The Charter Township of Northville is a vibrant, safe and attractive community. The perfect place to live, work and play! This e-newsletter is another way for you to stay connected to what's happening in your community.

Northville Township has resumed in-person meetings and our first two gatherings were well attended and a joyful sight. We missed you!

Thank you to those who turned out to the Board of Trustees meeting June 17 and the special Town Hall from homeowners associations (HOA) June 10. You came with great questions and comments. Thank you for caring so much about our great community.

HOA Meeting
At the HOA meeting, Township elected officials and staff explained each department and how it could assist the HOA, including using the Community Room at Township Hall to host a neighborhood’s next meeting. The Township is currently taking HOA reservations for July through December 2021.

Residents also heard about the Board of Trustees important priorities, including removing the moratorium of Special Assessment Districts (SADs), a method of financing public improvements in a neighborhood like newly paved roads, sewer systems, pathways and lights.   

The decision to return to in-person meetings follows the guidelines outlined by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Mark Your Calendar
We look forward to seeing even more of our residents in person at our next Board of Trustees meeting July 15. We meet the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted on our calendar.

Northville Township Police officers are now equipped with body cameras that record interactions with the public and increase transparency.

The technology protects both residents and officers by providing a new means of accountability.

“Digital evidence is a priority in policing in this social media-savvy world,” Police Chief Paul Tennies said. “Our employees asked for this and our residents did, too. It’s another way we are working for a safer community.”

Northville Township had planned to add these cameras in 2023, but after use of force incidents across the country received nationwide attention in 2020, it accelerated the purchase. They cost $300,000 and after a Board of Trustees vote of approval, the Public Safety Department paid for them from a drug forfeiture fund and grant funds.  

They ordered 40 WatchGuard V300s and 21 in-car cameras.

“Public safety is a top priority for residents,” Chief Tennies said. “This tool is an effective means for collecting evidence. Cameras do not capture the entirety of an incident but provide an additional perspective to what occurred during an incident.”

The body cam footage also will assist the Department in training exercises, for officer reviews and for internal investigations.

The Car Camera Connection
The body cams interface with the in-car cameras. They work together, capturing synchronized video from an incident from multiple vantage points.

They replace in-car cameras that have been used since the early 2000s, so the technology has significantly advanced.

The cameras are triggered when the lights and sirens are turned on. The body camera also may be turned on manually.

“When we say we added the cameras into our vehicles, it was more than just mounting a camera on a dashboard,” Chief Tennies said. “Several hours of installation were required in each vehicle and to add wiring throughout our station to make all the correct connections and inputs so the body cameras and car cameras work in concert.”

The cameras have panoramic-like quality that captures the scene similar to how the human eye works.

While 21 in-car cameras were purchased for the police vehicles to include motorcycles, the Northville Township Fire Department also will now have cameras in their vehicles.

Protecting Your Privacy
Key personnel also received special training on how to redact the video to protect the privacy of anyone captured on camera that wasn’t a party in the incident.

That critical step often unfolds if the video is necessary to release to the public.  

“The training our Department received to use these cameras to their full potential was extensive,” Chief Tennies said. “It was quite an undertaking for our team to evaluate and implement this technology with an accelerated timeline, but we are excited to offer them to Northville Township. Our community will benefit from them for years to come.”

If your college student is home or your high school graduate is preparing to leave for school, make sure that they visit the Clerk’s Office to register to vote this summer. Next year is the gubernatorial election and your student will want to have a voice in the election.

The Clerk's Office is on the second floor of Township Hall, 44405 Six Mile at Sheldon roads. For more information on registering, visit Clerk's Office - Northville Township.

Northville Township Police Department is offering its first-ever Citizen’s Police Academy for Township residents ages 18 and older. It’s on Thursday evenings Aug. 19-Sept. 23 from 6-9 pm. The application deadline is June 30.

