inch
Normally $18
Set of 3 Diamond Tools
Normally $7.50
Button Mandrels
Normally $5.50
Thanks in advance for your time. And as always, thanks for being a loyal customer. We look forward to serving you again soon. Sales subject to stock on hand only. No back orders.


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