This is your chance to wear the many hats of a police officer. You’ll work with a crime analyst and evidence technicians, getting the opportunity to lift fingerprints to simulate evidence collection. You’ll head to the firearms range to explore weapons. You’ll learn how to use a laser radar gun to clock a motorist’s speed. You’ll also experience life as a dispatch officer, ordinance enforcer and study the cruisers, motorcycles and bikes officers use, and more.

This hands-on experience will enlighten you about what police officers do to keep our community safe. While it’s not as comprehensive as the one officers complete, the experience is meant to be both fun and educational, while giving you a strong understanding of how police work is done in Northville Township.

The program is free.

For an application, click here. To fill out the required waiver, click here
If you have an underground irrigation system to water your lawn, please listen up.

Under the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) institutes rules to protect drinking water and to prevent cross connections that may contaminate public drinking water systems. A cross connection is an arrangement of piping that could allow undesirable ingredients (like sewage and chemicals) to enter your drinking water supply as a result of back flow. All communities are required to implement a program for removal of ALL existing cross connections to prevent all future cross connections.
Northville Township currently requires cross connection testing on commercial and industrial facilities due to their perceived greater risk of contaminants. While testing of these facilities will continue, the state of Michigan mandates that Northville Township is now required to address the residential sector. Most residential contamination risks come from the large number of underground irrigation systems. Starting in 2021, those systems will be required to have their backflow devices tested and submit the results.   

Residents will see more information on the upcoming program, including the final boundaries and schedules for testing. In the meantime, below are some frequently asked questions about it.
I’ve never had an inspection before. Why do I need one now?
Northville Township has had a Cross Connection Control program for a number of years, which began with inspections of all of the commercial and industrial accounts. As a natural progression of our program, we are now inspecting residential customers as required by the state.

Who is responsible for completing the repairs if necessary?
If you are the owner of the home being inspected, you are responsible for any needed repairs. Renters may have to refer to their lease agreements in order to determine whether they are responsible for repairs.

Is this inspection mandatory?
Yes. These inspections are conducted in order to ensure compliance with state regulations to maintain the safety of your drinking water.

What happens if I refuse to have the inspection done or to correct any problems it identifies?
Penalties for refusing to cooperate with inspections and/or refusing to make needed repairs can include termination of water service, a fine, or both.

Why do I need to test my backflow prevention assembly?
Just like any other mechanical device, backflow prevention assemblies are prone to wear and tear, and do break down from time to time. Regular testing is required in order to ensure that your device remains in proper working order.

How often should I test my backflow prevention assembly?
Northville Township is requiring homeowners to test their system once every three years beginning in 2021.

Why doesn’t Northville Township pay for the testing of my backflow preventer?
A lawn irrigation system is not a required component of the water system. Homeowners who choose to install a lawn irrigation system as a convenience are responsible to assure the backflow preventer is properly installed and maintained in accordance with state laws and regulations

Can any plumber test my irrigation backflow devices?
No. It has to be a certified tester approved by the state of Michigan. Visit to find a certified tester near you.

The pavilion at Fish Hatchery Park will reopen July 1 for rental. To book it, call Northville Parks and Recreation at (248) 349-0203 or visit

The pavilion was closed because Johnson Creek at Fish Hatchery Park received a nearly million-dollar makeover in 2020 thanks to an EPA grant that improved the fish habitat, the water quality within the Rouge River watershed and the visitor experience. 
Northville Township prohibits fireworks except on the identical dates the state of Michigan allows them to be used.

You may use fireworks on your own private property on the following days after 11 am:

  • Dec. 31 until Jan. 1 at 1 am.
  • Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day until 11:45 pm.
  • June 29 through July 4 until 11:45 pm each day
  • July 5, if it falls on a Friday or Saturday, until 11:45 pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday before Labor Day until 11:45 pm.

Please be a good neighbor about the time you choose to celebrate with fireworks.

Also, remember that pets and individuals, including veterans and those with post-traumatic stress disorder, are sensitive to loud noises.

Anyone ages 18 and older may buy fireworks. For a guide to legal consumer fireworks, visit

Sky lanterns and similar unmanned free-floating devices are prohibited in Northville Township. They are not regulated by the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act. Because they require an open flame to propel them, they have an uncontrolled and unpredictable flight path that makes them a public safety risk.

To stay safe and leave fireworks to the professionals, visit these sites for a guide to displays in nearby communities: or
You’re invited to the Northville Independence Day Parade Monday, July 5 at 10 am. 

The Northville Chamber of Commerce is hosting the streamlined America the Beautiful-themed parade, complete with bands, floats, antique cars and your own Northville Township Board of Trustees, who will be participating in the parade.

New this year is a new route! It begins at Northville Downs (301 S. Center Street, Northville) and ends at Our Lady of Victory (133 Orchard Drive off Main Street).

While the number of participants has been scaled back this year, in 2022 the parade will be back to full strength, the Chamber anticipates.
We look forward to celebrating America’s independence with you!
Your summer tax bill will be mailed by July 1. You may pay it beginning July 1 without interest until 4:30 pm on Sept. 14, 2021. (A state law prevents us from accepting payment before July 1.)

To make a payment, use our Drive-Thru or 24-hour Drop Box on the west side of Township Hall. We accept cash and check payments, but please do not leave cash in the Drop Box. To pay by credit card or electronic check, visit the website; a convenience fee may apply. Please note that while the Drop Box is always open, our Drive-Thru is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm except on holidays.

To mail a payment, please send it at least 20 days before the due date to ensure on-time delivery, since postmarks are not accepted. The mailing address is:

P.O. BOX 674316
DETROIT, MI 48267-4316
Look for these payment instructions and more information on the back of your tax bill.
Thunderstorms often pop up in the summer, so it’s an ideal time to explain when you might hear the outdoor warning sirens. Typically, it is when severe weather conditions exist that are or could be life threatening or result in severe damage, injury or loss of property.
These conditions are:
  • A tornado warning
  • Severe thunderstorm warning accompanied by winds 58 mph or greater and can cause hail of ¾ inch or greater in diameter. Tornados form from thunderstorm clouds.
  • Tornado and/or funnel cloud sightings that have been verified by a reputable source
All outdoor warning sirens are controlled by the Northville Township Communications Division, the same folks who answer your 911 emergency calls. They constantly have your safety top of mind. Dispatch has been advised to always error on the side of caution and activate sirens when in doubt. The reason: Sirens save lives.

The siren alert for severe weather conditions is a steady tone for three minutes.

Sirens are also sounded for testing purposes on the first Saturday of each month at 1 pm beginning in March and ending in November. The Northville City Chief of Police also may request a one-minute siren for a “special event.”

Stay safe!
MONDAY, July 5
Township offices will be closed in observance of Independence Day. Rubbish will be collected on schedule this week.

Homes with underground irrigation systems must limit watering between midnight-6 am.

Homes that manually irrigate lawns and gardens must NOT water between 6-10 am.

Homes ending with odd number addresses may water on odd days only; even addresses on even days only.

July 5 Independence Day (observed), Township offices closed
Sept. 6 Labor Day, Township offices closed


June 29
Planning Commission
7 pm

July 13
Beautification Commission
1 pm

July 15
Northville Senior Advisory Commission
1 pm
Community Center
303 West Main Street, Northville

July 15
Board of Trustees

July 21
Zoning Board of Appeals
7 pm

July 22
Historic District Commission
6:30 pm

July 26
9 am

July 27
Planning Commission
7 pm

July 28
Parks and Recreation Commission
6:30 pm

Aug. 3
Beautification Commission
1 pm

All meetings are at Township Hall, 44405 Six Mile Road, unless otherwise noted.

For information on how to participate, and because dates and times are subject to change, please visit the Township's website.
For more information on upcoming events or meeting details,
Charter Township of Northville | 248.348.5800 | 44405 Six Mile Road